Stolen Paradox

Session 54

Attuning the Edge

The group continues their fight against the Zhentarim in hopes of retrieving the Soldier’s Blade for their own purposes.

Round 4
Floki javelin at the priest (8) javelin (miss). Ruby hide arrow K1 (36). Cage ready to hit knight. Jord move ready to hit knight. Archmage in the tentacles, casts Cone of Cold (countered by Kalenthor). Priest in the tentacles sacred flame floki (saved). Laren heals Floki (16). K1 lands in tentacles, cage and jord attack, K1 attacks cage (miss). Kalenthor disintegrate on Mage (79).

Round 5
Floki rage axe K1 (parry) axe K1 (23). Ruby hide arrow K1 (46). Cage sword K1 (29) pick K1 (15/dead) and then moves. Jord moves sword priest (9, 11, 15). Mage cone of cold on floki, cage, laren (52). Priest spirit guardians. Laren heals Floki (17). Kalenthor acid splash mage and priest (11)

Round 6
Floki moves rage axe mage (duplicate hit, 24). Ruby hide arrow mage (duplicate hit). Cage sword pick sword mage (55). Jord sword priest (15, 13, 18). Priest heal spell (70). Laren healing word floki (13). Kalenthor fireball (29).

Round 7
Floki (sg 3) rage axe priest (22, 53/dead). Find 16pp and Soldier’s Blade.

Kalenthor casts Detect Magic on the sword case and finds an abjuration spell covering the case. Ruby looks it over and is confident that the case it not trapped. Cage heals himself with his divine ability before opening the case and finds the Soldier’s Blade. Cage picks up the sword and nothing happens. Kalenthor picks up the blade and nothing happens. Laren does Legend Lore and determines that the sword is still attuned to Miritar. The group decides to go finds Miritar (in this current time) to gift the blade back to her and tell her that she owes them a favor that they will ask for the Blade in the future.

The group returns to the Twisted Tower and they begin tracking down Miritar. He is successful and they find her just a little south of the Tower. They find her injured on a horse. She is defensive, but quickly warms up to the group when they present the Soldier’s Blade. Miritar agrees and accepts the blade.

The group then travels into the future where they go to Myth Drannor and speak with Miritar to call in the favor they set in the past. She is pleased to see the group and agrees to hand over the blade. For atonement, the group must speak with Q’arlynd Melarn to have Kalenthor go through the Blade Rite. Cage goes to prepare himself as the rest of the group relaxes and waits for the ritual to begin.

Melarn is summoned and is told by Miritar to perform the Blade Rite for Cage to attune to the Soldier’s Blade. During the rite, Cage is asked three questions: What is your goal? What is your purpose? Who is your foe? Cage answers To make my goddess proud and to follow the path laid before me. To correct mistakes made by the powerful. Those that refuse to accept the path, the natural order of things.

There is a flash of silver light and the Soldier’s Blade accepts Cage as its new master.



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