Stolen Paradox

Session 56

Unexpected Discovery

The group gets with Laren, where he tells them that the next destination is to the area that will eventually be Calimshan. The group must find and slay the Demon Prince Zanassu who is manipulating the Skyfire War between Memnon the Efreeti and Calim the Djinni. He hides himself somewhere in the area and holds the portfolio of spiders. The group discusses the best way to try and prevent the spider portfolio from falling into her hands. They decide upon the idea of pretending to be agents of Lolth trying to kill him.

Traveling through time, the group arrives in a place they were not expecting. Instead of a field of plains greeting them, the group finds a lush jungle stretching as far as they could see. In the breaks of the treeline, they can see several ziggurats of gold and stone.

Kalenthor casts Contact Other Plane (goes insane in the process, which Cage changes by using the Time Tear to change) to try and get answers on where and when they are.

Is Zanassu within 100 miles? Yes
In what direction does he lie? East
Who is the god that holds the time portfolio? Xamara
What is the name of where we are? Azulduth
Between Memnon and Calim, which is Zanassu in contact with? Neither

Laren enters and returns from the Temporal Plane. He tells the group that the timeline has completely changed. Somehow Xamara gained the time portfolio and changed time to bing her people forward in time by killing Memnon and Calim.

As the group discusses what to do, a temporal portal opens and four Temporal Knights appear to the group. They ask why the group is here and they say that they were traveling through time and ended up in a place they don’t understand. The Temporal Knights explain that Xamara has taken over the portfolio of time. She did so by first acquiring a divine spark from Selvetarm when he tries to kill Zanassu. The Temporal Knights ask the group to assist as Xamara has been able to prevent them from correcting time with her divine power. Since the group is outside of time, they should be able to reach her without being seen.

Begrudingly, the group agrees to go and stop Xamara, which means they must also face off with Selvetarm and Zanassu, potentially all at the same time.



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