Stolen Paradox

Session 57

Crashing the Ritual

The group’s plan of action is to wait until Selvetarm kills Zanassu and then when he is, in turn, taken by Xamara to steal the spider divine portfolio. The group goes forward in time past the event to gain information on where the ritual took place.

After traveling through time, the group heads into the nearest ziggurat city of Slissamar where they find the population primarily of Sarrukh with a variety of humanoid races as slaves. They head into the merchant district where they find a bird-man merchant selling wood carving artwork who calls himself Hharak. Kalenthor offers to buy something as well ask for information. After buying a carving of a forest scene, Kalenthor then asks if any grand events. Hharak states that the Queen Goddess Xamara defeated the dreaded demon Zanassu. She brought him back to her ziggurat were she sacrificed him at the top of the structure. She also arrived with a strange fellow who was large spider. Hharak didn’t see where the spider creature went after the ceremony.

The group discusses what to do and decides to wait for Xamara to show up at the top of the ziggurat when she returns to the city with Zanassu’s body. First they case the building, they are ale to find the guard rotation at the entry points that is one each side. There are stairs on each side that led all the way up to the top. Ruby uses her ring of invisibility to investigate the interior. She finds a large gathering hall on the base floor, a noble’s lounge on the next floor, followed by the priesthood hall, followed by an auidence chamber for the God Queen. At the top is the sacrifical alter with a symbol of a winged serpent. The group then waits until nighttime to see what the ziggurat is like. They find that the ziggurat is lit up by continual flame stones that are made to look like minature suns. Within the interior, there are more continual flame spells that light the central crystal column to light the inside.

The group waits until Xamara returns to the city with Selvetarm and the body of Zanassu. They watch as she parades through the city and then walks up the steps to the top of the ziggurat. They listen as Xamara gives a speach. They then see Selvetarm turn on Xamara tries to kill the Queen Goddess and fails. The group then teleports to the top of the ziggurat for the showdown.

Round 1
X releases her greatsword to become a flying sword who attacks Jord (miss) bow at floki (miss). Laren sacred flame (failed). Floki rage (25, miss). X LA blinging gaze Kalenthor (miss). Ruby invisibility bow on X (crit 61) then hides. Kalenthor disintegrate X (legendary save). Jord move (fails, 30 fire/radiant) attacks X (miss, 9, 14). Cage moves (fails 30 fire/radianjt) sword on X (14) sunblade (miss) sword (14) action surge sword on X (15) sunblade (17). X LA heals (70).



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