Stolen Paradox

Session 40
Anaglathos the Blue Death

The group get with Sir Corwin Freas, his paladins, and their hired mercenaries to have draw the blue dragon Anaglathos away from the city for a final showdown. The large group rides out of the city to the west by about a half a day’s ride.

Round 1
Ruby arrow hide anaglathos (32/32). Floki rage javelin anaglathos (miss) 2nd javelin (5/37). Jord readies. Cage readies. Anaglathos lightning breath (Jord 80, Floki 40). Anaklagan lightning breath (Laren 55, Ruby 0). Laren mass cure (26). Kalenthor sphere of force on anaklagan.

Round 2
Ruby arrow hide anaglathos (31/70). Floki rage javelin anaglathos (miss) second javelin (8/78). Jord hand axe anaglathos (miss). Cage nature’s wrath (failed). Anaglathos lands. Frightful Presence (Laren, Floki failed) Bite Jord (25) claw cage (20) claw (20). Anaklagan holds. Laren healing word jord (14). Anaglathos wing attack (15, jord and cage knocked prone) Cage AOO anaglathos smite (26/104). Kalenthor taunts then fireball (29/133).

Round 3
Ruby arrow hide anaglathos (36/169). Floki rage readies (failed frightened save, loses rage). Jord readies. Cage readies. Anaglathos lightning breath (Kalenthor 40, Shield Guard 120, Floki 40). Sphere of Force ends. Anaklagan bite jord (25) claw floki (15) claw floki (15). Laren mass cure (22). Anaglathos tail Kalenthor (16). Shield Guardian anaglathos (11/180) fist (11/191) Kalenthor sphere of force anaglathos.

Round 4
Ruby arrow hide anaklagan (35/35). Floki rage anaklagan (22/57) second (13/70) (saves against frightened). Jord anaklagan (14/84) (12/96) action surge (14/110) commander strike floki (31/141). Cage anaklagan hammer (14/155) pick (11/166) pick (9/175). Anaglathos holds. Anaklagan cage bite (25) claw (15) claw (15). Laren mass cure (13). Kalenthor cure wounds cage (24). shield guardian anaklagan (miss) (11/186).

Round 5
Ruby arrow hide anaklagan (25/211). Floki rage anaklagan (14/225) (21/246, dead). Jord second winds (18). Cage lay on hands (37) second wind (3). Anaglathos readies. Laren mass cure (13). Kalenthor acid splash anaglathos (failed).

Round 6
Anaglathos bite cage (25). Ruby arrow hide anaklagan crit (69/250). Anaglathos tail Jord (15, prone). Floki rage (20/270) (21/291). Anaglathos wing attack SG (15), Cage, Floki (15), Jord (15). Jord (miss) (7/298). Cage hammer smite (20/318) pick smite (20/338) pick smite (12/350) action surge hammer smite (21/371) pick smite (26/397). 18/21/11/11 Anaglathos lightning breaths (80). Laren mass cure (12). Kalenthor fireballs anaglathos (dead).

Corwin rejoins the group when the battle is done. The remaining dragon’s minions are routed.

Session 39
Unturion the Butcher

The group makes their way out of the cyrpt and rejoins Corwin and his paladins to make final preperations to draw the dragons out using the Orb of Dragonkind. Kalenthor attempts to attune to the Orb of Dragonkind, but is instead charmed by the wonderous item. It fails, however, to suggest to him to destroy the bloodline of Freas.

With the Orb handled, Kalenthor casts a ritual of Contact Another Plane where he reaches out to an ancient Sage. He, however, botches the ritual and drives himself insane by peering too deeply into the Planes. He settles down on the ground and begins speaking jibberish. Cage decides to nutmeg the casting of the ritual.

Kalenthor attunes to the Orb of Dragonkind without being charmed. Cage then explains to the group that the ritual to Contact Another Plane drove Kalenthor insane. They decide to wait until the next day before casting the ritual.

The next day, Kalenthor casts Contact Another Plane (again) with insight from his natural divinity skills. Are there any evil dragons within 300 miles of Turmish besides Anaglathos and his brood? No. Do more than one of Anaglathos brood survived? No. Does the dragon that recently attacked the city serve/support Anaglathos? Yes. Is Anaglathos coming to the city? Yes. How many days will it take him and whatever forces he has to arrive? Eight.

The group goes to see Corwin and informs him that Anaglathos will arrive in eight days. The city goes into defensive actions and prepares the city for the worst. Meanwhile, the plan is to ride out of town and draw the dragon to them and keep the city safe.

Kalenthor casts Contact Another Plane again. Is the Orb of Dragonkind also the phylactery of Unther the Vile? No. Is the phylactery still in the crypts of the city? Yes. How many days will it take him to reform a body? Eight. How many feet from his throne room is the phylactery located? Eighty. Which direction from the throne is the phylactery? Southwest.

The group decides to venture into the crypt one more time to destroy the phylactery permenatly so he doesn’t show up on the same as Anaglathos. They decide to delve back in and get it done right away.

The group heads to the cathedral and back into the crypt. From there, they head to the last unexplored area opposite of the mural room. This new room also contains a mural of a man dressed in extravagant armor and bares a passing resemblence to Unther. Laying upon a slab of stone is a figure in armor with a gem embedden in the breastplate.

Kalenthor recalls that Unther had a brother named Unturion the Bold who was a righteous paladin in the name of Helm. He was a virtious paladin who worked tirelessly to help people. When his brother turned evil due to necromancy, Unturion went to try and stop his brother. Instead, Unturion couldn’t stop or kill his brother and instead was corrupted and became a Death Knight. He then served as his brother’s servant and became known as Unturion the Butcher.

Knowing this information, the group theorizies that Unturion could be saved by destroying Unther’s phylactery that he holds. If that can happen, then he can find peace and Unther can be stopped completely. They go and talk to Corwin and he agrees that they should try and turn Unturion back to the ways of good.

The group rests for the day and then heads down with Corwin and his group of Helm paladins. When they approach, Unturion awakes and stands. Kalenthor casts Wall of Force and then says they are there to parlay. Unturion tells the group to speak. Cage then says that they want him to find redemption by righting the wrong of his brother by destroying the phylactery. After a lot of back and forth of trying to convince Unturion to find redemption in destroying his brother for good, he finally sees reason and destroys the phylactery.

Session 38
Unther the Vile

The group takes a short rest before proceeding further into the Crypt of Unther the Vile. They turn left and then head through a door that leads into a large room with many sarcophagus and alcoves with skeletal remains. Cage takes the lead as he senses undead in the room and goes to seak it out.

When he reaches the center of the room, a shadow creature dressed like a knight jumps out of the shadows and attacks, hitting Cage (13) and (13).

Round 1
Jord attacks shadow sword (5) and (5/10). Floki axe shadow (miss) and (8/18). Kalenthor magic missile shadow (10/28). Laren sacred flame (9/37). Shadow breath weapon (56). Ruby hide arrow+1 shadow (15/52). Cage pick shadow 1st level smite (13r+7/72) hammer 1st level smite shadow (14r+6/92) pick shadow (miss).

Round 2
Jord sword shadow (7/99) sword (5/104) second wind (18). Floki axe shadow (miss) axe shadow (5/109). Kalenthor magic missile shadow (11/120) and steps out of doorway. Laren mass cure (20). Shadow cage (miss) (miss). Ruby hide arrow shadow (15/135). Cage pick shadow (4/139) hammer shadow (4/143) pick shadow (4/147).

Round 3
Jord sword shadow (miss) sword shadow (5/152, dies).

The shadow evaporates and the group is left on their own. The group takes a short rest while Ruby searches over the room. They find 50pp. They then press forward into the next room. Within the next room they find a large throne-like room that is a burial chamber. Within the room is Unther the Vile in the form of a lich.

The group has a conversation with Unther, who wishes to leave the crypt, but can’t due to an arcane barrier that imprisons him. He is willing to trade an item of power that the dragon seeks in exchange for lowering the barrier. Kalenthor considers the offer while Cage says he can’t do it due to his oath. Laren reminds the group that letting the lich out could effect the timeline. When asked what the dragons are after, Unther explains that he has an Orb of Dragonkind. Kalenthor counters to say he wants to put Unther in a sphere that protects him from the town while they bring the dragons to the town. Unther would then use the Orb to tame the dragon and then allow the defenders to kill the dragons. Once the dragons are defeated, Unther would then be allowed to leave unharmed. Unther agrees, believing that even if the group betrays him, he can defeat the group and flee.

The group leaves the crypt and heads back top side. They meet with Freas. They tell him about the possible deal and Corwin voices his displeasure with the idea. They then take a long rest. While they rest, they decide to just go ahead and attack Unther and take the Orb as it is the broader safe action to take.

The group returns to the crypt the next day and meets with Unther. Kalthenor gets his signature on the necromancy book before they head back to the entrance where he points out that the pillars are the barrier. Kalenthor goes about trying to “figure out” the barrier while Cage goes to begin the attack with his pick 2nd level smite (37).

Round 1
Floki rage axe unther (shield spell, miss) (miss). End of Floki turn, Disrupt Life (26, heal 11). Unther casts finger of death cage kalenthor counterspell unther counterspell (58). Jord sword unther (10/21) sword unther (10/31). End of Jord turn, Paralyzing Touch Jord (10 cold, paralyzed). Laren mass cure (20). Ruby hide arrow Unther (25/56). Kalenthor telekensis Unther (up 5 feet restrained). Cage pick unther 2nd level smite (36/92) hammer 2nd level smite unther (29/121) pick 1st levle smite unther (19/140) action surge pick 1st level smite unther (26/166) hammer 1st level smite unther (24/190).

Round 2
Floki rage axe unther (20/210) axe unther (16/226). Unther disintegrate kalenthor counter unther counter cage (100). Jord paralyzed (failed save). Laren mass heal (11). End of Laren turn, disrupt life (26, heal 143/83). Ruby hide arrow unther (32/110). Kalenthor maintains telekenesis. Cage pick unther (miss) hammer 1st level smite unther (29/139) pick unther (8/147).

Round 3
Floki rage axe unther (44/195) (58/253, destroyed).

Unther the Vile breaks apart and falls to the ground. The group scoops up the Orb, loots the tomb, and then leaves, but not before searching the tomb for treasures.

Treasure found:
18,000 Gold
2,500 Platinum
Potion of Healing
Potion of greater healing
7x Magic +3 arrows
Luck Blade – gleams bright and pure, with ivory and silver, and lets you sense North at will. It was once owned by a hero of renown; it causes a flash of harmless pain to its user.
You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. While the sword is on your person, you also gain a +2 bonus to saving throws. Luck. If the sword is on your person, you can call on its luck (no action required) to reroll one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw you dislike. You must use the second roll. This property can’t be used again until the next dawn.
Potion of hill giant strength
Dust of disappearance
Potion of Water Breathing

Session 37
Crypt Crawling

Session 37
Crypt Crawling

After leaving the meeting with Captain Ellerton, the group retires back to the local inn to rest up. They then meet with Sir Corwin Freas and learn that the dragon Anaglathos is slipping into the grips of Dragon Rage and has been using its minions to attack the town. The dragon needs to be put down to save the region. The lair is NW from the city, about 300 miles away. The lair holds the Cult of Anaglathos and may have been where the young blue dragon retreated to for healing. When asked what Freas could do to help deal with the cult, he offered the use of his paladin knights which number 30. He could also get mercenaries, but will need a couple days. The group agrees that will help and settles down to make detailed plans on how to travel to the lair.

When asked why the dragon is attacking and what drove the dragon to slumber 200 years ago, Freas recalls a story of how a wizard named Unther, who was a necromancer, enslaved the city for a time, but was later overthrown during a revolution. He was driven into his underground vault and slain. The vault has been sealed ever since. The group decides to investigate the vault while Freas goes to hire mercenaries.

The group presses forward and heads into the underground vault of Unther the Vile. They go to the Cathedral of Eternal Life and head inside. Within the Cathedral is the entrance to the Crypt of Unther the Vile. The group heads into the crypt. The travel down stairs into the Pontifical Chapel. There are six columns in the middle of the room carved with spirits rising up in a spiral pattern that to Kalenthor seems to denote necromancy. Jord them goes to move the bones littering the room, which then activates the skeletal giant guardian.

Round 1
Jord sword skeleton (9) sword (10/19). Floki axe skeleton (9/28) axe (9/37). Skeleton greataxe Jord (miss) (17). Laren sacred flame (13/50). Ruby (26/76). Kalenthor magic missile skeleton (10/86).

Round 2
Jord commander’s strike Floki (11/97) sword skeleton (10/107). Floki axe skeleton (9/116) axe (11/127). Skeleton attacks Jord (17) (17). Laren heals Jord (27). Ruby (30/157, dead). Explodes on floki and jord (30 or half).

Once the group defeats the skeleton, they take a short rest before continuing down the hallway. They comes to a door on the left and right along with a painted mural next to each door depicting Unther the Vile in all of his glory. They go through the left door. Kalenthor grabs some necromancy tomes found in the Chapel of Relics. He then goes to investigate the mural, which is a Symbol glyph. He sees the image change from a human to a skeleton and flees (failed Wisdom save). Jord goes to help the fleeing Kalenthor while Floki goes to get the dropped staff. The Symbol glyph then activates ago and a beam of necrotic energy hits Floki in the chest (60). Floki then throws a hand axe at the mural (7), which shatters the glass, but the mural remains. The mural of Unther then begins to move.

Round 1
Jord hand axe thrown mural (no damage) sword (11). Mural howls (jord floki ruby frightened, laren and Kalenthor 10 dmg and stunned). Ruby hide magical arrow (29/40). Floki readies. Laren stunned. Kalenthor stunned.

Round 2
Jord sword (7/47) commander strike ruby magical arrow (32/79). Jord action surge sword (miss) sword (9/88). Mural legendary action energy drain (kalenthor reduced hp max 15). Mural life drain (kalenthor 21, jord 10, floki 10, heal 41). Ruby hide magical arrow (23/70). Floki reckless rage axe (19/89) axe (16/105).

Laren casts greater restoration on Kalenthor to recover his lost hit points from the energy drain. The group recovers and slows presses forward.

Session 36
Dragon Raid

The group goes back to Lily, who they left outside of the city. They ask her if she wants to go to her relatives in the city still. She says yes and so Kalenthor escorts her into the city and drops her off with her aunt along with her family’s fortune.

Kalenthor then returns to the group and they travel to Turmish in the year 1247, Year of the Purple Basilisk.

The group arrives just outside of the city while it is in the middle of a dragon raid. As they watch in awe, one of the dragon’s is suddenly sliced into four pieces by an unknown blade. The group then moves closer to the wall until Kalenthor casts a Wall of Force in a bubble around one of the blue dragons.

The rest of the group moves to engage the dragon.

Round 1
Jord axe ranged (9). Floki javlin (10/19). blue dragon lightning bolt jord, cage, kalenthor, ruby (55). Ruby hidden arrow (miss). Kalenthor fireball portents to fail save (26/45). shield guardian hold. Laren mass heal (24). Cage second wind javlin (8) javelin (miss).

Round 2
Jord second wind axe ranged (10/55). Floki javlin (8/63). Dragon strafe bite jord (27+11). Ruby hide arrow (26/89). Kalenthor grabs Floki and dimension door spell to the dragon’s back. Laren heals cage (13). Cage holds

Round 3
Jord pouts commander strike with ruby arrow (36/125). Floki reckless rage axe (24/149) (20/169). dragoninverts and drops Kalenthor lightning breath cage, jord (55). ruby hide arrow (33/dead). floki falls (40).

While keeping the second dragon trapped in the Wall of Force, the group heads into the city and looks for someone in charge. The captain of the guard coordinators with Kalenthor to point the city ballista at the trapped dragon. With only a minute to spare, everything is set up and then dimension doors above the dragon with Jord and then door’s back to the ground. Kalenthor drops the Wall. The ballista fire (and Ruby fires one herself), hitting the dragon solid in the body. (9+11+19+15=54+31=85+7=92). Jord falls off and plummets to the ground (61).

The young captain, Nel Ellerton, thanks the group for their assistance. Kalenthor tells the captain that they are looking for Freas. He tells the group he is helping the city and he will get word that they wish a meeting. In the meantime, they are welcome to stay at an inn free of charge and if there is anything they can do to help out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Session 35
And the Truth This Time

The group climbs out of the Commerce back and into the Dock East district. Kalenthor casts invisibility on the group while Ruby uses her stealth. They move

across the city towards the Garden District. While deep in the city, the group comes across a group of elf hunters. The lead “priest” is actually a devourer

in disguise. Ruby while hidden shoots the devourer (19).

Round 1
Jord moves invisibility to in front of the group. Floki moves up invisibility and attacks the priest (20) (19/39). Cage double moves towards the elven

hunters. Devourer attacks Floki (7+18). Veterans all attack floki (4 hits). Ruby arrow devourer (52/71). Kalenthor moves activates snake to attack devourer

(13/84, contrict). Laren moves up and heals Floki (11). Priest casts spirit guardians.

Round 2
Jord moves in (spirit guardians fails 19 necrotic) attacks priest (12/51) commander strike floki priest (24/75) action surge priest (15/90) (7/97). Floki

(spirit guardians fails 9 necrotic) reckless rage priest (19, dies). Cage v2 (15/15) (15/30) 1st level smite (23/53). Devourer snake (25) (25). Veteran (one

hit on floki). Ruby arrow devourer (miss). Kalenthor acid splash devourer (9/93) recalls snake to staff and picks up. Laren mass heal (9).

Round 3
Jord devourer two hits (20/113). Floki reckless rage devourer (20/133) (17/150, dead). Cage v2 pick crit 1st level smite (36/66) pick (9/75, dead). Cage v1

hammer (8). V1 cage sword (15) (miss). V3 jord sword (15). Ruby hide arrow v1 (24/32). Kalenthor activates Staff of Snake attack V3 (miss). Laren heals

Floki (12).

Round 4
Jord sword V3 two sword (24). Floki reckless rage v1 (miss) (15/47). Cage v1 pick (8/55) pick 2nd level smite (56/111, dead) v3 hammer (miss). V3 cage sword

(20). Ruby hide arrow V3 (miss). Kalenthor acid splash (miss) snake eat V3 (13/37). Laren heals Floki (12).

Round 5
Jord sword V3 two sword (14/51) (18/69). Floki reckless rage V3 (34/103, dead)

The group grabs a bag (10 Amn silver trade bars worth 100gp each) from the elven hunters and then runs off for the Garden District. Once they reach the

Garden District and the tree near the Golden Bucket Inn, they find a Time Guardian standing over a dead Sarrukh. The Time Guardian takes the Time Tear and

attempts to open a portal to the Temporal Plane, but is blocked by a dampening spell placed by the Sarrukh. Laren tries to explain why the Time Tear is

hidden as the Time Guardian says it belongs to the God of Time. Ruby accusses Laren of stealing the Time Tears to begin with. The Time Guardian then attempts to severe Laren’s lifeline, but Kalenthor counters the spell. Cage then attempts to go back in time one round, but the Tear fizziles due to the dampening. The group then decides to attack the Time Guardian.

Round 1
TG dagger Laren (18) (31/49). Kalenthor activates snake. Snake attacks TG (miss). Floki reckless rage axe crit legendary action to downgrade (15) (17/32). Ruby hide arrow (29/61). Laren heals Laren (19/30). Jord sword (miss) sword (11/72). TG legendary action teleport. Cage pick 2nd level smite (26/98) pick (48/146) hammer (12/158).

Round 2
TG dagger Cage (15) (15, stunned until end of next turn). Kalenthor fireball (14/172). Snake on TG (13/185). Floki reckless rage TG sword (legendary action miss) (17/202). Ruby disengage move arrow TG (miss). Laren mass heal (16). Jord TG sword (21/223, dead).

The group is able to recover the Time Tear as well as take the temporal dagger. Laren then tells the group the “real” reason for his mission. Kurstan ordered Laren to find a way to beat Lloth. Laren came up with the idea of using the Time Tears. However, in doing so, he depowered Kurstan in the future when he faces Lloth and he loses. So Laren now needs to recover the Time Tears to empower Kurstan, but use the time locations to depower Lloth. The group agrees to continue with the mission.

Laren continues and states that the next location is in 1247, the Year of the Purple Basilisk. There Laren left the Time Tear with Corwin Freas, a Paladin of Torm.

Session 34
Walking with Fishes

The group presses on to Baldur’s Gate. Upon arriving at the Westland Gate four days later, they are forced to navigate a city that is current in the midst of a riot as well as being invaded by the forces of Amn. The army (numbering approx. 10,000 foot soldiers plus siege engines) is currently focusing their efforts at the northern gate. The city is defending with archers.

The group decides to leave Lily and the Shield Guardian behind and away from the army. First the group must determine how to enter the city. The Riverside Slums cover the west and southwest side of the city, but that portion of the city is currently in revolt against the Elven Hunters.

The group decides to use the Chionthar River to enter the city. Kalenthor casts Water Breathing on the group and they enter the water upstream just past the Amn army. While traveling along the bottom of the river, the group is attacked by a giant shark.

Cage 21
Kalenthor 19
Giant Shark 17
Ruby 14
Floki 14
Jord 10

Round 1
Cage readies an action to attack. Kalenthor readies an attack to release his snake from his Staff of the Snake. Giant Shark moves 50ft and attacks Cage (). Snake grapple GS (13 and restrained dc 16). Shark breaks grapple. Ruby arrow GS (7/20). Floki moves difficult terrain and attack recjless rage axe GS (30/50). Jord double moves.

Round 2
Cage attack GS 1st level smite (23/73) 1st level smite (19/92). Kalenthor acid splash GS (saved). Snake GS (12/104, constrict) Giant Shark breaks grapple. Ruby arrow GS (18/122) hides. Floki axe (dies).

The group climbs out of the Commerce back and into the Dock East district. Kalenthor casts invisibility on the group while Ruby uses her stealth. They move across the city towards the Garden District. While deep in the city, the group comes across a group of elf hunters. The lead “priest” is actually a devourer in disguise. Ruby while hidden shoots the devourer (19).

Session 33
The Elven Hunters

After leaving the Abyss, the group travels back in time to 1369 at the cave. They then begin the 10 day walk south to Baldur’s Gate.

On the second day, the group is ambushed by a cloud giant as they investigate a destroyed group of wagons. They find a little girl under one of the wagon.

Round 1
Floki rage axe cg (17) axe (17/34). Giant floki morningstar (21) (miss). Cage cg (13/47) (9/56) (10/66). Jord cg (14/80) commander strike floki (18/98). Ruby hide arrow cg (miss). Kalenthor acid splash (saved). Shield Guardian cg (11/107) (11/118). Laren sacred flame (saved).

Round 2
Floki rage cg (14/132) (12/144). Giant misty step kalenthor (21 half to sg) (21 half to sg). Cage cg (11/155) (8/163) 2nd level smite (24/187). Jord (20/207) (10/217). Ruby hide arrow (miss). Kalenthor misty step grabs the girl and uses broom of flying to fly up and out of the way. Shield Guardian cg (miss) (miss). Laren sacred flame (miss)

Round 3
Floki rage cg (14/231) (14/245). Giant gaseous form flees.

Investigating the area, the group finds the giant’s hideout on the other side of the hill. Looking over the findings, they find merchant goods, 200 gold pieces, and a letter from Trovar the Beastlord. The letter says to attack merchants and elves on the road.

The little girl says her name is Lily.

One the sixth night, the group is attacked just as they stop for the night. There are three men in armor with elemental symbols. One is a priest in plate with the symbol of three lightning bolts of Talos. Lastly there is a large seized creature leading the group.

Kalenthor hides behind his Shield Guardian and casts invisibility. He then hops on his broom of flying and goes into the air. Ruby hides behind Jord.

Round 1
Ruby priest sneak (30). Floki rage v1 (21) (17/38). Devourer floki bite (7+18) (7+18). Cage 2nd level smite devourer (15+8/23) (9/32) (5/37). Kalenthor evard’s black tentacles V1 (saved) V2 (failed, 7) V3 (failed, 7). V1 floki (14+5). V2 (failed) V3 (saved and moves out). Talos Priest moves away from tentacles and casts Guardian of Faith. Jord moves to priest (20 from guardian of faith). Jord priest (8) commander strike ruby priest (29/38). Shield Guardian (20 radiant from guardian of faith) priest (miss) (11/49).

Round 2
Ruby hide arrow devourer (11/48). Floki rage devourer (10/58) (9/67). Devourer cage (50). Cage devourer (6/73) (4/77) second wind. Kalenthor magic missile devourer (10/87). Veterans V1 floki (15) V2 (10/17, failed) V3 jord (15). Laren mass heal (8). Priest casts shield guardians. Jord (saved, 10 radiant) (saved, 12 necrotic) commander strike ruby priest crit (48/98, dead) move to devourer (6/93) commander strike floki devourer (8/101) commander strike floki devourer (10/111). Shield guardian (10 radiant) devourer (9/120).

Round 3
Ruby hide arrow devourer (12/132). Floki rage devourer (17/149) (10/159). Devourer floki (50). Cage v1 2nd level smite (29/67) 1st level smite (22/89, dead) v3 (miss). Kalenthor magic missile devourer (12/171). V3 runs away. V2 is crushed by the Evard’s Black Tentacles.

Session 32
Temple of Aramondos

The group arrives at the web holding the Temple of Aramondos and a large nautilus next to the building. The group has a brief discussion about what to do and how to swap out the real Crescent sword with the fake one. While the group argues, Jord and Floki walk up to the door and knock. Ruby sneaks up behind them, taking the Crescent Sword with her.

The door is answered by two Yochlol in spider form. The demons immediately attack when they see that the peolpe are not drow.

Round 1
Jord dodges. Y2 misses Jord. Y1 hits Floki twice. Floki reckless rage Y1 (10/10) (14/24). Ruby sneaks past the battle and heads down the left ground floor. Laren heals Floki (12). Cage ballista Y1 (15/39). Kalenthor holds.

Round 2
Jord Y1 (miss) commander strike Floki Y1 (17/56). Y1 floki (once) Y2 Jord (tree times). Floki reckless rage Y1 (17/73) (18/91). Ruby sneaks along and finds the dining hall where 15 drow are eating, but she doesn’t find Cavatina Xarann. Laren heals Jord (14). Cage reloads the ballista. Kalenthor holds.

Round 3
Jord Y1 (14/105) commander strike Floki Y1 (24/129). Y1 floki (once). Y2 Jord (twice, Jord down). Floki Y1 (11/140) (15/155, dead). Ruby sneaks around and finds some more rooms, but none of them have Cavatina. She makes her way back to the front room and heads towards Jord. Laren heals Floki (16). Cage fires himself off the ballista at Y2 and hits (11). Kalenthor holds.

Round 4
Jord dying (succeed). Y2 floki (twice, Floki down, relentless endurance). Floki Y2 (18/29) (19/48). Ruby sneaks upstairs and finds the shrine to Eilistraee and the Crescent Blade. Laren heals Jord (10). Cage Y2 (6/54) smith 2nd level (33/87) smite 1st level (24/101). Kalenthor holds

Round 5
Jord potion and stands. Y2 Cage (twice). Floki Y2 (10/111) (13/124). Ruby sneaks up to the alter and looks for traps and doesn’t find any. Laren heals Floki (16). Cage Y2 (15/141) (9/150) (9/159). Kalenthor holds

Round 6
Jord Y2 (9/168) (14/182). Y2 (cage, floki miss, jord). Floki Y2 crit (dead). Ruby attempts to switch the blades. She does so and sneaks away out of the altar room.

When Ruby makes her way down to the ground floor. She sees the drow making their way towards the entrace and races out the door while yelling at her companions to run. The group manages to outrun the drow to the spelljammer ship and escape the web holding the temple.

Concerning the Crescent Blade, they decide to drop the blade off with the Knaves of the Missing Page in Evereska in 1477. The group then travels back to the Abyssal portal and heads back to the Prime.

The group’s next destination is Baulder’s Gate in 1369. There is a Time Tear buried at the base of a tree in the Garden District near the Golden Bucket.

Session 31
Traversing the Webs

First, the group decides to take a long rest inside the crystal spire to regain their strength. Many hours later, the group exits the spire and finds that the webs ahead of them towards the Tower are covered in creatures that Cage points out. Upon closer inspection, it is determined that they are driders working on maintaining the webs.

The group travels the webs towards their destination, taking only a little caution in staying out of the drider’s way. After four hours, a trio of driders spot the group and heads in their direction.

Driders attack the group once they get within bow range, two to the right and one to the left from 100 feet away with longbows.

Round 1
Driders shoot arrows at Cage, Kalenthor, and the Shield Guardian. Floki charges towards the one on the left. Ruby fires at one on the right and misses. Kalenthor fireball on D2 (40) and D3 (40). Jord moves towards D2. Shield Guardian holds. Laren sacred flame D1 (17). Cage moves towards D3.

Round 2
D1 moves to attack Floki with bite and sword. D2 attacks Jord arrows. D3 attacks Cage arrows. Floki attacks D1 (miss) (36/53). Ruby D2 arrow hides (18/58). Kalenthor fireball D2 (35/93) D3 (17/57). Jord ruby arrow D2 (33/126, dies). Shield Guardian moves to Ruby. Laren sacred flame D1 (saves). Cage moves to D3.

Round 3
D1 sword on Floki. D3 cage bite sword sword. Floki D1 (20/73) (15/88). Ruby hide arrow D1 (miss). Kalenthor acid splash D3 (7/63). Jord D3 (9/72) action surge D3 (7/79). Shield Guardian holds. Laren sacred flame D3 (saves). Cage D3 (10/89) (miss) (19/108).

Round 4
D1 sword floki. D3 Cage sword swqord. Floki D1 (16/104) (19/123, dies). Ruby hide arrow D3 (25/133, dies).

The group takes a short rest and then continues on their journey. Four hours later, they encounter a single drider that runs away upon seeing the group. Another four hours later the group comes across a wreckage of a ship that is roughly 120 feet long with green sails. Within the ship are many dead elves.

The group finds jewerly worth 500gp on board the ship. Kalenthor gets in the helm and after a little experimentation, manages to power on the spelljammer ship.

Four hours later, the arrives at the Temple of Aramondos.


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