Stolen Paradox

Session 50
Phaerimm Showdown

The group gathers themselves and heads down into the cave where the phaerimm await the group for the deadly showdown.

Round 1
Jord move throwing axe C Ph (4) throwing axe C Ph (4). Ruby arrow C Ph (23) hide. Floki move hand axe C Ph (8) hand axe C Ph (4). K Ph phantasmal killer floki (failed save, 32). Laren sacred flame M Ph (saved). M Ph prismatic spray Jord (orange failed 40 acid, blue saved 18 cold) Floki (blue saved 21 cold) Cage (red saved 23) Laren (yellow failed 32 lightning) Ruby (violet saved) Kalenthor (blue failed 42 cold). Kalenthor prismatic spray (M blue saved 20, C blue failed 34, K yellow failed x2 70). C Ph phantasmal killer jord failed (frightened 32). Cage moves.

Round 2
Jord (14 from pk saved) superior healing potion. Ruby arrow C Ph (29) hide. Floki (15 from pk saved) delay. K Ph confusion on Floki (saved), Jord (saved), Cage (saved). Laren mass heal Floki, Jord, Cage (11). M Ph power word stun laren (failed). Kalenthor web C Ph and M Ph. C Ph confusion on Floki (saved), Jord (failed), Cage (saved). Cage lay on hands floki (50)

Round 3
Jord (confusion, no actions, saved). Ruby arrow C Ph (62) hide. Floki rage jump attack C Ph axe (66, dead). K Ph kalenthor phantasmal killer (saved). Laren (failed, stunned). M Ph prismatic spray (countered by kalenthor). Kalenthor telekenesis floki on top of M Ph and Floki grapples. Cage hold.


Session 49
Floki's Solo Adventure

Floki takes some ale and heads into the orc encampment. There he finds the horde, which is broken down roughly into three tribes with white, red, and blue war paint. Making his way up the mountain looking for the chieftains, Floki is a little awe inspired by the shear size of the horde. It is larger than any he has ever heard of before.

Ugmark Bloodreaver – White tribe
Barver Goresmasher – Red tribe
Trall Trollripper – Blue tribe

Floki makes his way up the mountain until he reaches the chieftain camp. There he introduces himself as Floki the Untamed of the Wolf Tribe. He tells them that he is there to join the horde. The chieftains accept his offer, but first Floki must meet the Masters. Floki offers ale to cement the deal. They talk for a bit and then Barver finally takes Floki to go see the Masters.

Heading into the cavern, Floki comes face to face with the phaerimm. Barver introduces the half orc and says that he wishes to join the horde. The phaerimm asks Floki to show his worth, which Floki then goes into a grand epic of his journey and battles. The phaerimm say they are pleased and say that the Wolf Tribe is welcome. Barver takes Floki’s hand as brother and they leave to go feast and drink.

At this point, the rest of the group makes their way into the horde, using stealth and invisibility. A little while later, they make their way to the chieftain encampment where they find Floki in midcombat with the chieftains.

Round 1
Floki insults Trall. Trall swings with bladed gauntlet (miss). Floki grapples Trall. Floki then pushes Trall into the bonefire (6). Barver battle cry, glaive floki bonus shield action (miss). Ugmark reaver floki (14 slashing) reaver floki (14 slashing).

Round 2
Floki rage push barver into fire (3) push Ugmark into fire (6). Trall bladed gauntlet floki (miss) bladed gauntlet floki (24 slashing). Ugmark reaver floki (miss) (miss). Barver glaive floki (14 slashing) glaive floki (14 slashing).

Round 3
Jord comes out of invisibility sword disarming Trall (20, disarmed) sword Trall (6) sword Trall (miss). Ruby hide comes out of invisibility arrow orc (dead). Floki Barver axe (24) (23). Laren stays invisbility. Trall draws sword gives battle cry sword on floki portents of 4 (miss). Ugmark reaver floki (24) reaver floki (14). Cage heals floki stays of invisibility (50). Kalenthor stays invisibility. Barver glaive floki (14) glaive floki (14). Orcs (floki 9, floki 9).

Round 4
Jord sword Trall (9) sword Trall (8) goad Trall (17, goaded). Ruby arrow orc (dead) hide. Floki axe Barver (20) (20, dead). Laren stays invisibility. Trall sword jord (miss) (miss). Ugmark reaver Floki (miss) (miss). Cage leaves invisibility hammer orc (dead) pick orc (dead) hammer orc (dead). Kalenthor stays invisibility.

Round 5
Jord sword Trall (10, dead) sword orc (dead) sword orc (miss). Ruby arrow orc (dead) hide. Floki axe Ugmark (15) (20, dead). The rest of the orcs are slain.

Floki stands victorious over the chieftains with their heads in his hand.

Session 48
The Arcanist's Plight

The group first travels to Lusken and then travels back in time to the year -339: The Year of the Sundered Webs. The arrive at the town of Illusk were the people live a simple life on the Sword Coast. When the group approaches, a squad of spearmen come out from the town with spears at the ready. When asked why they are being hostile, they point at Floki and say the orc isn’t welcome. Cage lies and says that they are here at Jeriah’s request. His lie holds and the guard goes off to find the chronomancer.

Jeriah returns with the guard and waves them away, saying that he was expecting the group. He takes them back to his home where he explains that he knows why the group is here and that he needs help in return. Jeriah can veil their lifelines, but he needs time to do so. The problem is that an orc horde being driven by a cabal of phaerimm that will destroy the town before he has time to finish. He asks the group to go into the Crag and kill the phaerimm to give him time to find the components and cast the spell. However, the spell will only last for 30 days. Kalenthor then asks if he could learn the ritual just in case they need more time, which Jeriah agrees to do.

The group then goes to prepare for the trip to fight the phaerimm. They do a light shopping trip through town, which includes buying horses and several carts of ale. Once equipped and ready, the group rides out to the Crags. It takes four days of riding to reach the base of the mountains. From this point, they can see the lights of the horde’s encampment. The group’s plan is to leave the carts of ale for the orcs to find and create a distraction. They will then sneak into the encampment.

Kalenthor first decides to use his Broom of Flying and Invisibility to find the phaerimm first. He flies up to the mountain towards the largest source of light, which turns out to be a immensely large bonfire. Within the vicinity of the fire are three orc chieftains in blue, white, and red war paint. Just beyond the bonfire is a cavern entrance, which Kalenthor investigates. Within the cavern he finds not one, but three phaerimm busily eating humanoid remains.

Kalenthor returns and tells the group about what he found. The group decides to change their plan and send Floki up to the encampment with the ale for him to socialize with his distant cousin orcs to see what he can find out that might better help the group determine the best course of action.

Session 47
In The Nick of Time

The group continues their battle against the Sarrukh.

Round 2
Laren mass cure (16). Cage sak1 hammer (miss) pick (miss) hammer (miss). Kalenthor fireball on tsnake, ksnake, sak3, sak4 (44). Floki ksnake axe (21) ksnake axe (20). Jord ksnake2 sword (13) sword (9). Sarrukh disintegrate on Cage, Floki, Jord (all save) blight on Kalenthor (countered). Snakes bite Cage (10+21) bite Floki (miss) bite Kalenthor (miss). Ruby hide arrow ksnake2 (dies).

Round 3
Laren mass cure (18). Cage sak1 hammer 2nd level smite (26) pick (8) hammer 1st level smite (dies). Kalenthor fireball on sak3, sak4, tsnake, ksnake2 (40). Floki provke (10+22) axe on ksnake2 (13) axe (56). Jord sword msnake (11) (9) (miss). Sarrukh blight on floki, jord (save) cage (fail, 51) and fireball on all (45). snakes bite cage (10+11) bite floki (miss) bite Laren (10+45) bite Kalenthor (miss). Ruby hide arrow sak3 (33).

Round 4
Laren death check (fail). Cage ksnake2 hammer (15) pick (12) hammer 1st level smite (14). Kalenthor greater healing potion on Laren (14). Floki sak4 axe (20) (19). Jord msnake sword (miss) (miss) (12). Sarrukh hold person cage, ruby, kalenthor, (all save) laren (failed). Cone of cold cage, ruby, kalenthor, laren, jord (countered). Snakes bite cage (10+11) bite jord (10+22) bite kalenthor (10+22). Ruby hide arrow tsnake (34).

Round 5
Laren paralyzed (failed). Cage tsnake hammer (miss) pick 3rd level smite (48) hammer (10). Kalenthor dimension door with Laren out of combat. Floki sak4 axe (13) axe (14). Jord msnake sword (10) (miss) (miss). Sarrukh sunbeam Floki (30 radiant). Snakes bite jord (10) (10). Ruby hide arrow fsnake (35).

Round 6
Laren paralyzed (failed). Cage msnake hammer (12) (miss) (miss). Kalenthor fireball sak2 (15, made concentration save). Floki sak2 axe (21, failed concentration) (15). Jord msnake sword (12) (11) (miss). Sarrukh blight floki (17). Snake bite cage (10+11) bite jord (10). Ruby move arrow hide fsnake (miss).

Round 7
Laren hold. Cage msnake hammer (8) (13) (10). Kalenthor dimenson door with Laren into combat. Laren mass cure (15). Floki sak2 axe (18) (17). Jord msnake sword (miss) (8) (9). Sarrukh explodes (60 radiant, Kalenthor dies). Snake bite cage (miss). Ruby arrow fsnake (44)

Cage uses lay on hands on Laren, who gets up and then casts Revivify on Kalenthor to raise him from the dead. The group gathers together and determines that their next destination is -339: The Year of the Sundered Webs. There they need to begin their search for Jeriah Chronos, the first human Chronomancer in hopes of stopping the Sarrukh threat.

Session 46
Spring the Trap

The group travels back in time to the year -32DR, Year of the Errant Arrows in hopes of springing the Sarrukh trap that has been set for them after they found a Time Tear when it wasn’t expected. It was decided they would go to where the next Time Tear was supposed to be and spring the trap and try and put an end to the Sarrukh involvement.

After the group travels back in time, they head to a forgotten Temple within The Shar. The temple was located within an area of rolling plains. The front of the entrance was lined with broken columns from an ancient time. The entrance was left open and dark.

Upon entering the temple, the group traveled down a short passageway that went down until it opened into a large chamber. It was approxiamtely sixty feet wide with limestone columns stretching down beyond their light. Along the center of the hallway on the stone tile floor was a groove roughly two inches deep.

After moving further into the large hall, they came upon a pedastal at the center of the hallway that looked like an alter of some kind. As they drew near, some of the group felt fearful of the area. Cage was able to determine that the alter was a focus of hallow ground and what they were feeling was part of a powerful spell.

As the group moved further down the hall, they came across a second alter 60 feet later. This one, however, silenced everything around it. Another 60 feet they found a third alter, this one giving a radiant feeling to everyone.

Beyond the third alter was the main temple room. At the center of a raised dias was a circular dish where the groove along the center of the floor started. Laren goes up and gets the Time Tear. There is one there when there isn’t supposed to be. Sarrukh then time jump into the room and attack.

Round 1
Laren casts sacrd flame at tsnake (failed) and moves off the dias. Cage hammer sak1 (13) pick sak1 (miss) hammer sak1 (9/22) action surge hammer sak1 (9/31) pick sak1 (7/38). Kalenthor casts wall of force to section off the bad guys from the group. Floki move to ksnake axe (18) axe ksnake (22/40). Jord sword ksnake (miss) sword ksnake (10/50) sword ksnake (13/63). Sak1 casts distingrate on the wall of force. Sak2, Sak3, Sak4 casts flame strike on the group. Ksnake bite floki (miss) tail (10). tsnake cage bite (miss) tail (miss). k2snake bite cage (32) tail (miss). msnake bite (miss) tail (10). fsnake laren bite (32) tail (miss). Ruby arrow tsnake (28).

Session 45
The Black Star

From the ceiling of the massive cave, the Black Star descends upon the group from her web and attacks.

Round 1
Cage hammer bs 2nd level smite (34/34). Ruby hide arrow bs (30/64). LA BS summon sword Ruby (7). Floki reckless rage axe bs (24/88). BS drops to the ground bite cage (25) sword cage (20) sword cage (miss). MS bonus action floki (15). Jord sword bs (10/98) sword bs (10/108) sword bs (miss). Kalenthor fireball (16/124). Laren cure wounds Cage (14).

Round 2
Cage hammer bs 1st level smite (35/159) pick bs (14/173) hammer bs (miss). Ruby hide arrow bs (29/202). Floki axe bs (16/218) axe bs (19/237, drop/transform into swarm). BS Swarm Cage and Floki (30). Jord sword swarm (5/5) sword (5/10) sword (miss). Kalenthor confusion bs. Laren cure wounds floki (15).

Round 3
Cage hammer bs (miss) pick bs (miss) hammer bs (miss). Ruby hide arrow bs (18/28). Floki axe bs (12/40) axe bs (11/51). BS Swarm cage cage and floki (15,15). Jord sword (miss) sword (5/56) sword (miss). Kalenthor thunderwave (failed save pushed 40/96). Laren sacred flame (25/dead).

The group gives a sigh of relief as the Black Star. They meet with Bubbles and demand their reward. Bubbles says that he will take them to meet Blubnub. The group arrives back at the Glimmersea and then go to the water. They swim down and find an underwater structure that is about 50 feet in diameter. They enter a tunnel just before the bubble-like structre and swim down and across into the structure.

Blubnubernathal, an aboleth, welcomes the group. Bubbles explains what the group did to help and he thanks them. Then a women steps out from one of the pools. She is a elegant and beautiful looking drow with long white hair. She thanks the group for slaying the Black Star. She bestows a gift upon those wish it (Kalenthor, Ruby, and Jord) who gain full immunity to poison. Blubnub then tells the group that for defeating the kraken, he will allow them to choose a treasure from its horde. When the group looks it over, they find a Time Tear. Baffled, they take it and say thank you before leaving.

The group then discusses the problem of finding a Time Tear when they didn’t expect to find one. The believe that the Sarrukh must have stolen it and left it for the group to find. Unsure as to why, the group decides to head to -32DR to try and spring the trap. They also decide that in order to try and prevent the Sarrukh from tracking them via their life lines in the Plane of Time, they decide that they need to talk to the original human Chronomancer who resides in Netheril.

Session 44
Release the Kraken

The Kraken attacks!

Round 1
Jord moves into the water towards the kraken and swims, then sword (miss) (14/14) (commander strike Ruby arrow kraken [39/53]). LA kraken tentacle Jord (20, restrained). Kalenthor disintigrate (76/129). LA kraken fling jord 60ft, (18, prone). Kraken lightning storm Kalenthor, Floki, Cage (30). Floki reckless rage swim axe kraken (14/143) (14/157). LA kraken tentacle Floki (20, restrained). Lair increase water and push players into wall, water is electrical giving lightning vulnerability. Ruby hide arrow kraken (34/191). LA kraken fling Floki 60gt (9, prone). Cage misty step on top of kraken hammer 3rd level smite (37/228), pick 2nd level smite (21/249). LA kraken tentacle Cage (20, restrained). Laren mass cure wounds (23).

Round 2
Jord swim towards kraken. Kalenthor telekenesis Floki move 30 ft. Kraken fling Cage (18, prone) tentacle Jord (20, restrained) tentacle Kalenthor (20, restrained). Floki axe kraken (39/288). LA kraken fling Kalenthor (9, prone). Lair lightning explosion (20, 40 on vulnerable). Ruby arrow hide kraken (35/313). LA kraken fling Jord (9, prone). Cage swims towards kraken. LA kraken tentacle floki (20, restrained). Laren healing word kalenthor (9).

Round 3
Jord swim to kalenthor give potion to kalenthor. Kalenthor polymorph (saves). Kraken flings floki (18, prone), tentacle laren (20, restrained), fling laren (18, prone). Floki swim towards kraken. LA kraken lightning storm (25). Lair lightning explosion (20). Ruby arrow kraken crit (60/373, dead).

The group takes a rest to recover from the battle with the kraken before pressing forward to finding the path that will taken them to the drider called the Black Star with the kuo-toa. The group follows Laren and the spell into a cave network. Within the caves they found the body of a dead drow that had been slain and it carried a symbol of Zinzerena (short sword draped in a cloak).

Continuing to follow the spell, comes into a large cave with lots of stalagmites. The group then hears screaming that echoes within the cavern. The group moves deeper in where they find five bodies lying on the group in a star-like pattern. Up above at the ceiling within her webs is the Black Star in the middle of wrapping a drow body in a cocoon. Kalenthor announces that the group is here to stop her and then casts fireball.

Session 43
Into the Underdark

The group is ambushed by 15 Sarrukh as they stood next to the portal.

Round 1
Jord throwing axe ssak (miss) throwing axe dsak (11/11). Moves to tsak sword (10/10). tsak bite sword sword jord (9+10, miss, miss). ssak bite, sword, sword Laren (19, 13, 13/45). fsak bite sword sword floki (miss, 13, 13). dsak bite, sword, sword cage (19, 13, 13/45). s2sak ruby bite sword sword (19, 13, 13). Ruby hide arrow s2sak (30/30) hide. Floki rage axe fsake (22/22, 21/43). ms arrowsx2 kalenthor (miss, miss with shield) Jord (miss, 26) Floki (miss, 22) Cage (22+22/87) Laren (miss, 22/67). Laren mass heal (21). Cage dsak hammer (8/8). Kalenthor casts wall of force to separate the enemies from the group and then runs for the portal.

Round 2
Jord covers the escape. Largetsak sword jord (13). Ruby arrow tsak (26/36) and then moves through the portal with a dash. Floki moves to the portal. msak moves and fires arrows at Jord (miss). Laren moves to the portal. Cage moves to the portal. Kalenthor moves through the portal. Jord moves through the portal.

The group makes their way back to their time. Kalenthor disrupts the portal and closes it. They take a breather before focusing on their next jump in time. Laren tells the group that from here on out, they will begin eroding Lloth’s portfolio. The first step in that is to go to the year 482 DR, the Year of the Blighted Vine. They must go to the Underdark to a place called the Glimmersea. There Zinzerena is hiding from Lloth within her assassin guild and aboleth allies. They must prevent Lloth’s Chosen, a drider by the name of The Black Star from killing Zinzerena.

The group goes back in time to 482 and then uses the finger bone portal to travel to Aglarond where they then begin the long trek into the Underdark and the Glimmersea.

After two weeks of travel, the group finally arrives at the Glimmersea. It is a vast cavern that stretches beyond the group’s light. The water is calm and unmoving. Upon arriving, they are approached by kuo-toa. Jord begins dancing as Kalenthor discreetly casts Comprehend Languages as the kuo-toa are distracted. The kuo-toa explains the group has come to the lands of Slisswrath. Kalenthor suggests that they work together to find and stop The Black Star. The kuo-toa agree. They say that the Black Star was last seen at the Red Coral.

The group travels to the Red Coral where they find a large lake with waterfalls that come down from the ceiling. Laren casts Locate Creature to find a drider. They begin moving down the shoreline. When they are part way around the lake, the group is attacked by a horde of tentacles.

Session 42
Not Where We Are Supposed To Be

The group leaves the boy Crickett and heads out to the lake house. At the lake, the group finds a simple little cottage that is not even larger than the War Pig Inn. As the group approaches from the far side of the lake, they see explosions over the water. They see a man standing in front of the cottage letting loose fireballs with casual indifference. The man introduces himself as Naerlus Arnarthandyer and the “stick”, he explains, is actually the Scepter of Mystra. The group asks about Meldryn and how he died. Naerlus says that he is surprised and explains that the Scepter was given to him by Meldryn in payment for Naerlus saving his life. Kalenthor then pointedly asks for the time tear, which Naerlus declines, saying that the Scepter is a divine gift from Mystra.

Ruby then asks Naerlus if he knew who killed Meldryn and Naerlus says he doesn’t know. Cage asks if he can cast Zone of Truth, but Naerlus says no and asks the group to leave. Kalenthor attempts to use Telekenesis on the Scepter, Naerlus counters, but Kalenthor counters his counterspell. The Scepter flies out of Naerlus’ hand.

Round 1
Naerlus casts Flesh to Stone, however Kalenthor saves. Floki rage axe Naerlus (19/19) axe Naerlus (24/43). Cage hammer Naerlus (10/53) pick Naerlus (11/64) hammer Naerlus (miss). Laren holds. Kalenthor grabs the Scepter, casts globe of invulnerability. Ruby hides arrow sneak (37/101, dead).

Naerlus drops dead and the group leaves him be and goes inside the cottage. They find a trap door leading down to the cellar and find the Shrine to Mystra. Along with the religious items, the group finds a portal that is open in the middle of the cellar. The portal entrance is covered in a multicolored miasma that prevents the group from seeing the other side. Kalenthor and the rest of the group decide to step through the portal.

On the other side of the portal, the group finds themselves in a strange land and a portal next to them. Laren suggests that he go into the time stream to determine where they area in time. He disappears and reappears a moment later and tells the group that they are in the year -35,000 DR in the time of the Creator Races. It is proposed that the portal had to have been made by the Sarrukh and that this whole thing must be a trap to kill them. Kalenthor and Laren then begin discussing how to disable the time portal when the group is attacked by a group of Sarrukh.

Session 41
Oh My Gurd

The group heads up to the dragon’s cave to the north where they find the dragon horde. 20,000 Gold, 1,800 Platinum, dragon statuette x5 worth 250gp, carved bone circlet x2 worth 250gp, Belt of giant strength (stone giant), This dragon scale armor (black) is bulky and decorated with precise geometric figures, and allows you to be heard clearly at a distance of 300 feet for one turn, when you wish it. Ioun stone (reserve)

Aftwards, Laren tells the group that their next stop should be a quick one. They need to go to Leilon in the year 994, the Year of the Weary Scribe. There they need to find Meldryn Jalensifur who has been holding onto the Time Tear. The group goes back in time and then uses their portal device to travel to Neverwinter. From Neverwinter, they travel south down the main road to Leilon for two days.

When the group arrives, they find the town flies red banners with a star and flame symbol. They meet Lurd, the guard at the entrance who tells them they must follow the king’s rules while within the town which includes no murder or theft and no use of weapons. The group agrees and then travels to the War Pig Inn (which they find is a converted barn) where they ask for Meldryn from the innkeep. When directed to his room by the innkeep (which is in the stables), they find Meldryn murdered in a stall. When they attempt to go back in time, they are rebuffed by a temporal lockdown of space/time. The group now begins to investigate the murder the old fashion way by interrogating people who may have information.

Innkeep: Meldryn was arguing with Gurd, his majesty’s royal chief enforcer of things. He can be found wandering around town or at the garrison on the south side of town.

Gurd: Meldryn was having an argument with Gurd over Lucille, which is a cow. Gurd insults Floki, who promptly knocks the man unconcious.

Lurd: When asked about strangers, Lurd tells the group about exotic wilderbeasts that rampaged across the farmlands destroying miss stockit’s pepper garden. Their was a flock of ravens that stole the corn during the pepper festivle two nights ago. Then the blue angel that had a tail came and saved the festivle. They carried sacks of peppers and corn and all was well. The angel spoke with Meldryn. He then refers the group to Cricket who may have more information.

Cricket: A young boy who saw the “blue angel” which was actually a blue lizard person named Silamar. They were talking about a shrine to Mystra. The shrine is in the cellar of Arnarthandyer’s house which is by the lake. No one is allowed to go there except by invite by Gurd or the King.


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