Stolen Paradox

Session 59

Lolth's Gambit

The group arrives in 1500 DR, Year of the Undying One. The realm is in the middle of an apocalypse. Within the Stonelands at the northern border of Corymr, the group finds several earth motes floating 100 feet in the air. On top of the motes the group finds the God of Time Kurstan in a magical duel with The Drow Goddess Lolth. Flying around in the air the group spots a black dragon, whom they recognize as the black dragon the Cult of the Dragon was using back when their adventure first started back in 1479 DR.

Kalenthor leads off the fight with a fireball at the ancient black dragon.

Round 1
Cage holds. Kalenthor Dimension Door Floki to the top of the dragon. Laren holds. Floki rage axe abd (miss, miss). Jord hold. Lolth battles Kurstan. Ruby arrow abd (miss) then hides. ABD flies down and prepares to breath acid breath.

Round 2
Cage throws his Instant Fortress into the dragon’s mouth, which he then activates the magical item. The dragon barely manages to spit out the building, but not before tearing part of his mouth (saved 28). Kalenthor runs into the fortress and then Sunbean on the ABD (failed, 26). Laren Firestorm on ABD (failed, 35). Floki axe ABD (24, 23). Jord moves, commander strike on Floki (20). Lolth battles Kurstan. Ruby moves into the fortress arrow ABD (miss). ABD acid breath Floki and Jord (33, 66).

Round 3
Cage runs into the fortress and onto the battlements. Kalenthor sunbean on ABD (21). LA ABD Wing Attack Floki and Jord (18 and prone). Laren mass cure wounds (21). LA ABD Tail attack on Floki (19). Floki gets up axe on ABD (23, 21). Jord gets up sword on ABD (11, 16, 12). Lolth continues to battle Kurstan. Ruby sneak arrow ABD (42, slaying saved). ABD bite Jord (34) Floki claw (11) claw (15) Frightful Presence (all saved).

Round 4
Cage attacks sword (21) pick (16) sword (18). Kalenthor grabs Ruby and flies up to the motes. Laren heals Jord (19). Floki holds. Jord holds. Lolth knocks down Kurstan, who in turn dispels the motes and sends them crashing to the ground. Ruby arrow at Lolth (miss).

Round 5
Cage moves. Kalenthor flies down and drops off Ruby and then sunbeam which Lolth is immune. LA Lolth charm person on Kalenthor (saved). Laren temporal steals the time tears and moves to Kurstan. Floki moves. Jord moves. LA Lolth charm person Floki. Lolth sword attacks Jord (22, 33) pincer Jord (7, miss, 4, 4) stinger Jord (21). Ruby hide arrow Lolth (40) hide failed. LA Lolth crown of madness on Ruby (failed).

Round 6
Cage ends Crown of Madness with his paladin ability.



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