Stolen Paradox

Session 20

Session 20

Laren gets the group together and informs the group that the next Time Tear is located at Wyrmbones, hidden underneath an ancient statue carving of Tiamat at the base of the mountain. The group scrys a few locations with the portal key, finding Highmoon via Dragon Blood and an unknown city via Blood Dragon. On their third try using Dragon Crown, they find Wyrmbones. The group travels back in time to continue their quest.

1473 DR
Wyrmbones Mountain

The group arrives in the middle of a murky pond in the middle of the Dead Vale. They then head out to find the dragon statue of Tiamat. The group goes to the statue and investigate to find bones at the back right foot where the Time Tear is supposed to be hidden. Ruby determines that the body was eaten by a creature and she also finds a dragon-like scale. Floki says the scale is a wyvern scale. The group figures out that a wyvern ate the man who was trying to steal the Time Tear. The group decides to climb the mountain to try and find the wyvern nest.

After climbing the mountain, the group finds a cave half way up. They find a bunch of bones within and at the back find a nest of four baby wyverns. Ruby goes to try and steal the Time Tear from the nest while Kalenthor sends his huge constrictor snake from his Snake Staff. The snake eats the babies while Ruby steals the Time Tear.

The group then climbs down to the bottom of the mesa. The mother wyvern then attacks.

Jord Hand Axe thrown (7) second thrown (11/18). Wyvern swoops down, bites and claws Jord (misses) and then goes back into the air. Kalenthor readies to cast a spell. Cage readies an action to channel divinity. Laren Sacred Flame Wyvern (saves). Floki javelin wyvern (8/26). Ruby hides arrow wyvern (20/46).

Jord readies an action to combat superiority. Wyvern swoops down on ruby. Kalenthor casts web on wyvern. Wyvern fails to break free and falls to the ground. Cage nature’s wrath on wyvern (saves). Kalenthor misty step out of the web arrow acid splash wyvern (7/53). Jord commander strike ruby arrow (22/75). Cage web spell (fails) strength check (fails). Laren web spell (fails) sacred flame wyvern (17/92). Floki web spell (saves) rage axe wyvern (12/104) rage axe wyvern (12/116). Ruby web spell (saves) hide arrow wyvern (misses).

Jord web spell (fails) sword wyvern (12/128) commander’s strike ruby arrow wyvern (27/155). Wyvern bite jord (11) stinger crit (16) and (12 poison). Kalenthor bow wyvern (11/166). Cage web spell (saves). Laren heals Jord (11). Floki axe wyvern (36/199).

Session 19
The Stonelight Cave

The group makes their surprise attack on the drow/shadovar meeting.

Jord sword matron mother (miss) second sword distracting strike (15) action surge sword matron mother (miss). Floki reckless rage axe drow priestess (16) second axe (17/33). Kalenthor magic missile matron mother (13/28). Cage pick matron mother divine smite (25/53) second pick divine smite matron mother (17/70). Ruby arrow matron mother (miss) Laren sacred flame matron mother (fail). Jord sword crit matron mother (20/90).

Jord sword drow priestess (13/26) second sword drow priestess (9/35). Floki recklass rage drow priestess crit (25/60) second axe drow priestess (11/71). Kalenthor acid splash on drow priestess (miss) and shade mage (6). Cage pick drow priestess (6/77). Ruby arrow drow priestess (16/93). Drow Priestess summons Yochol. Drow warrior attacks Floki (8) and (8). Laren cure wounds Floki (11). Shade mage schorching ray Jord (10 & 10) Florki (10 & 10) Cage (miss miss).

Jord commander strike floki reckless rage axe drow priestess (16/109) Jord sword shade mage (miss). Yochol jord (miss & miss) floki (8, 13, grappled). Floki reckless rage axe yochol (19) second axe (14/33). Kalenthor chill touch shade mage (15). Cage pick shade mage divine smite (18/51) second pick (12/63). Ruby arrow crit (42/105). Drow warrior sword jord (17 second sword jord (17). Laren mass cure wounds (11).

Jord sword warrior (miss) second commander strike ruby arrow warrior (24). Yochol floki four attack (8, 8, 5, 5). Floki reckless rage yochol (17/50) second axe (14/64). Kalenthor chill touch warrior (9/33). Cage turn yochol (fail). Ruby arrow warrior (11/44). Warrior sword (miss) second sword (17). Laren mass cure wounds (18).

Jord sword warrior (14/58) commander strike ruby arrow warrior (17/75). Yochol floki four attacks (8,8,5,5). Floki reckless rage axe yochol (19/83) second axe (15/98). Kalenthor chill touch warrior (11/55). Cage pick yochol divine smite (25/123). Ruby arrow yochol crit (31/154). Warrior sword jord (miss) second sword (miss). Laren mass cure wounds (12).

Jord sword yochol (11/165) second sword warrior (14/69). Floki reckless rage warrior axe (18/87) second axe (10/97).

100pp, rubies 5 (200gp/each), Lloth symbol gold x2 (200gp), oil of sharpness, potion of greater healing

lst level: mage armor, magic missile, shield, witch bolt
2nd level: alter self, misty step, web
3rd level: fly, lightning bolt
4th level: Evard’s black tentacles, greater invisibility
5th level: cloudkil1

The group returns to Evereska where they are able to restock. Laren tells the group that the Time Tear is located at a statue within the temple of Corellon. It is cleverly hidden as a gemstone on a statue in plain sight. The group is able to obtain the gem as Ruby sneaks in and steals it.

Session 18
Chimera Antics

The group leaves Evereska and heads north to the Stonelight Cavern. During their journey at the end of the second day, they are hunted by a Chimera.

Jord delays. Floki javelin chimera (13/13) second miss. Cage javelin chimera (6/19) second miss. Ruby arrow chimera (miss). Kalenthor web. Chimera dex 19 for web. Chimera lands fire floki (15), Jord (31), Cage (15), horn Floki (miss), Claws Cage (miss). Jord axe chimera (10/29) axe chimera (12/41). Laren heals Jord (18/13).

Floki reckless rage axe chimera (18/59) axe (12/71). Cage pick divine smite chimera (16/87) pick chimera (8/95). Ruby fails hide arrow chimera (miss). Kalenthor bow chimera (8/103). Chimera fire Floki (15), Jord (15/28), Cage (15), horn Floki (miss), Claw Cage (11). Jord axe (8/111) axe (8/119). Laren mass heal (15).

Floki reckless rage axe chimera (16/135) axe chimera (15/150). Cage pick divine smite chimera (23/173, dies).

The group rests for the night and then continues in the morning. On the fourth day, the group finally reaches the cave entrance which is guarded by a cyclops and a drow warrior.

Ruby hides arrow cyclops (miss). Jord sword (14) second sword(10/24). Cage pick drow divine smite (20, dies). Laren sacred flame (12/34). Kalenthor snake staff summon. Floki recklass rage axe cyclops (10/44) second axe (13/57).

Ruby hides arrow cyclops (miss). Jord sword cyclop (miss) commander strike ruby arrow (18/76). Cage pick cyclops divine smite lv2 (36/112) 2nd pick (10/122). Laren (9/131). Snake cyclops (21/152). Kalenthor bow cyclops (6/158). Floki rage axe cyclops (17/175) 2nd axe cyclops (11/186). Cyclops failed to break grapple.

Ruby hides arrow cyclops (19/206, dies).

Ruby scouts the cave and finds the three drow and the shadovar. The group attempts to stealth, but the drow hear them. Cage jumps back in time an hour and the group tries again, successfully this time.

Session 17
Garamond the Wicked

The group heads right to the right is a pool of water with pedastal. The water is two gelantinous cubes. Ruby hit by pseudopod while Floki ducks. The cubes then rise out of the water.

Jord sword gc1 (10) second sword gc1 (10/20). Floki rage recklass axe gc1 (13/33) second axe gc1 (14/47). Kalenthor bow (miss). Cage gc2 pick (10) second pick (8/18). Laren delay. Ruby bow sneak gc1 (19/66). GC1 fails to engulf Jord, missing attack. GC2 fails to engulf Cage, missing attack.

Jord sword gc1 (11/77) comamnder strike floki axe gc1 (21/98). Floki rage reckless axe gc1 (18/116) second axe (9/125). Kalenthor bow gc2 (4/22). Cage pick gc2 (9/31) second pick (13/44). Laren delay. Ruby bow (misses). GC2 engulfs Cage fails Floki. pseudopod floki (10).

Jord sword gc2 (12/56) second sword gc2 (14/70). Florki rage recklass axe gc2 (19/89) second axe (19/108). Kalenthor bow (8/116). Cage divine smite pick (20/136).

Group collects 3 sapphires (200gp/each)

The group makes their way deeper into the caves. The tunnel winds downward past sparkling crystals in the rock face. The tunnel opens up to another cave that has been converted into a wizard’s study with a table covered in parchments and tomes. There is a summoning circle at the center made out of silver. There is a man in plate armor of red and gold who is finishing putting on his armor. Next to him is a middle aged man in red robes and a shaved head with tattoos.

Cage divine smite pick mage (miss) second pick (20). Garamond fireball (37). Laren heals Ruby (16). Red Knight sword cage hit and miss (10). Jord sword garamond miss sword miss garamond (shield). Floki rage recklass axe garamond (15/35) second axe misses. Ruby bow garamond (misses). Kalenthor slow knight fails (-2 ac, one melee) garamond saves.

Cage pick garamond misses, pick divine smite garamond (17/42). Garamond cone of cold (38). Knight (19). Laren does a mass cure wounds (21). Red Knight sword cage (10) saves against slow. Jord sword garamond (misses, shield), second attack misses. Floki rage reckless garamond (19/61). Ruby hides bow knight (24/43). Kalenthor acid splash (5/48).

Cage pick knight misses, pick misses. Laren mass healing word (9). Red knight sword cage misses misses. Jord sword knight (20/68).

The group collects 20pp, 2 pearls (100gp/each), 5 diamonds (100gp/each), spell book, tablet.

The group rests and then makes their way back to Evereska and the Tower of Dreams. They meet with Erevan and hand over the Kaliesh’eral tablet. He turns over a map that shows how to reach the Stonelight Cavern.

Session 16
The Shimmering Caves

The group rests for the night and then heads out to the mountains after Garamond. The group travels three days to the location, which is a cave guarded by gnolls (Gnoll Fang, Gnoll Pack Lord, four gnolls).

Floki finds the cave while hunting for drow. The gnolls notice Floki and attack.

Floki rages axe gnoll 1 (15/15) second axe gnoll 1 (11/26, dead). Gnoll PL incite rage gnoll attack misses. Gnoll PL glaive misses, hits (8 halved). Kalenthor casts slow (all but gnoll 3 fail). Laren sacred flame (gnoll saved). Jord sword gnoll 3 (12/12) commander strike ruby arrow (20/32, dead). Gnoll Fang misses Jord failed save. Cage smite pick gnoll fang (22/22) second pick (10/32). Ruby hides arrow Gnoll PL (39/39). Gnolls miss Floki and Jord gnoll 2 saves, gnoll 4 fails.

Floki axe gnoll 2 (13/13) second axe misses. Gnoll PL glaive cage misses save vs slow. Kalenthor casts acid splash gnoll 2 (9/22, dead) gnoll 4 (9/9). Laren sacred flame Gnoll fang (9/31). Jord sword gnoll fang (14/45) second sword (8/53). Gnoll Fang claw Jord misses fails save. Cage smite pick (26/79, dead) second gnoll PL misses. Ruby hides arrow gnoll pl (17/56, dead). Gnoll disengages and runs away fails save.

Floki axe gnoll 4 (17/26) second axe (18/44, dead).

The group meet Floki as he comes down from his rage. He is hunting drow and the group agrees to help him help them with the save as they hunt Garamond.

The group makes there way into the cave which is a single tunnel down 40 feet that opens up to a carven roughly 50feet in diameter. There are sleeping bags, a firepit and bits of gear about the ground. There is a passage to the left and right. Next to the firepit is a human dressed in studded leather, shield and a spear. He is covered in scars and has straps of cloth across his head and arms with symbols marking him as a gladiator of Calimshan.

The group intimidates the Gladiator into leaving and not fighting. The gladiator does leave, though Ruby picks his pocket on the way out.

To the left is a tunnel that goes down thirty feet to a barracade. Ruby invesitgates. She navigates through the barracade and goes into the 25 foot cavern and finds the Umber Hulk. It notices her and attacks. After confusing her mind with its eyes, the umber hulk charges and kills Ruby.

Cage uses the Time Tear to go back an hour and tells the group not to go left. Jord tries to explain time travel to Floki, but the barbarian has a hard time understanding.

The group heads right to the right is a pool of water with pedastal. The water is two gelantinous cubes. Ruby hit by pseudopod while Floki ducks. The cubes then rise out of the water.

Session 15
The Kaliesha'eral

The group uses the Time Tear to travel back in time to 10 Kythorn, 1477. They then use the finger portal to travel to Evereska. They then take the Hidden Path to the Sunset Gate. Upon the path they meet Selahene, knight of the seven sacred mysteries. The group heads to the Unicorn and Crescent, headed by an elf named Philaminthis.

Four elves pass (Knaves of the Missing Page) and leave a note at the group’s table that says “Cloudcrown Hill, Sunset”. They are rogue arcanists who wish to steal information from Garamond, a wizard who stole old elven high magic (Kaliesh’eral) after pretending to be a Harper and friend of the elves. Erevan is the leader and wants to hire the group because he has heard of the Nilo legend from Silverymoon and the old Elven Wars. The gropu agrees and in return, Erevan will obtain directions on how to reach the Stonelight Cavern.

The group rests for the night and then heads out to the mountains after Garamond. The group travels three days to the location, which is a cave guarded by gnolls (Gnoll Fang, Gnoll Pack Lord, four gnolls)

Session 14
Slaying Rogar

Group sneaks in and sets up a surprise attack on Rogar.

Ruby sneaks with rapier (21/21). Kalenthor casts light. Talthar casts guiding bolt (15/36). Maxim sword (8/44). warpriest sword (6/50). Jord takes Rogar’s axe (12/62). Rogar grabs spear on Jord (13 and 13). Cage pick on Rogar (20/82).

Kalenthor bow (11/93). Ruby rapier Rogar (18/111). Talthar casts hold person succeeds. Maxim sword (14/125). Warpriest sword misses. Jord axe (16/141). Rogar fails hold person save. Cage smite (23/164). Rogar dies.

Women run to the back of the room, but Ruby convinces them to leave with them. The group loots the room and then sneaks out with the women. The group then heads out of Krast’amar.

The group makes the three day journey back to Tilverton. The slaves are free to go. Maxim reports back to the leader of the town that Rogar is dead, but there is still an army out there. They agree to begin fortifying the town to hold off an attack. The rest of the group says their good byes and prepares for the greater journey that lies ahead.

Talthar is taken to his “father” so Ruby can pay down some of her debt. Afterwards, Talthar joins the rest of the group and reveals the rest of the information about his grand quest and also who he really is: Laren Veranthis. He tells the group that Lloth must be stopped before she destroys the world. To do so, the group must travel back in time to strip away her divine portfolio a little bit at a time until she is weak enough for Kurstan to defeat her.

The first stop in time to defeat Lloth is two years ago where they must stop the initial alliance between the Drow and the Shadovar near Evereska. Also, there is another Time Tear located in the elven city.

The Drow house is Ussketh under Matron Mother Janear is heading the goal to align with the Shadovar. Janear’s daughter Priestess Zimia and her the weaponmaster Wosker are to meet with Lord Eskillian at the Stonelight cavern within the Graypeak Mountains. Meeting is in 1477, 1 Flamerule.

Session 13
Infiltrating Krast'amar

The group rests and then decides to head to the Krast’amar portal room using the finger bone portal key. As they appear, the find a contingent of guards at the portal room consisting of 6 orcs and 4 drow.

Jord bull rushes the table and flips it over. The six orcs are forced to scramble for their weapons. Two drow shoot crossbows at Jord but miss. Two drow short swords both misses. Cage enters and pick on orc 1 (10). Kalenthor acid splash Orc 2 & 3 (2). Talthar sacred flame on drow misses. Ruby hides then arrow on orc 1 (12, dead). Maxim sword orc 2 (10/12) then extra attack (4/16, dead).

Jord gives Ruby attack with arrow on drow 1 (13, dead). Drow 2 crossbows miss Kalenthor and Maxim. Drow short sword miss Jord. Orc 3&4 miss Cage. Orc 5&6 miss jord with help from Cage. Cage orc 3 miss. Kalenthor acid splash orc 5&6 (4). Talthar sacred flame drow xbox1 (11). Ruby hide arrow misses. Maxim orc 3 (7/9).

Jord misses orc 5. Drow xbow on kalenthor and talthar miss. drow sword jord misses. Orc crit cage (15). orc 5&6 miss Jord. Cage pick orc 3 (6/15, dead). Kalenthor orc 6 acid (6). Talthar heals Cage (20). Ruby hide arrow drow xbow1 (16/27, dead). Maxim orc 4 miss.

Jord sword drow sword (6) action surge (12, dead). Drow xbow misses jord. Orc 5 hits jord (8). Orc cage misses. Cage orc 4 (6). Kalenthor 5&6 acid splash (6, 6 dies). Talthar sacred flame drow (16, dead). Ruby hide arrow orc 4 (12/18, dead). Maxim orc 5 (9, dead).

Find 64 gold pieces. Ruby scouts the area to find no other guards in the area. Kalenthor casts a ritual of Locate Object. The group stealthly makes their way through the city quietly until they reach the garrison. Within the garrison are a company of sleeping orcs. Ruby tries to scout across the room quietly looking for Rogar. She eventually finds him in the back corner of the room in a walled off area sleeping along with six woman in barely any clothing chained to the foot of the bed.

Ruby attempts to unchain the women stealthy and fails. Rogar wakes up and Ruby pretends to be a sleeping slave and he goes back to sleep. She then tries again and frees the slaves. Ruby then attempts to kill Rogar in his sleep and hits with her rapier (27). She then attempts to stab him again (12/39). Rogar grabs his axe and then swings misses, second swing (14).

Ruby hides rapier crit (21/60). Maxim casts bless on Jord, Cage, Maxim. Kalenthor argues for Cage to use Time Tear. Jord sighs and goes into the garrison towards the backroom. Cage uses the Time Tear to go back 1 hour (3 charges).

Cage tells the grop that the first attempt failed. They then discuss ways to succeed.

Session 12
The Beast

Upon arriving at the moonwell, the group brought their horses to a halt as their gazes came upon the shadow beast that had followed them to the Moonshae Isles. It stood nearly nine feet tall with skin and patchwork fur so black it seemed to meld together into a single massive shadow-like form. In the immediate area of The Beast were four rangers with bows trying desperately to put the creature down and having little success. Assisting them was a pack of four large silver grey wolves working as a group using hit and fade tactics against The Beast.

Jord was first into the fight with his sword. Though his strike failed to split the leathery flesh of the Beast, it was enough to draw its attention to allow the scouts to let loose a volley of arrows that strike true. Maxim followed up next with an evocation of Sacred Flame. The radiant flames scorched the flesh dramatically of The Beast, drawing its ire. The Beast then reacted with a full exhale of a shadow misasma that encompassed the four scouts. The human’s skin and bodies instantly began converting into that of Shadovar servants. Cage then entered the combat, using his holy abilities as a paladin of Mystra to drive a divine strike into The Beast’s flank, causing it to howl. Ruby then fired a devastating arrow into its thigh, while Kalenthor let loose a volley of magic missiles.

With the group now pressing their advantage, Jord called out to Ruby to fire another shot as he distracted the Beast. Meanwhile, the converted scouts, now fully under the control of the Shadovar, turned their bows onto Kalenthor and Ruby, firing off arrows in rapid succession. Maxim and Cage continued their assault while the Beast bit Jord on the should and raked his claws against Maxim. The bite wound on Jord then began to immediately show signs of being infected much like what happened to the scouts. Kalenthor, meanwhile, cast a web spell on the scouts to hinder their attacks.

Time was now an issue for the adventurers. Jord, despite his injury, slashed the Beast across the gut while Maxim shot a radiant bolt of energy into its chest. Within its death throws, The Beast bite Jord once more just as Cage drove his divine pick into the creature’s head while Ruby struck an arrow into its red eye, dropping it dead.

Once The Beast was down, the group incapacitated the scouts with the help of the wolves until Sword Commander Hugh arrived with the rest of his mean. Once that was done, the group began investigating the disease that had inflicted the scouts as well as Jord. Through a bit of work, Cage was able to channel the power of Mystra to Jord’s shoulder and cure the Shadovar disease that was attempting to take him over. Seeing that work, Hugh commanded the druids under his command to look after the scouts and do the same.

Once the scouts were handled, the group turned their attention to the creature and noticed that it had begun slowly regenerating its wounds. Acting quickly, the group first tried to use fire to stop the regeneration. Jord then moved and with a swing of his sword decapitated the creature. The head rolled away from the body and seemed to do the trick for a moment, but then tendrils of shadow wormed its way out of the body and the head seeking one another to try and put itself back together.

Seeing that didn’t work either, Maxim recalled how the radiant holy spells seemed to work extremely well. Maxim then tried to use his Sacred Flame spell, but it just wasn’t enough. Kalenthor then suggested that the group use a portal to send the creature to the other side of the world were it was still daytime. He used the finger bone portal key to open a portal to the City of the Dead and the group pushed the creature through. Kalenthor then stepped in after it to verify the body would indeed be destroyed. Kalenthor then stepped back with a satisfied smile and informed the group that The Beast was in fact disintegrating in the sunlight.

With the threat finally ended, the group headed back to the city of Caer Callidyyr to rest. The next day, the group went shopping for supplies. They then met with Steward Donnell who informed them that King Derid Kendrick wanted to personally thank the group for their help. The adventurers were then escorted to the alabaster castle of the Kendricks where they met a middle aged frail main dressed in casual clothing. He smiled and thanked the group for their assistance. He then told them that he had some gifts sent to the Inn to show his gratitude. They then discussed briefly why the creature had come after them and what the group’s mission was now. The King tried to ask for the group’s assistance with his own problems in the Moonshae Isles and help him reunite his kingdom, but the group politely declined, citing their own quest that needed to be completed.

Saddened but understanding, the King again thanked the group before they left back to the Inn. In their room they found several items laid out on the beds. Ruby took up a quiver of white shaft silver tipped arrows. Cage took up a silver ring lined with opals. Maxim took for himself a pearl the size of a lemon. For Jord there was a wolf head pommel long sword and for Kalenthor there was a staff in the shape of a python as well as golden bracers with embedded sapphires.

Session 11
The Lost Son

In search of information and the need to inform the city of what could possibility follow them through the portal, the group decides to head to the capital of the Moonshae Isles. The alabaster city of Caer Callidyyr was built into a mountainside with three tiers with the top containing the king’s castle, the middle tier holding the nobility and wealthy, and the lower tier for merchants and the common folk. To reach the city, the adventurers first approached the main gate before the drawbridge. The gates were left open with only four guards watching people pass to and from the city.

As they approached, Kalenthor noted that the guards were not even questioning people as they passed by. Being a foreigner and with no knowledge of the city, the elven wizard broke off from the group towards one of the guards and asked where he might go to gain an audience with the king. The guard pointed him in the direction of Jonas Donnell, Steward to King Derid Kendrick.

Leaving his thanks with the guard, the group made their way into the city and made their way down to Anvil Avenue and the building of the Steward. The inside of the building was nicely furnished with finely crafted seats and wooden flooring and walls. At the opposite end of the entry was a young man at a desk dressed in deep green hose, a red tunic and a mop of blonde hair. He looked up as the group entered and flashed a smile and a hello.

Kalenthor took lead again and mentioned that they had need to speak with the Steward regarding a matter of importance and a threat against the city. Upon seeing that the subject was far above his knowledge, the young man asked the group wait while he fetched the Steward. A few moments later, an middle aged man entered from the back of the building. He was finely dressed in reds and greens and his light brown hair was showing streaks of grey. He introduced himself as Jonas Donnell and asked for details on the threat to the city.

The group began to explain roughly that they had traveled to the Moonshae Isles via a magical portal and that it was possible that the Shadovar or drow could follow them to the city. Taking the threat seriously, Jonas thanked the group for their honesty and offered a place for them to stay at the Iron Boar Inn while he spoke with the King regarding the matter. The group accepted and thanked the Steward for listening to them. The innkeeper, Erian Avalaar would see to their needs.

While at the Inn, the group finally sat down with Talthar to begin the long awaited discussion on what was going on and why he was taken. With a little convincing, Talthar finally opened up as to what was actually going on. He explained that he was a Lost Son, a high priest to Kurstan, the elven god of time. His god was at war with Lloth, goddess of spiders and the drow. As the god of time, Kurstan foresaw that the war would lead to the destruction of the realms, rendering it asunder. Talthar, along with his counterpart Riza, were working to try and change time to weaken Lloth and prevent the destruction of Faerun.

The group then asked about the Time Tear that they had found in Zhentil Keep and Talthar explained that the Time Tears are what allowed he and Riza to travel through time to do their work. Each Time Tear allowed a chronomancer to travel a certain amount of time forward or backward. The more time Time Tears one had, the farther back they could go and that there were a total of twenty tears. It was then determined that the body the group found in the ruins was most likely in fact Riza fallen victim to the phaerimm. Sadden by the loss of his friend,

Talthar then asked the group to help him change time to save the world. To do so, the group would first need to obtain his own Time Tear which was taken from him by Rogar back in Krast’amar. Now knowing the stakes at which the world was in danger, the group agreed to help Talthar recover the Time Tear so he could continue his work.

Later that day, the group was approached by Sword Master Hugh, the commander of the King’s soldiers. The Sword Master stated that he was informed of what happened by Steward Donnell and wanted to speak to the group to gain further detail. Once more, the group explained what happened to them, leaving the details of time travel out. The Sword Master thanked the group for the information and told them that he would have scouts and druids watch over the Moonwell for anything emerging.

In the middle of diner that evening, the door to the Iron Boar Inn was thrown open by a soldier dressed in chain mail armor and looking frantic. The man looked over the main room until he spotted the group. He quickly approached them and stated that Sword Master Hugh had asked for the group to join him at the main gate as something was coming out of the Moonwell. The group quickly agreed and followed the soldier to the main gate where they found the Commander already saddled upon his horse. The adventurers were given horses and then they all rode out to the Moonwell.

Upon arriving, the group found a scene of chaos. A monstrous creature stood within the Moonwell, though it was shrouded in darkness and shadow to make out any details. Several scouts and druids were engaged in combat with the monster along with a pack of large silver furred wolves. Knowing that they were the cause of this, the group dismounted and moved to enter combat with the Beast.


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