Stolen Paradox

Session 60
Big Damn Ending

The battle with Lolth continues…

Round 6
Cage ends Crown of Madness with his paladin ability on Ruby. Kalenthor flies and then prismatic spray on Lolth (failed, 30 acid). Laren moves, heals Jord (30). LA Lolth uses Dance My Puppet on Floki to move to Kurstan. Floki moves. Jord attacks twice on Lolth (15, 12) commander strike with Ruby (55). LA Lolth casts Firestorm, countered by Kalenthor. Lolth sword twice on Jord (22, 27) pincer jord (11, 7, 9, 8) stinger Kalenthor (13, 0 poison). Ruby fails to hide, arrow on Lolth (13).

Round 7
Cage crits (due to Kalenthor divining) lolth with sword 4th level smite (79) 3rd level smite (30) sword (miss). LA Lolth harm Kalenthor (25). Kalenthor dimension door to Floki and pulls him away. Laren greater restoration on Floki. Floki attack Lolth (23) (21). La Lolth teleports. Lolth sword Ruby (12, 19) pincer Ruby (5, 4, 11, 7) stinger Ruby (24). Ruby ring of invisibility moves and hides.

Round 8
Cage lay on hands on Jord (40). LA Lolth casts Firestorm counter by Kalenthor countered by Lolth (57). Kalenthor feeblemind legendary save. Laren heals Jord (22). Floki axe Lolth (21, 25). Jord commander strike floki on Lolth (24) Jord sword Lolth (miss, 13). LA Lolth sword on jord (36, 19). Lolth sword Floki (15, 27) pincers (4,9,7,7,11,16,11,11) stinger floki (19+26). Ruby arrow Lolth (40) fails to hide.

Round 9
Cage moves sword Lolth crit 3rd smite (65) sword crit 3rd smite lolth (49) sword 2nd level smite (39, dead).

Lolth crumbles to the ground, dead from the onslaught of attacks from the heroes. With the combat over, Kurstan finally stirs and rises to his feet. He looks wounded from his earlier battle, bit presses on and heads over to the group and the fallen Drow Goddess. He nods his thanks to the heroes before reaching out and touching Lolth on the forehead. Her body begins to slowly disintegrate into pinpoints of light as the God of Time absorbs her divine energy until there is nothing left of her. Once Lolth’s body is gone, the apocalypse that surrounded them vanishes and is replaced by a peaceful and normal looking land of Toril as time changes itself to fit the new timeline.

Kurstan then turns to the group. “Thank you for what you have done. The world and the people within in owe you all a debt of gratitude. As payment for your deeds, I offer each of you a gift. Some of the divine power of Lolth is…not agreeable to me and thus, I shall turn it over to one of you to do with as you please. Just remember that with divie power comes responsibility. You may not be a full fledged god, but more of a demigod, but the road is now open to you to ascend or not. Choose your fate.”

Floki quickly choose the domain of Destruction and asked to be returned to his own time to rejoin his people. Ruby, with a sly smile, took the domain of Assassins. Kalenthor, considering his options, decided on the rather appropriate Chaos domain. Cage, feeling confident that Mystra would not mind, took the domain of Darkness. For Jord, the options of Spiders and Evil did not sit well with him and when he asked what he could have as a gift instead of a domain, Kurstan gave a personal prayer to Jord for a long and blessed life.

The group then said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Floki returned back to his time and Jord settled down in a little town to live out his long and blessed life. Kalenthor, Cage, and Ruby, on the other hand, were whisked away back to the height of the Elven War in the late 1300s. Now armed with their new powers, the trio looks to reverse the fate that felled then last time. But that is another story for another time.

Session 59
Lolth's Gambit

The group arrives in 1500 DR, Year of the Undying One. The realm is in the middle of an apocalypse. Within the Stonelands at the northern border of Corymr, the group finds several earth motes floating 100 feet in the air. On top of the motes the group finds the God of Time Kurstan in a magical duel with The Drow Goddess Lolth. Flying around in the air the group spots a black dragon, whom they recognize as the black dragon the Cult of the Dragon was using back when their adventure first started back in 1479 DR.

Kalenthor leads off the fight with a fireball at the ancient black dragon.

Round 1
Cage holds. Kalenthor Dimension Door Floki to the top of the dragon. Laren holds. Floki rage axe abd (miss, miss). Jord hold. Lolth battles Kurstan. Ruby arrow abd (miss) then hides. ABD flies down and prepares to breath acid breath.

Round 2
Cage throws his Instant Fortress into the dragon’s mouth, which he then activates the magical item. The dragon barely manages to spit out the building, but not before tearing part of his mouth (saved 28). Kalenthor runs into the fortress and then Sunbean on the ABD (failed, 26). Laren Firestorm on ABD (failed, 35). Floki axe ABD (24, 23). Jord moves, commander strike on Floki (20). Lolth battles Kurstan. Ruby moves into the fortress arrow ABD (miss). ABD acid breath Floki and Jord (33, 66).

Round 3
Cage runs into the fortress and onto the battlements. Kalenthor sunbean on ABD (21). LA ABD Wing Attack Floki and Jord (18 and prone). Laren mass cure wounds (21). LA ABD Tail attack on Floki (19). Floki gets up axe on ABD (23, 21). Jord gets up sword on ABD (11, 16, 12). Lolth continues to battle Kurstan. Ruby sneak arrow ABD (42, slaying saved). ABD bite Jord (34) Floki claw (11) claw (15) Frightful Presence (all saved).

Round 4
Cage attacks sword (21) pick (16) sword (18). Kalenthor grabs Ruby and flies up to the motes. Laren heals Jord (19). Floki holds. Jord holds. Lolth knocks down Kurstan, who in turn dispels the motes and sends them crashing to the ground. Ruby arrow at Lolth (miss).

Round 5
Cage moves. Kalenthor flies down and drops off Ruby and then sunbeam which Lolth is immune. LA Lolth charm person on Kalenthor (saved). Laren temporal steals the time tears and moves to Kurstan. Floki moves. Jord moves. LA Lolth charm person Floki. Lolth sword attacks Jord (22, 33) pincer Jord (7, miss, 4, 4) stinger Jord (21). Ruby hide arrow Lolth (40) hide failed. LA Lolth crown of madness on Ruby (failed).

Round 6
Cage ends Crown of Madness with his paladin ability.

Session 58
End of Her Reign

The battle against Xamara continues as the group desperately tries to counter the manifested powers of a Goddess.

Round 2
X flying sword Jord (miss, 53) cure self (70). Laren cure wounds Jord (19). Floki (14 from aura) rage axe on X (16, 19). Ruby bow sneak on X (53). X LA teleports. Kalenthor feeblemind (23, fail, legendary save to save). X LA bow Jord (46). Jord second wind (18) move (30 from aura) sword (miss, 10,9). X LA heal (70). Cage move (15 from aura) sword (miss, miss, hit/shied).

Round 3
X flying sword Jord (51, miss) aoo (jord miss, cage miss) bow on jord (39, saved, down). Laren heal Jord (70). Floki move (save 12 from aura) rage axe on X (hit/shield, prone, 25). X LA teleport. Ruby sneak arrow (44) hide. Kalenthor (aura 16) cast polymorph (fail, legendary save). X LA bow Cage (41, saved). Jord move (aura 34) sword (miss, 15, 9). X LA heal (70). Cage move (aura 39) sword on X (miss, crit 4th lvl smite 17+30, crit 3rd smite 19+18) action surge lay on hands (60).

Round 4
X flying sword cage (53, 56, cage down) aoo (jord miss floki 21) bow jord (53, down saved). Laren mass cure (28). X LA bow floki (42, saved). Floki (aura 12) rage axe on X (19, 17). X LA heal (40). Ruby sneak arrow on X (36) hide failed. X LA teleports. Kalenthor fireball (17). X LA bow ruby (51, saved). Jord commander’s strike Ruby (13, dead).

Xamara drops dead and her body begins to slowly disintegrate. Laren quickly uses his magic to pull Kurstan’s avatar, a hourglass, to their time to draw the divine essence from Xamara into the object. Laren then tells the group that they now needs to go back to the future and intersect the hourglass at the moment Kurstan dies in the future in order to prevent his death. The group leaves the ziggurat to heal before heading to the year 1500.

Session 57
Crashing the Ritual

The group’s plan of action is to wait until Selvetarm kills Zanassu and then when he is, in turn, taken by Xamara to steal the spider divine portfolio. The group goes forward in time past the event to gain information on where the ritual took place.

After traveling through time, the group heads into the nearest ziggurat city of Slissamar where they find the population primarily of Sarrukh with a variety of humanoid races as slaves. They head into the merchant district where they find a bird-man merchant selling wood carving artwork who calls himself Hharak. Kalenthor offers to buy something as well ask for information. After buying a carving of a forest scene, Kalenthor then asks if any grand events. Hharak states that the Queen Goddess Xamara defeated the dreaded demon Zanassu. She brought him back to her ziggurat were she sacrificed him at the top of the structure. She also arrived with a strange fellow who was large spider. Hharak didn’t see where the spider creature went after the ceremony.

The group discusses what to do and decides to wait for Xamara to show up at the top of the ziggurat when she returns to the city with Zanassu’s body. First they case the building, they are ale to find the guard rotation at the entry points that is one each side. There are stairs on each side that led all the way up to the top. Ruby uses her ring of invisibility to investigate the interior. She finds a large gathering hall on the base floor, a noble’s lounge on the next floor, followed by the priesthood hall, followed by an auidence chamber for the God Queen. At the top is the sacrifical alter with a symbol of a winged serpent. The group then waits until nighttime to see what the ziggurat is like. They find that the ziggurat is lit up by continual flame stones that are made to look like minature suns. Within the interior, there are more continual flame spells that light the central crystal column to light the inside.

The group waits until Xamara returns to the city with Selvetarm and the body of Zanassu. They watch as she parades through the city and then walks up the steps to the top of the ziggurat. They listen as Xamara gives a speach. They then see Selvetarm turn on Xamara tries to kill the Queen Goddess and fails. The group then teleports to the top of the ziggurat for the showdown.

Round 1
X releases her greatsword to become a flying sword who attacks Jord (miss) bow at floki (miss). Laren sacred flame (failed). Floki rage (25, miss). X LA blinging gaze Kalenthor (miss). Ruby invisibility bow on X (crit 61) then hides. Kalenthor disintegrate X (legendary save). Jord move (fails, 30 fire/radiant) attacks X (miss, 9, 14). Cage moves (fails 30 fire/radianjt) sword on X (14) sunblade (miss) sword (14) action surge sword on X (15) sunblade (17). X LA heals (70).

Session 56
Unexpected Discovery

The group gets with Laren, where he tells them that the next destination is to the area that will eventually be Calimshan. The group must find and slay the Demon Prince Zanassu who is manipulating the Skyfire War between Memnon the Efreeti and Calim the Djinni. He hides himself somewhere in the area and holds the portfolio of spiders. The group discusses the best way to try and prevent the spider portfolio from falling into her hands. They decide upon the idea of pretending to be agents of Lolth trying to kill him.

Traveling through time, the group arrives in a place they were not expecting. Instead of a field of plains greeting them, the group finds a lush jungle stretching as far as they could see. In the breaks of the treeline, they can see several ziggurats of gold and stone.

Kalenthor casts Contact Other Plane (goes insane in the process, which Cage changes by using the Time Tear to change) to try and get answers on where and when they are.

Is Zanassu within 100 miles? Yes
In what direction does he lie? East
Who is the god that holds the time portfolio? Xamara
What is the name of where we are? Azulduth
Between Memnon and Calim, which is Zanassu in contact with? Neither

Laren enters and returns from the Temporal Plane. He tells the group that the timeline has completely changed. Somehow Xamara gained the time portfolio and changed time to bing her people forward in time by killing Memnon and Calim.

As the group discusses what to do, a temporal portal opens and four Temporal Knights appear to the group. They ask why the group is here and they say that they were traveling through time and ended up in a place they don’t understand. The Temporal Knights explain that Xamara has taken over the portfolio of time. She did so by first acquiring a divine spark from Selvetarm when he tries to kill Zanassu. The Temporal Knights ask the group to assist as Xamara has been able to prevent them from correcting time with her divine power. Since the group is outside of time, they should be able to reach her without being seen.

Begrudingly, the group agrees to go and stop Xamara, which means they must also face off with Selvetarm and Zanassu, potentially all at the same time.

Session 55
Divine Thief

Round 1
SK1 necrotic bean Jord (17). Jord moves in and swings sword Sk1 (12, miss, miss). Floki moves rage axe SK1 (miss, 47). Sk3 moves to Floki spear (17, 24) necrotic blast (9). Laren sacred flame Sk1 (saved). Cage moes Sk3 blade (16) blade (20). Ruby hidden moves arrow Sk3 (33). Kalenthor moves acid splash Sk3 Sk2 (10). Sk2 move to Cage spear (24, 23) necrotic blast (7).

Round 2
Sk1 spear floki (miss, miss) necrotic blast (15). Jord sword Sk1 (12, 9, 14). Floki Sk1 axe (miss, dead). Sk3 spear floki (miss, miss) necrotic blast (8). Laren heals Cage (21). Cage blade SK3 (miss, 20) avenger sk3 (18). Ruby arrow Sk2 (miss) hide. Kalenthor Sk2 Sk3 acid splash (miss, 10 dead). Sk2 spear Cage (24, 14) necrotic blast (18).

Round 3
Jord Sk2 sword (miss, miss, 11). Floki axe Sk2 (14, 18, prone). Laren cure Cage (23). Cage Sk2 blade (13, miss) avenger (smite 40). Ruby arrow Sk2 (30, dead).

Round 4
Kiaransalee enters the room and demands to know what is going on. Ruby tries to shoot her in the face, but misses.

Round 5
Kiar summons her simulacrum. Both move into range. Ruby Kiar2 arrow (miss) hide. Kiar2 LA bite Floki (3+19). Floki rage axe Kiar2 (miss, prone 23). Kiar1 LA bite Floki (8+12). Jord moves to Kiar2 (16, 15, 9). Kalenthor casts evard’s black tentacles. Kiar1 LA bite Jord (19). Laren heal spell on Floki. Cage moves to Kiar2 blade (smite 37, smite 42) avenger (smite 27) actions urge blade kiar2 (smite 33, smite 34).

Round 6
Kiar evads (saved). Kiar1 attack jord (miss, 24). Kiar2 attack cage (29, 26). Ruby arrow Kiar2 (31) hide. Floki rage axe (21, 23). Kiar1 LA mist move. Jord sword Kiar2 (miss, 10, 14). Kiar2 LA chain lightning (countered). Kalenthor mistry step move, hill touch kiar2 chill touch (immune necrotic, can’t heal until Kal’s next turn). Kiar1 LA bite Laren (22). Laren heal Cage (80). Cage blade Kiar2 (smite 67, smite 38, defeated).

Kiaransalee’s body shatters into hundreds point of lights, which is then sucked up into the Soldier’s Blade. The group is then able to quickly leave the Twisted Tower.

Session 54
Attuning the Edge

The group continues their fight against the Zhentarim in hopes of retrieving the Soldier’s Blade for their own purposes.

Round 4
Floki javelin at the priest (8) javelin (miss). Ruby hide arrow K1 (36). Cage ready to hit knight. Jord move ready to hit knight. Archmage in the tentacles, casts Cone of Cold (countered by Kalenthor). Priest in the tentacles sacred flame floki (saved). Laren heals Floki (16). K1 lands in tentacles, cage and jord attack, K1 attacks cage (miss). Kalenthor disintegrate on Mage (79).

Round 5
Floki rage axe K1 (parry) axe K1 (23). Ruby hide arrow K1 (46). Cage sword K1 (29) pick K1 (15/dead) and then moves. Jord moves sword priest (9, 11, 15). Mage cone of cold on floki, cage, laren (52). Priest spirit guardians. Laren heals Floki (17). Kalenthor acid splash mage and priest (11)

Round 6
Floki moves rage axe mage (duplicate hit, 24). Ruby hide arrow mage (duplicate hit). Cage sword pick sword mage (55). Jord sword priest (15, 13, 18). Priest heal spell (70). Laren healing word floki (13). Kalenthor fireball (29).

Round 7
Floki (sg 3) rage axe priest (22, 53/dead). Find 16pp and Soldier’s Blade.

Kalenthor casts Detect Magic on the sword case and finds an abjuration spell covering the case. Ruby looks it over and is confident that the case it not trapped. Cage heals himself with his divine ability before opening the case and finds the Soldier’s Blade. Cage picks up the sword and nothing happens. Kalenthor picks up the blade and nothing happens. Laren does Legend Lore and determines that the sword is still attuned to Miritar. The group decides to go finds Miritar (in this current time) to gift the blade back to her and tell her that she owes them a favor that they will ask for the Blade in the future.

The group returns to the Twisted Tower and they begin tracking down Miritar. He is successful and they find her just a little south of the Tower. They find her injured on a horse. She is defensive, but quickly warms up to the group when they present the Soldier’s Blade. Miritar agrees and accepts the blade.

The group then travels into the future where they go to Myth Drannor and speak with Miritar to call in the favor they set in the past. She is pleased to see the group and agrees to hand over the blade. For atonement, the group must speak with Q’arlynd Melarn to have Kalenthor go through the Blade Rite. Cage goes to prepare himself as the rest of the group relaxes and waits for the ritual to begin.

Melarn is summoned and is told by Miritar to perform the Blade Rite for Cage to attune to the Soldier’s Blade. During the rite, Cage is asked three questions: What is your goal? What is your purpose? Who is your foe? Cage answers To make my goddess proud and to follow the path laid before me. To correct mistakes made by the powerful. Those that refuse to accept the path, the natural order of things.

There is a flash of silver light and the Soldier’s Blade accepts Cage as its new master.

Session 53
The Soldier's Blade

After a round of discussion, the group decides to first go after Soldier’s Blade, which is last believed to be in the hands of the Zhentarim, circa 1347 when they attacked Miritar leaving the Twisted Tower.

Using the Time Tear, the group travels through time to the assault. There they arrive just in time to ambush the Zhentarim after they make their attack on a unsuspecting Miritar and are traveling back home along the road.

Round 1
Floki rage moves and attacks V1 axe (22) V1 axe (22/44). Ruby V4 arrow (42) hide. Cage move to attack V1 sword (18/62) V1 pick (54/dead). Jord double moves to V2. Mage time stop, then casts delayed blast fireball (16d6), fire shield, mage armor, mirror image. Priest casts Harm on Cage (failed save 56). V2 three attacks Jord (20). V3 and V4 move to flank the casters. Laren sacred flame Priest (19). K1 rally cry and move. K2 move attack Cage (18, 19, 16). Kalenthor reverse gravity counterspell failed, priest, mage, V3, K1, V4 effected.

Round 2
Floki K2 axe (15,miss). Ruby arrow V4 (30/dead) hide. Cage K2 sword (19) pick (18) sword (20). Jord shield bash V2 failed sword (16) commander strike ruby V2 (45/61) sword V2 (12/dead) and then moves to the DBF bead. Mage fireball on Cage, Floki, Jord (12d6, 66) and then stops concentration on DBF on Cage, Floki, Jord (17d6, 90). Priest firestorm (58) Cage, Floki, Jord. V3 hold. Laren Heal (80). Knight (15, 30, 45). Kalenthor feeblemind (20, feeble).

Round 3
Floki (7 fire damage) moves out of fire then axe K2 (18) axe K2 (39). Ruby hide arrow K2 (28). Cage (9 fire damage) stand up sword K2 (14) pick K2 (16) sword K2 (19). Jord (8 fire damage) move out of fire ready action. Mage feeble. Priest greater restoration on mage. V3 hold. Laren mass cure (17). K1 holds. Kalenthor drops concentration, evard’s black tentacles.

Session 52
A Twisted Predicament

The group takes in the news of what must be done next. They must travel to the year -2,549 DR and to the land that the future would call Shadowdale. The mission is to find the lesser Goddess called Kiaransalee and ensure that her divine essence is taken by someone or something other than Lolth. During the original timeline, the tower was assaulted by Selvetarm at the order or Lolth. He takes down Kiaransalee and takes her portfolio of Chaos and gifts it to Lolth.

The issue the group has is trying to figure out how to obtain the divine essence and what to do with it. The eventually agree that they can’t let Selvetarm have it and so they settle on stealing it and hiding it. They also have to be careful that the divine essence is stolen and the Tower falls in order to preserve time.

The group decides to first head to Evereska in the year 1477. There they go to speak with Erevan of the Knaves of the Missing Page. They want to ask him what sort of items or artifacts could be used to store divine essence. He says he will need time and resources and asks the group to acquire several tomes from a drow merchant in Waterdeep. The group agrees and heads out.

After a quick trip to Waterdeep, where the group purchases the books and then heads back to Everska and speak with Erevan. He tells them that the Crescent Blade won’t be able to siphon the power of a god, but he does give the group some alternatives.

Aermshar “Moonshadow” (last seen north of Evereska in 1369)
The Soldier’s Blade (lost shadowdale 1347)
ArtBlade (lost 711 in Myth Drannor by Josidiah Starym)
Ruler’s Blade (Miritar 1477)
Heart of the Widow (crystal infused with the tears of forgotten goddess, lost in Chult in 1275)
Crown of Seven Stars (original crown of Myth Drannor, lost 711 by Starym)

The group first heads to Myth Drannor to speak with Miritar. The guards recognize the group’s names and lead them into the city and to the main keep where they gain audience with Miritar. They explain vaguely that they need an object to siphon the power of a god’s divine essence. Kalenthor asks if she is willing to part with, but she is hesitant. The blade is specific as to who wields it. One would need to go through the Blade-rite, which tests the skill, character, and reasoning.

After a round of discussion, the group decides to first go after Soldier’s Blade, which is last believed to be in the hands of the Zhents, circa 1347 when they attacked Miritar.

Session 51
Narrow Victory

Deep into the depths of the battle against the phaerimm, the heroes have killed one of the mighty phaerimm adults. However, another adult and the elder stills remains and they remain high above their reach while casting devastating spells.

Round 4
Jord commander strike ruby arrow M Ph from hidden (38). Ruby hidden arrow M Ph (37). Floki axe M Ph (22) axe M Ph (14). K Ph chain lightning floki (27), cage (27), kalenthor (27), jord (0). Laren (failed, stunned). M Ph power word stun kalenthor (stunned). Kalenthor stunned (failed). Cage double moves to Laren.

Round 5
Jord moves to Kalenthor and takes bow and arrows and moves away. Ruby arrow M Ph hides (miss). Floki axe M Ph (20) axe M Ph (24). K Ph phantasmal killer floki (saved). Laren (failed, stunned). M Ph move misty step acid splash floki (7). Kalenthor (saved). Cage drags Laren closer to the combat.

Round 6
Jord commander strike Ruby arrow (40) jord arrow M Ph (shield, miss). Ruby hidden arrow M Ph (25). Floki rage jump axe M Ph (21). K Ph phantasmal killer Ruby (39+frightened). Laren (saved). M Ph prismatic spray Jord (40 cold) Floki (40 lightning) Cage (40 lightning) Laren (saved) Ruby (evasion, saved) Kalenthor (petrification failed restrained). Kalenthor polymorph K Ph (shark) falls to the ground (8/22) (saved vs. petrification). Cage moves to Ruby.

Round 7
Jord commander strike ruby arrow M Ph (18, dead). Ruby saves. Kalenthor (failed, saved, saved). Laren casts divine word and the K Ph in shark polymorph (fails, dies).

The group returns to Illusk where they find Jeriah busy at work. He thanks the group for defeating the phaerimm. He then turns over his parchments on the Veil of the Silver Line Ritual. He then tells the group to relax for the evening for in the morning, the orcs will invade and he must defend the town.

Laren tells the group about their last set of destinations. From here they must travel to five locations to steal the rest of Lloth’s portfolio including Chaos, Spiders, Darkness, Drow, and Evil. They must go to the final construction of the Twisted Tower, then they head to the Skyfire War, and then 4th Crown War, the 2nd Crown War, and the 1st Crown War.


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