Stolen Paradox

Session 30
Demon Hunting

The group makes their way to the entrance to the crystal spire that stands five stories tall. There is no answer to the door and so the group enters cautiously. The bottom floor is furnished with crystal furniture and items, though there is no one to be seen in the single circular room.

At the center of the room is a spiral crystal staircase, which the group heads up. At the 2nd floor, the group can hear talking. As they creep up they see four bearded devils talking to one another about thirty feet from the stairs. The group rushes the devils.

Round 1
Floki reckless rage axe bd1 (11) axe crit bd1 (31/42). BD1 beard floki (miss) glaive floki (8). BD2 beard floki crit (10) BD2 glaive (13). Ruby hide arrow BD1 (miss). Jord sword bd1 (7/49) sword bd1 (9/58). Laren sacred flame bd1 (18/76, dead). BD3 beard jord (miss) glaive jord (miss). Cage hammer bd2 (9) pick bd2 (7/16). Kalenthor magic missile bd2 (11/27). SG fistx2 BD3 (10) (10/20).

Round 2
Floki reckless rage axex2 bd2 (17/33) axe bd2 (17/50). BD2 beard floki (6) BD2 glaive floki (8). BD3 beard jord (miss) glaive jord (miss). BD4 beard jord (miss) glaive jord (8). Ruby hide arrow bd2 (20/70). Jord sword bd3 (11/31). commander strike ruby arrow bd2 (miss). Laren sacred flame bd2 (resist). Cage hammer bd2 (10/80, dead) pick bd3 (11/42). Kalenthor acid splash bd3 bd4 (resist). SG fistx2 bd3 (miss, 8/50).

Round 3
Floki reckless rage axex2 bd3 (20/70) (18/88, dead). BD4 beard floki (6) glaive floki (8). Ruby hide arrow BD4 (27). Jord sword bd4 (10/37) sword bd4 (11/48). Laren sacred flame bd4 (resist). Cage hammer bd4 (15/65) pick crit bd4 (16/81, dead).

The group collects four pouches of 20pp each. They then search the room but find nothing of interest. They then head up to the 3rd flood and find several summoning circles and several dead demons.

At the 4th floor, the group finds a demon chained to a chair and a chained devil torturing him. Ruby is frightened by his appearance.

Round 1
Jord sword cd (10) sword cd (14/24). Floki reckless rage axe cd (13/37) axe cd (9/46). CD chain floki (11) chain floki crit (18). chain1 jord (11) chain2 jord (miss) chain3 cage (miss) chain4 cage (11). Ruby hide arrow (miss). Kalenthor acid splash chain1 (10) chain2 (10). SG chain1 (10) chain1 (6/16). Cage grapple (7) escape. Laren mass heal (10).

Round 2
Jord grapple (7). Jord sword CD (miss) sword cd (miss). Floki grapple (7). reckless rage chain0 (19, broken). reckless rage chain0 (17/27). CD floki (11) chain (11). Ruby hide arrow crit cd (52/98, dead).

The group takes a short rest. Ruby searches teh room and finds a diamond as big as her fist (1,000gp)

The group then heads up to the 5th Floor where they find the Bone Devil Kre’ishtal.

Round 1
Kre’ishtal polearm jord (17) sting ruby (13+17 poison and poisoned). Kalenthor snake staff bd constrict (6, restrained DC 16). SG fist BD (miss) fist (5/11). Floki reckless rage axe bd (18/29) axe (15/44). Ruby arrow (miss) hide. Cage lay on hands remove poison Ruby. Jord escape (success). Laren heal Ruby (23).

Round 2
Kre’ishtal polearm cage (17, grappled). sting cage (56/63). Kalenthor magic missile bd (11/55). snake constrict bd (miss) SG fist BD (5/60) fist bd (5/65). Floki ax bd (19/84) axe (18/102). Ruby arrow+1 bd (29/131) hide. Cage lay on hands cage (30). Jord commander strike ruby arrow+1 bd (27/158) sword bd (9/167).

Upon completing the task, the Nalfeshnee informs the group that they must travel twenty webs towards the air of blue lightning. There the will find the nautilus. He also warns them that it crashed next to the Temple of Aramondos, the original ruler of the 66th layer of the Abyss and its creator.

The group and the demon part on mutual terms.

Session 29
Kelrathgalzra's Lair

Having been noticed by the black dragon, Ruby screams and begins running within the Blackwater Cave. She uses the ruins of the ancient dwarven town to keep out of the dragon’s breath weapon. She moves first, making a mad dash towards the exit and then slides into a hiding spot near a partial standing building. The dragon roars at its escaping prey and then starts running in the direction of the exit. At the mouth of the cave, Jord manages to hear the faint roar of the dragon and alerts the group that begins running into the cave.

Ruby pulls out a couple of mechanical ducks and winds them up. She sets them down next to some rubble to make some noise before sneaking off towards the exit. The dragon hears the ducks and jumps up on to a building and breaths acid on the ducks. Ruby continues sneaking towards the exit and makes it to the mouth, but there is no more cover. The dragon turns around and spots her. It takes flight and speeds towards her.

Just as the dragon reaches Ruby as she reaches the top of the stairs, the rest of her group arrives at the top of the stairs.

Round 1
Floki reckless rage axe dragon (15) axe (16/31). Jord sword dragon (miss) sword goading attack dragon (10/41, fail save). Ruby hides arrow+1 dragon (22/63). Dragon claw/claw/bite jord (miss, 15, 15+5 acid). Laren heals Jord (13). Kalenthor web dragon. Shield guardian hold. Cage hammer dragon (14/77) pick dragon (miss) hammer dragon crit divine smite 2nd level (42/112).

Round 2
Floki reckless rage axe dragon (18/130) axe dragon (14/144). Jord sword goading attack dragon (16/160, saved) sword dragon (7/167) action surge sword dragon (miss) sword dragon (14/181). Ruby hide arrow+1 (18/199). Dragon web (save, difficult terrain) acid breath cage (30) jord (60) floki (30). Laren mass heals (8). Kalenthor Otiluke’s resilient sphere (failed save). Shield Guardian hold action. Cage lay on hands jord (35).

Round 3
Floki pushes the sphere down the stairs. Jord second wind and then moves down the stairs. Ruby hides. Dragon cure wounds (16/183). Laren mass cure (15). Kalenthor activates broom and flies over the sphere. Shield guardian holds action. Cage moves down the stairs.

Jord, Shield Guardian, Floki, and Cage move down to the bottom of the stairs and ready to attack. Kalenthor drops his snake on top of the sphere to attack when ready. Dragon cure wounds (30/153).

Round 4
Laren sacred flame (10/163). Kalenthor magic missile dragon (13/176). Snake dragon (miss). Shield guard dragon (miss) (miss). Cage hammer dragon (13/189) pick dragon (7/196) hammer dragon (15/211, dies).

300 Copper
8,000 Silver
2,000 Gold
90 Platinum
10 obsidian worth 10 gp each
wool tapestry worth 250gp
ivory ring set with small gemstones worth 250gp
exotic wood mug with semi-precious stone inlay worth 250gp
Potion of Healing II
Potion of Climbing
Scroll of False Life
Scroll of Disguise Self
Abyssal Portal

Cage is able to read the runes on the portal as they are written in dwarven. He finds that they are the command words for the portal. When the group is ready, Cage activates the portal and the group goes in.

The Demonweb Pits

The group exits the portal and arrives into a cave made of volcanic rock. They make their way out of the cave and see the Demonweb Pits in all of its glory. The group asks Laren what to do next. He communes with his God and determines that they need to find the Darksong Knight Cavatina Xarann upon the giant shell, a nautilus. The group begins traveling looking for the giant nautilus.

The group runs into Nalfeshnee, whom the group asks for directions to the nautilus. The Nalfeshnee asks the group for payment and after a little of talk, the group agrees to slay Kre’ishtal in return for information. The Nalfeshnee points the group to a crystal spire about five webs over from their current location. The group heads in that direction.

Session 28
Shopping in Waterdeep

Shopping in Waterdeep

With the Sarrukh defeated, the Gate that allows the Army of Darkness into Myth Drannor has been stopped. The group divides up the treasure and then sits down with Laren to learn what their next move is.

The next destination is 1379 during the Wrath of Lloth. The goal is to journey into the Demonweb Pits and replace the artifact Crescent Blade that slays Elistraee and replace it with a replica. By doing this, the goddess can survive the encounter and go into hiding. This will then prevent Lloth from obtaining the divine Destruction portfolio. He then suggests that while they are in Myth Drannor, they should find a picture of the Blade and create a replica in 1434 and then take it with them into the past.

The group heads to Waterdeep. At Lalo’s Emporium, there is a black skinned book called the Tome of Black Tears is a picture of the Crescent Blade. Kalenthor heads to the shop and finds the book. Within the tome is a description and picture of the Crescent Blade. With the information, the group goes off to find a blacksmith to create a replica of the blade.

Jord recommends Barbas Steelworks to Kalenthor to make the blade. Barbas says he can make the blade in two weeks and Kalenthor and Jord agrees.

After spending their hard earned money on new gear and the replica Crescent Blade is created, the group prepares to head into the Abyss. First they have to figure out how to get into the Abyss. Doing some more research, Kalenthor finds a portal to the Abyss in the Blackwater Caves south of Waterdeep. Witchking Castle in Vaasa. Under the Grandfather Tree in the High Forest.

The group travels five days south to the Blackwater Cave. Cage then uses the Time Tear to travel the group back 55 years.

1379: Year of the Lost Keep

The mouth of the cave changes little, though now there is a corpse of a giant whale at the entrance that has been partially eaten. The group enters the cave and finds the lair of Brimstone, a young black dragon. It notices Ruby as she attempts to sneak away.

Session 27
Sansis Showdown

Sansis Showdown

The group gathers to decide what to do moving forward. Kalenthor suggests that they inform Miritar of Lord Sansis’ plans to open a demon gate within the city. They go to Tower of Twelve Stars where Cage is elected to go inform the city leadership. The guards at the tower inform the group that no one is currently allowed inside. They tell the guards that Fflar Melruth is being magically enchanted to act against his will. They leave Kalenthor’s name with the guards and then leave.

The group waits in hiding at the obilisk for the next night and for the charmed elves to set the next part of the ritual. The charmed elf this night brings a bag and begins sprinkling a powder-like substances onto the ground. He then drops the bag off at a bench and walks off. The group then goes over to the obilisk and begins cleaning the pillar as well as clean up the components as best as they can. Studying the silver chain, they find a smith’s mark on several links labeled as ES (Evelar Silverdawn).

The next day Lord Sansis is questioned by Miritar, prompting him to use time magic to go back and see what is going on with the obilisk that prompted the elves to look into his activities. There he finds the adventures messing with the rituals. He then uses more time magic to change his actions to bring the rest of his group with him to attack.

Round 1
Lord Sansis casts Temporal Push on Cage (fail, put into temporal pocket). Kalenthor casts Confusion S1, S21, S3 (S1, S2 fail). Floki reckless rage axe S1 (20) axe S1 (16/36). Shield Gurdian readies an action. Laren sacred flame Sansis (saved). S1 takes no action under confusion (saves). S2 takes no action under confusion (fails). S3 floki scimitar bite scimitar (26). S4 Jord scimitar x2 (miss) bite (miss). Jord S4 axe (9) axe (9/18) moves towards floki. Ruby hide arrow sneak Sansis (12) SG (12). Cage temporal push (fails).

Round 2
Lord Sansis casts Battlefield Temporal Explosion. Ruby (saves) Jord (40) Laren (20). Kalenthor fireball Sansis (7/19) SG (39/41) S1 (15/51) S2 (15). Floki recklesss rage axe S1 (20/71) axe (19/90). Shield Guardian readies action heals (10/31). Laren mass healing word (20 healed). S1 floki scimitar (17). S2 Jord scimitar (11) bite (17) confusion (fails). S3 Floki scimitar (11) bite (17). S4 jord scimitar (11) bite (17). Jord pulls shield drinks potion (14). Ruby hide arrow Sansis (8/27) SG (9/40). Cage returns from temporal pocket pick S1 (9/60, dead).

Round 3
Lord Sansis ice storm countered by Kalenthor. Kalenthor uses Serpent Staff. Snake constrict Sansis grappled (6/33) SG (7/47). Floki reckless rage axe S3 (16) axe (16/32). Shield Guardian heals (10/37) fist snake (misses). Laren temporal duplication mass heal (20). S2 runs right jord opportunity attack sword (14/29) confusion (failed). S3 scimitar x2 (28) bite (20). S4 jord
scmiitar (11) bite (17). Jord evasive footwork move to Sansis S4 opportunity failed Sword Sansis (5/38) SG (6/53) action surge sword Sansis (5/43) SG (5/58) sword Sansis (5/48) SG (5/63) bonus action second wind. Ruby hide arrow Sansis (12/60, dies) SG (12/75).

The remaining Sarrukh surrender and one runs away under confusion. Shield Guardian passive mode. Treasure 100pp, 1,000gp, diamonds x5 (1,000gp), temporal spellbook, shield guardian amulet. magical items

The group takes the prisoners and Sansis’ body to the White Lilly Estate. The group questions the group as to what they were doing and the prisoner explains that they were trying to take the mythal in an effort to save their race and rebuild in the future after nearly dying out in the past. Kalenthor opens a portal to the Shaar and the prisoners flee.

Session 26
Pissing on the Past

The group decides to travel back in time to just before the demon invasion of Myth Drannor. Their hope is to try and stop the ritual that opens the planar gate over the city. Upon arriving several weeks back, they find the city as it was before the invasion. The elves, they find, are in the middle of preparing for a festival.

Traveling to the obilisk that they believe is the focal point for the planar gate, Kalenthor discovers that it is in fact a true mythal and is beyond their ability to destroy to prevent the gate from being formed. They instead decide to investigate the city to try and find clues on who might be planning to open the portal.

From their investigation, they are able to determine that the festival is to celebrate the rebirth of Fflar Melruth. There was also a recent new person seen in the city that sticks out. A representative from Dambrath seeking to establish trade. A reptilian named Sansis of the Amtar Dominion. Usually found at the White Lilly Estate.

Ruby goes to case the Estate to determine what sort of information can be found. Using her duck business as her cover, Ruby goes to the Estate. She is met by the personal assistance (student) Sslar. They are invited into the estate and meet Lord Sansis of the Nine Hills, High Scale of Xinila, and Diplomat to the High Queen Xisala the Sixth, ruler of the Amtar Dominion.

From the perception, Ruby is able to determine that Sansis is most likely a spellcaster. There was a shield guardian that you catch in the reflection of a mirror. There are four other reptilians in the building. The group then leaves and discusses what to do.

The group will break into two groups. One will watch the obilisk and the other will watch the Estate. Watching the mythal, the group notices an elven man (different one each time) show up and wrap a piece of silver chain around the base. The next day, they place incense. The third night a gem is placed at each corner. Tracking the elves leads the group to a residence in different parts of the city. The elves shake off what appears to be some sort of mental compulsion.

At the estate, notice Fflar arrives alone in the middle of the fourth night and speaks with Sansis for awhile before casting a spell. Ruby sneaks up to listen in and hears the conversation, but it is in elven and she is not able to understand.

Session 25

The group arrives at the Tower of Twelve Stars. There are eight demons fighting the elves, six trying to bust in the door, and six trying to scale the tower wall. The group attacks the ones fighting the elves.

Round 1
Jord sword dretch1 (13). Jord sword dretch1 (15/28 dead). Kalenthor acid splash dretch2 (11) dretch2 (11). Ruby hides arrow dretch2 (16/dead). Floki axe reckless rage axe dretch4 (12) axe dretch4 (12/24 dead). Cage dretch2 pick (8/19 dead). Laren sacred flame dretch (save).

Round 2
Dretch misses Jord. Dretch misses Floki. Dretch misses Cage. Jord sword dretch5 (8) sword dretch5 (11/19 dead). Kalenthor acid splash climbing dretchc1 (7) dretchc1 (7). Ruby hide arrow dretchc1 (22/33 dead). Floki recklass rage axe dretch6 (11) axe dretch6 (12/23 dead). Cage dretch7 pick (19 dead). Laren sacred flame dretch8 (18 dead).

Round 3
The remaining dretch run for their lives, but then a glabrezu arrives. Jord sword glabrezu (8) sword (miss). Kalenthor acid splash (8/16). glabrezu casts power word stun on Jord Kalenthor counters. Ruby hide arrow glabrezu (10/26). Floki reckless rage axe glabrezu (13/39) axe crit glabrezu (39/78). Cage pick glabrezu crit divine smite2 (5+34/112) pick glabrezu divine smite1 (5+14/131). Laren sacred flame glabrezu (13/144).

Round 4
Jord sword glabrezu (7/151) sword glabrezu (8/159). Kalenthor acid splash (11/162). glabrezu cast confusion kalenthor counters. glabrezu pincer cage (16 grapple) glabrezu pincer floki (8 grapple). Ruby hide arrow glabrezu (miss). Floki reckless rage axe glabrezu (miss) axe glabrezu (20/182). Cage pick glabrezu divine smite1 (3+10/195) pick glabrezu (5/200). Laren heals Cage (17).

Round 5
Jord sword glabrezu (10/210) sword glabrezu (miss). Kalenthor acid splash glabrezu (4/214). glabrezu cage punch pincer (16+10) glabrezu floki punch pincer (5+8). Ruby hide arrow glabrezu (12/226 dead).

The glabrezu dies and the group quick makes their way into the Tower of Twelve Stars. They meet Ilsevele Miritar who thanks the group for helping and explains that the demons arrived via a portal that opened up over the city four days ago. Kalenthor figures out that the best way to save the city is to go back to just before the portal opens to stop the person from opening the portal to begin with. In the meantime, they ask Ilsevele Miritar how they can help and she says that they need help containing the threat and making sure the civilians are able to escape.

Session 24
The Wrong Timeline

The group decides to teleport to Myth Drannor first in hopes of getting the Time Tear without having to travel back in time. They arrive in a pond in a park on the southeast edge of the city. The first thing the group notices that there are no people around. Laren leads the group to the Aradahl residence where they find four skeletal bodies of elves. Kalenthor investigates and determines that the bodies were killed by claws and fire. Ruby further investigates, finds a few valuables, and then they check the closet to find that the Time Tear is missing, but there is a mummified reptilian hand instead.

Kalenthor thinks the hand is similiar to the hand of Xamara in Calimport. When shown to Laren, Kalenthor asks if there are any chronomancer reptiles. Laren says that the only reptilian species capable of it were the Sarraukh, but they were a Creator Race and have long since fallen from power before the rise of the elves.

The group thinks that maybe someone is messing with time and decide to go into Myth Drannor proper. They head deeper in to look for clues as to what happen and by who. Jord goes through the destroyed churches and finds 4 greater healing potions and 2 superior healing potion and 1 potion of heroism.

The group finds the bodies of eleves along with orcs, goblins, gnolls, and various demons. The group determines that the event is very similiar to the Army of Darkness that sacked the city in 714. Not wanting to stick around any longer, the group decides to travel back in time to 1434.

1434 DR
Year of the Silent Crickets
Myth Drannor

When the group arrives in Myth Drannor, they find a city currently under seige. It is raining while lightning strikes the city and explosions sound off at the city proper. The group heads to house and find an elven male slay a gnoll before running. The group goes to the house and convinces the elves to leave immediately. Kalenthor then opens portal to Evereska at the pond and ushers 28 elves to the elven city.

Cage uses Divine Sense to feel what is around and can feel a demon heading in their direction. Ruby, meanwhile, checks the closet and finds the Time Tear. Then a flame covered Hezrou demon comes charging upon the house.

Round 1
Jord sword trip hezrou (miss) sword trip hezrou (11 saved trip). Hezrou bite Jord (miss) claw jord (miss) claw jord (11+5fire). Floki reckless rage axe hezrou (18/29) axe hezrou (12/41). Ruby hide arrow hezrou (miss). Kalenthor magic missile hezrou (12/53). Laren heals Jord (8). Cage pick hezrou divine smite level 2 (30/83) pick hezrou divine smite level 1 (25/108).

Round 2)
Jord dex saved vs fire (10). Jord goading attack sword hezrou (9/117 wis saved). Jord sword hezrou (15/132). Jord Action Surge goading attack sword hezrou (21/153) Jord sword hezrou (9/164). Hezrou bite Jord (miss) claw jord (11+10 fire) claw jord (11+5 fire). Floki reckless rage axe hezrou (18/182) reckless rage axe hezrou (11/193). Ruby hide arrow hezrou (21/dead).

The group decides to try and find the elven leadership to try and help as they need to find out how to fix the problem. Ruby leads the group through the battlefield towards the Tower of Twelve Stars. At the entrance of the tower is a demon battle group fighting a group of elves.

Session 23
The Walnut Caper

Ruby and Cage prepare to take the sewer access into the Palace. Kalenthor, Laren, Floki, and Jord will be attending the ball to keep an eye on the Pasha and the security guards. Kalenthor buys an expensive gift of a silk light blue shaw with gold embroidery.

Meanwhile Ruby and Cage enter into the sewers to investigate and find the best path to the vault. Ruby is able to navigate the sewers and find the most likely location of the vault. She then finds a entrance into the palace. While sneaking around the palace, she is able to find entry into the vault guarded by two guards.

The night of the ball the group is able to enter into the Palace without problem. The Palace is finely decorated and everyone in attendance is dressed for a great night. Meanwhile, Ruby and Cage enter through the sewers with Cage under Invisibility. They reach the bathhouse entrance and go into the palace. They then sneak up to the guards at the vault hallway where Cage attacks.

Surprise Attack
Cage advantage pick guard1 (22, unconciousness) second pick guard2 (25, unconciousness).

Meanwhile, Jord and Laren notices a snakeman of purple scales and gold jewerly. The crowd seems to either completely accept its presence or doesn’t even notice it is there. Jord tells Kalenthor who is surprised to see such a creature. Kalenthor introduces himself to the snakeman and makes small talk.

Ruby moves over to the vault door and begins picking the lock, but her pick breaks on the lock. She pulls out her finer set of picks and tries again. The pick almost breaks again, but she recovers and finishes picking the lock. A click sounds off and the gears on the door grind as the door begins to open.

Kalenthor, while walking back to the group, sees the two guards at the outer hallway look back as if they heard the door. The mage then looks to Floki who is eyeballing a plate of meat and flicks his ear.

Floki whirls around on a guy behind him and immediate punches him in the face. The guards around the room immediately move in to stop Floki which turns into a full brawl.

Ruby and Cage move into the now open vault. Ruby looks for traps and finds two at the entrance. She disables the first trap and then moves onto the second one, where she disarms it as well. Looking over the main vault, Cage is able to find the two Time Tears on a shelf. Ruby makes her way over and finds a trap on the case holding the tears. Ruby attempts to disarm the trap. She fails and explodes in fire.

Cage goes back in time a round and tells Ruby to be more careful. This time she is able to disarm the trap. She collects the Time Tears, replaces them with walnuts and hands the real things off to Cage. They then leave via the sewer.

Floki is forcibly removed from the Palace and put in jail. Kalenthor then later goes by and posts bail to get him out. The group then gathers together to the Glistening Harem to wash up and prepare to leave. While relaxing, Laren tells the group that their next destination will be Myth Drannor in 1433.

Session 22
Calimport Nights

The group enters the city and for the first order of business, they obtain local clothing to try and fit in. Then they head out to the Copper Ante and find that it is a halfling establishment. Floki, Kalenthor, and Jord head out to a nearby Inn called the Spitting Camel to wait while the Cage and Ruby head into the hall.

Ruby and Cage go to the Copper Ante with the hopes of talking to Dwahvel Tiggerwillies. They find a gambling hall filling with halflings, gnomes, and dwarves happily gambling away. The two play cards for a bit and learn that Tiggerwillies is at the main bar.

The two head over to the bar and speak with Dwahvel and ask about how to obtain an audience with Pasha Rooska. When asked how they came to her, Cage explains that a purple man pointed him to her. Dwahvel calls the genasi Ash Rookspear and says that Rookspear is the Pasha’s enforcer. The halfling then asks why the two want to speak with the Pasha, but they refuse to say why. Dwahvel then says that if the group wants to speak with someone about their business, she would need to know what the business is.

Cage and Ruby discuss for moment what to do and when Dwahvel returns, Ruby spins a story about looking to sell a harem to the Pasha. Dwahvel points the group to Cynda who runs the Glistening Harem on Avenue Paradiso.

The group gets back together at the Spitting Camel and explain the plan to Floki, Jord, and Kalenthor. The others agree (while also stoned off a hooka) while everyone but Ruby heads out to speak with Cynda. Ruby, meanwhile, is heading out to the Pasha’s Palace to scout the building.

The Glistening Harem is a large very nicestone bath house. Within are lots of important and rich people that are having their every whims taken care of.

Cage gathers information about what is going on in the city and learns about a Grand Masquerade Ball being held at the Pasha’s Palace to celebrate the marriage of his daughter Naghmeh to a local noble named Travol Frinkle. In two ten days there will be a Gladitorial Event to celebrate the Fourth Age of Calimshan and the Night Wars when drow invaded the city in -691 and slew the Caleph, signalling the end of the Vihad dynasty.

Ruby meanwhile, scopes out the Pasha’s Palace. She is looking for ways in, patterns of delivers and how people get in. She ultimately finds a sewer entrance at the edge of the compound. There is also a regular delivery of wine to the estate every three days that is usually three wagons large. She also studies the servant shifts and when the rotate in and out of the palace. Ruby then goes to the Glistening Harem and joins the rest of the group in the bath house.

The group decides to forge a copy of the invitation to the Masquerade Ball. Ruby manages to convince an aristocrat woman to tell her all about the invitation so create a credible forgery. Kalenthor sits down over the next couple of days to create the forged invitation. The group then gets ready of the next four days for the Ball. Ruby and Jord spend two of those nights “fixing” the grate to the sewer entrance so Ruby can use it the night of the Ball.

Session 21
Temporal Assassin

The group camps out at the base of the Wyrmbones Mountain for two days. One the night of the first day, a temporal assassin attack the group.

Surprise Round. Temporal Assassin sword sneak temporal distortion Jord (19+24) second sword temporal distortion (6+12). Kalenthor fireball TA (13). Jord second wind (11) sword TA (14/27) second sword (10/37). Jord action surge sword TA (miss) second sword (11/48).

Round 1. TA short sword temporal distortion JOrd (6+12) second sword (miss). Ruby hide arrow TA sneak (14/62). Kalenthor thunderwave TA (pushed 10ft, 20/82). Cage pick smite 2nd lvl TA (24/106) second pick TA (miss). Floki recklass rage axe TA (10/116) second axe (9/125). Jord sword TA (miss), commander strike ruby sneak arrow TA (24/149). Laren heals Jord (20).

Round 2. TA sword temporal distortion Floki (6+12) sword crit temporal distortion Floki (35+12). Ruby hide sneak attack TA (16/175).

Laren explains that the creature was a temporal assassin and how they came after the group for changing time.

After the Time Tear and Portal Key are recharged, the group must head out to Calimshan. There are two Time Tears located in the Pasha’s Estate.

1466, Calimport
Pasha Rooska

The group arrives at an oasis just outside the city. They walk to the city, reaching the outer wall market place, and Ruby decides to pickpocket while they head through. Ruby slight of hand (11). She tries to pick pocket a genasi. The bag, however, is holding a baby pet monkey which cries out. Ruby tries to convince the genasi that he dropped it, but there is a language barrier. The genasi tries to call the guards, but Ruby slips away before the guards can arrive.

Before leaving, Cage asks the genasi where the group could find Pasha Rooska. The genasi says to go to the Copper Ante and talk to Dwahvel Tiggerwillies.


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