Stolen Paradox

Session 56
Unexpected Discovery

The group gets with Laren, where he tells them that the next destination is to the area that will eventually be Calimshan. The group must find and slay the Demon Prince Zanassu who is manipulating the Skyfire War between Memnon the Efreeti and Calim the Djinni. He hides himself somewhere in the area and holds the portfolio of spiders. The group discusses the best way to try and prevent the spider portfolio from falling into her hands. They decide upon the idea of pretending to be agents of Lolth trying to kill him.

Traveling through time, the group arrives in a place they were not expecting. Instead of a field of plains greeting them, the group finds a lush jungle stretching as far as they could see. In the breaks of the treeline, they can see several ziggurats of gold and stone.

Kalenthor casts Contact Other Plane (goes insane in the process, which Cage changes by using the Time Tear to change) to try and get answers on where and when they are.

Is Zanassu within 100 miles? Yes
In what direction does he lie? East
Who is the god that holds the time portfolio? Xamara
What is the name of where we are? Azulduth
Between Memnon and Calim, which is Zanassu in contact with? Neither

Laren enters and returns from the Temporal Plane. He tells the group that the timeline has completely changed. Somehow Xamara gained the time portfolio and changed time to bing her people forward in time by killing Memnon and Calim.

As the group discusses what to do, a temporal portal opens and four Temporal Knights appear to the group. They ask why the group is here and they say that they were traveling through time and ended up in a place they don’t understand. The Temporal Knights explain that Xamara has taken over the portfolio of time. She did so by first acquiring a divine spark from Selvetarm when he tries to kill Zanassu. The Temporal Knights ask the group to assist as Xamara has been able to prevent them from correcting time with her divine power. Since the group is outside of time, they should be able to reach her without being seen.

Begrudingly, the group agrees to go and stop Xamara, which means they must also face off with Selvetarm and Zanassu, potentially all at the same time.

Session 55
Divine Thief

Round 1
SK1 necrotic bean Jord (17). Jord moves in and swings sword Sk1 (12, miss, miss). Floki moves rage axe SK1 (miss, 47). Sk3 moves to Floki spear (17, 24) necrotic blast (9). Laren sacred flame Sk1 (saved). Cage moes Sk3 blade (16) blade (20). Ruby hidden moves arrow Sk3 (33). Kalenthor moves acid splash Sk3 Sk2 (10). Sk2 move to Cage spear (24, 23) necrotic blast (7).

Round 2
Sk1 spear floki (miss, miss) necrotic blast (15). Jord sword Sk1 (12, 9, 14). Floki Sk1 axe (miss, dead). Sk3 spear floki (miss, miss) necrotic blast (8). Laren heals Cage (21). Cage blade SK3 (miss, 20) avenger sk3 (18). Ruby arrow Sk2 (miss) hide. Kalenthor Sk2 Sk3 acid splash (miss, 10 dead). Sk2 spear Cage (24, 14) necrotic blast (18).

Round 3
Jord Sk2 sword (miss, miss, 11). Floki axe Sk2 (14, 18, prone). Laren cure Cage (23). Cage Sk2 blade (13, miss) avenger (smite 40). Ruby arrow Sk2 (30, dead).

Round 4
Kiaransalee enters the room and demands to know what is going on. Ruby tries to shoot her in the face, but misses.

Round 5
Kiar summons her simulacrum. Both move into range. Ruby Kiar2 arrow (miss) hide. Kiar2 LA bite Floki (3+19). Floki rage axe Kiar2 (miss, prone 23). Kiar1 LA bite Floki (8+12). Jord moves to Kiar2 (16, 15, 9). Kalenthor casts evard’s black tentacles. Kiar1 LA bite Jord (19). Laren heal spell on Floki. Cage moves to Kiar2 blade (smite 37, smite 42) avenger (smite 27) actions urge blade kiar2 (smite 33, smite 34).

Round 6
Kiar evads (saved). Kiar1 attack jord (miss, 24). Kiar2 attack cage (29, 26). Ruby arrow Kiar2 (31) hide. Floki rage axe (21, 23). Kiar1 LA mist move. Jord sword Kiar2 (miss, 10, 14). Kiar2 LA chain lightning (countered). Kalenthor mistry step move, hill touch kiar2 chill touch (immune necrotic, can’t heal until Kal’s next turn). Kiar1 LA bite Laren (22). Laren heal Cage (80). Cage blade Kiar2 (smite 67, smite 38, defeated).

Kiaransalee’s body shatters into hundreds point of lights, which is then sucked up into the Soldier’s Blade. The group is then able to quickly leave the Twisted Tower.

Session 54
Attuning the Edge

The group continues their fight against the Zhentarim in hopes of retrieving the Soldier’s Blade for their own purposes.

Round 4
Floki javelin at the priest (8) javelin (miss). Ruby hide arrow K1 (36). Cage ready to hit knight. Jord move ready to hit knight. Archmage in the tentacles, casts Cone of Cold (countered by Kalenthor). Priest in the tentacles sacred flame floki (saved). Laren heals Floki (16). K1 lands in tentacles, cage and jord attack, K1 attacks cage (miss). Kalenthor disintegrate on Mage (79).

Round 5
Floki rage axe K1 (parry) axe K1 (23). Ruby hide arrow K1 (46). Cage sword K1 (29) pick K1 (15/dead) and then moves. Jord moves sword priest (9, 11, 15). Mage cone of cold on floki, cage, laren (52). Priest spirit guardians. Laren heals Floki (17). Kalenthor acid splash mage and priest (11)

Round 6
Floki moves rage axe mage (duplicate hit, 24). Ruby hide arrow mage (duplicate hit). Cage sword pick sword mage (55). Jord sword priest (15, 13, 18). Priest heal spell (70). Laren healing word floki (13). Kalenthor fireball (29).

Round 7
Floki (sg 3) rage axe priest (22, 53/dead). Find 16pp and Soldier’s Blade.

Kalenthor casts Detect Magic on the sword case and finds an abjuration spell covering the case. Ruby looks it over and is confident that the case it not trapped. Cage heals himself with his divine ability before opening the case and finds the Soldier’s Blade. Cage picks up the sword and nothing happens. Kalenthor picks up the blade and nothing happens. Laren does Legend Lore and determines that the sword is still attuned to Miritar. The group decides to go finds Miritar (in this current time) to gift the blade back to her and tell her that she owes them a favor that they will ask for the Blade in the future.

The group returns to the Twisted Tower and they begin tracking down Miritar. He is successful and they find her just a little south of the Tower. They find her injured on a horse. She is defensive, but quickly warms up to the group when they present the Soldier’s Blade. Miritar agrees and accepts the blade.

The group then travels into the future where they go to Myth Drannor and speak with Miritar to call in the favor they set in the past. She is pleased to see the group and agrees to hand over the blade. For atonement, the group must speak with Q’arlynd Melarn to have Kalenthor go through the Blade Rite. Cage goes to prepare himself as the rest of the group relaxes and waits for the ritual to begin.

Melarn is summoned and is told by Miritar to perform the Blade Rite for Cage to attune to the Soldier’s Blade. During the rite, Cage is asked three questions: What is your goal? What is your purpose? Who is your foe? Cage answers To make my goddess proud and to follow the path laid before me. To correct mistakes made by the powerful. Those that refuse to accept the path, the natural order of things.

There is a flash of silver light and the Soldier’s Blade accepts Cage as its new master.

Session 53
The Soldier's Blade

After a round of discussion, the group decides to first go after Soldier’s Blade, which is last believed to be in the hands of the Zhentarim, circa 1347 when they attacked Miritar leaving the Twisted Tower.

Using the Time Tear, the group travels through time to the assault. There they arrive just in time to ambush the Zhentarim after they make their attack on a unsuspecting Miritar and are traveling back home along the road.

Round 1
Floki rage moves and attacks V1 axe (22) V1 axe (22/44). Ruby V4 arrow (42) hide. Cage move to attack V1 sword (18/62) V1 pick (54/dead). Jord double moves to V2. Mage time stop, then casts delayed blast fireball (16d6), fire shield, mage armor, mirror image. Priest casts Harm on Cage (failed save 56). V2 three attacks Jord (20). V3 and V4 move to flank the casters. Laren sacred flame Priest (19). K1 rally cry and move. K2 move attack Cage (18, 19, 16). Kalenthor reverse gravity counterspell failed, priest, mage, V3, K1, V4 effected.

Round 2
Floki K2 axe (15,miss). Ruby arrow V4 (30/dead) hide. Cage K2 sword (19) pick (18) sword (20). Jord shield bash V2 failed sword (16) commander strike ruby V2 (45/61) sword V2 (12/dead) and then moves to the DBF bead. Mage fireball on Cage, Floki, Jord (12d6, 66) and then stops concentration on DBF on Cage, Floki, Jord (17d6, 90). Priest firestorm (58) Cage, Floki, Jord. V3 hold. Laren Heal (80). Knight (15, 30, 45). Kalenthor feeblemind (20, feeble).

Round 3
Floki (7 fire damage) moves out of fire then axe K2 (18) axe K2 (39). Ruby hide arrow K2 (28). Cage (9 fire damage) stand up sword K2 (14) pick K2 (16) sword K2 (19). Jord (8 fire damage) move out of fire ready action. Mage feeble. Priest greater restoration on mage. V3 hold. Laren mass cure (17). K1 holds. Kalenthor drops concentration, evard’s black tentacles.

Session 52
A Twisted Predicament

The group takes in the news of what must be done next. They must travel to the year -2,549 DR and to the land that the future would call Shadowdale. The mission is to find the lesser Goddess called Kiaransalee and ensure that her divine essence is taken by someone or something other than Lolth. During the original timeline, the tower was assaulted by Selvetarm at the order or Lolth. He takes down Kiaransalee and takes her portfolio of Chaos and gifts it to Lolth.

The issue the group has is trying to figure out how to obtain the divine essence and what to do with it. The eventually agree that they can’t let Selvetarm have it and so they settle on stealing it and hiding it. They also have to be careful that the divine essence is stolen and the Tower falls in order to preserve time.

The group decides to first head to Evereska in the year 1477. There they go to speak with Erevan of the Knaves of the Missing Page. They want to ask him what sort of items or artifacts could be used to store divine essence. He says he will need time and resources and asks the group to acquire several tomes from a drow merchant in Waterdeep. The group agrees and heads out.

After a quick trip to Waterdeep, where the group purchases the books and then heads back to Everska and speak with Erevan. He tells them that the Crescent Blade won’t be able to siphon the power of a god, but he does give the group some alternatives.

Aermshar “Moonshadow” (last seen north of Evereska in 1369)
The Soldier’s Blade (lost shadowdale 1347)
ArtBlade (lost 711 in Myth Drannor by Josidiah Starym)
Ruler’s Blade (Miritar 1477)
Heart of the Widow (crystal infused with the tears of forgotten goddess, lost in Chult in 1275)
Crown of Seven Stars (original crown of Myth Drannor, lost 711 by Starym)

The group first heads to Myth Drannor to speak with Miritar. The guards recognize the group’s names and lead them into the city and to the main keep where they gain audience with Miritar. They explain vaguely that they need an object to siphon the power of a god’s divine essence. Kalenthor asks if she is willing to part with, but she is hesitant. The blade is specific as to who wields it. One would need to go through the Blade-rite, which tests the skill, character, and reasoning.

After a round of discussion, the group decides to first go after Soldier’s Blade, which is last believed to be in the hands of the Zhents, circa 1347 when they attacked Miritar.

Session 51
Narrow Victory

Deep into the depths of the battle against the phaerimm, the heroes have killed one of the mighty phaerimm adults. However, another adult and the elder stills remains and they remain high above their reach while casting devastating spells.

Round 4
Jord commander strike ruby arrow M Ph from hidden (38). Ruby hidden arrow M Ph (37). Floki axe M Ph (22) axe M Ph (14). K Ph chain lightning floki (27), cage (27), kalenthor (27), jord (0). Laren (failed, stunned). M Ph power word stun kalenthor (stunned). Kalenthor stunned (failed). Cage double moves to Laren.

Round 5
Jord moves to Kalenthor and takes bow and arrows and moves away. Ruby arrow M Ph hides (miss). Floki axe M Ph (20) axe M Ph (24). K Ph phantasmal killer floki (saved). Laren (failed, stunned). M Ph move misty step acid splash floki (7). Kalenthor (saved). Cage drags Laren closer to the combat.

Round 6
Jord commander strike Ruby arrow (40) jord arrow M Ph (shield, miss). Ruby hidden arrow M Ph (25). Floki rage jump axe M Ph (21). K Ph phantasmal killer Ruby (39+frightened). Laren (saved). M Ph prismatic spray Jord (40 cold) Floki (40 lightning) Cage (40 lightning) Laren (saved) Ruby (evasion, saved) Kalenthor (petrification failed restrained). Kalenthor polymorph K Ph (shark) falls to the ground (8/22) (saved vs. petrification). Cage moves to Ruby.

Round 7
Jord commander strike ruby arrow M Ph (18, dead). Ruby saves. Kalenthor (failed, saved, saved). Laren casts divine word and the K Ph in shark polymorph (fails, dies).

The group returns to Illusk where they find Jeriah busy at work. He thanks the group for defeating the phaerimm. He then turns over his parchments on the Veil of the Silver Line Ritual. He then tells the group to relax for the evening for in the morning, the orcs will invade and he must defend the town.

Laren tells the group about their last set of destinations. From here they must travel to five locations to steal the rest of Lloth’s portfolio including Chaos, Spiders, Darkness, Drow, and Evil. They must go to the final construction of the Twisted Tower, then they head to the Skyfire War, and then 4th Crown War, the 2nd Crown War, and the 1st Crown War.

Session 50
Phaerimm Showdown

The group gathers themselves and heads down into the cave where the phaerimm await the group for the deadly showdown.

Round 1
Jord move throwing axe C Ph (4) throwing axe C Ph (4). Ruby arrow C Ph (23) hide. Floki move hand axe C Ph (8) hand axe C Ph (4). K Ph phantasmal killer floki (failed save, 32). Laren sacred flame M Ph (saved). M Ph prismatic spray Jord (orange failed 40 acid, blue saved 18 cold) Floki (blue saved 21 cold) Cage (red saved 23) Laren (yellow failed 32 lightning) Ruby (violet saved) Kalenthor (blue failed 42 cold). Kalenthor prismatic spray (M blue saved 20, C blue failed 34, K yellow failed x2 70). C Ph phantasmal killer jord failed (frightened 32). Cage moves.

Round 2
Jord (14 from pk saved) superior healing potion. Ruby arrow C Ph (29) hide. Floki (15 from pk saved) delay. K Ph confusion on Floki (saved), Jord (saved), Cage (saved). Laren mass heal Floki, Jord, Cage (11). M Ph power word stun laren (failed). Kalenthor web C Ph and M Ph. C Ph confusion on Floki (saved), Jord (failed), Cage (saved). Cage lay on hands floki (50)

Round 3
Jord (confusion, no actions, saved). Ruby arrow C Ph (62) hide. Floki rage jump attack C Ph axe (66, dead). K Ph kalenthor phantasmal killer (saved). Laren (failed, stunned). M Ph prismatic spray (countered by kalenthor). Kalenthor telekenesis floki on top of M Ph and Floki grapples. Cage hold.


Session 49
Floki's Solo Adventure

Floki takes some ale and heads into the orc encampment. There he finds the horde, which is broken down roughly into three tribes with white, red, and blue war paint. Making his way up the mountain looking for the chieftains, Floki is a little awe inspired by the shear size of the horde. It is larger than any he has ever heard of before.

Ugmark Bloodreaver – White tribe
Barver Goresmasher – Red tribe
Trall Trollripper – Blue tribe

Floki makes his way up the mountain until he reaches the chieftain camp. There he introduces himself as Floki the Untamed of the Wolf Tribe. He tells them that he is there to join the horde. The chieftains accept his offer, but first Floki must meet the Masters. Floki offers ale to cement the deal. They talk for a bit and then Barver finally takes Floki to go see the Masters.

Heading into the cavern, Floki comes face to face with the phaerimm. Barver introduces the half orc and says that he wishes to join the horde. The phaerimm asks Floki to show his worth, which Floki then goes into a grand epic of his journey and battles. The phaerimm say they are pleased and say that the Wolf Tribe is welcome. Barver takes Floki’s hand as brother and they leave to go feast and drink.

At this point, the rest of the group makes their way into the horde, using stealth and invisibility. A little while later, they make their way to the chieftain encampment where they find Floki in midcombat with the chieftains.

Round 1
Floki insults Trall. Trall swings with bladed gauntlet (miss). Floki grapples Trall. Floki then pushes Trall into the bonefire (6). Barver battle cry, glaive floki bonus shield action (miss). Ugmark reaver floki (14 slashing) reaver floki (14 slashing).

Round 2
Floki rage push barver into fire (3) push Ugmark into fire (6). Trall bladed gauntlet floki (miss) bladed gauntlet floki (24 slashing). Ugmark reaver floki (miss) (miss). Barver glaive floki (14 slashing) glaive floki (14 slashing).

Round 3
Jord comes out of invisibility sword disarming Trall (20, disarmed) sword Trall (6) sword Trall (miss). Ruby hide comes out of invisibility arrow orc (dead). Floki Barver axe (24) (23). Laren stays invisbility. Trall draws sword gives battle cry sword on floki portents of 4 (miss). Ugmark reaver floki (24) reaver floki (14). Cage heals floki stays of invisibility (50). Kalenthor stays invisibility. Barver glaive floki (14) glaive floki (14). Orcs (floki 9, floki 9).

Round 4
Jord sword Trall (9) sword Trall (8) goad Trall (17, goaded). Ruby arrow orc (dead) hide. Floki axe Barver (20) (20, dead). Laren stays invisibility. Trall sword jord (miss) (miss). Ugmark reaver Floki (miss) (miss). Cage leaves invisibility hammer orc (dead) pick orc (dead) hammer orc (dead). Kalenthor stays invisibility.

Round 5
Jord sword Trall (10, dead) sword orc (dead) sword orc (miss). Ruby arrow orc (dead) hide. Floki axe Ugmark (15) (20, dead). The rest of the orcs are slain.

Floki stands victorious over the chieftains with their heads in his hand.

Session 48
The Arcanist's Plight

The group first travels to Lusken and then travels back in time to the year -339: The Year of the Sundered Webs. The arrive at the town of Illusk were the people live a simple life on the Sword Coast. When the group approaches, a squad of spearmen come out from the town with spears at the ready. When asked why they are being hostile, they point at Floki and say the orc isn’t welcome. Cage lies and says that they are here at Jeriah’s request. His lie holds and the guard goes off to find the chronomancer.

Jeriah returns with the guard and waves them away, saying that he was expecting the group. He takes them back to his home where he explains that he knows why the group is here and that he needs help in return. Jeriah can veil their lifelines, but he needs time to do so. The problem is that an orc horde being driven by a cabal of phaerimm that will destroy the town before he has time to finish. He asks the group to go into the Crag and kill the phaerimm to give him time to find the components and cast the spell. However, the spell will only last for 30 days. Kalenthor then asks if he could learn the ritual just in case they need more time, which Jeriah agrees to do.

The group then goes to prepare for the trip to fight the phaerimm. They do a light shopping trip through town, which includes buying horses and several carts of ale. Once equipped and ready, the group rides out to the Crags. It takes four days of riding to reach the base of the mountains. From this point, they can see the lights of the horde’s encampment. The group’s plan is to leave the carts of ale for the orcs to find and create a distraction. They will then sneak into the encampment.

Kalenthor first decides to use his Broom of Flying and Invisibility to find the phaerimm first. He flies up to the mountain towards the largest source of light, which turns out to be a immensely large bonfire. Within the vicinity of the fire are three orc chieftains in blue, white, and red war paint. Just beyond the bonfire is a cavern entrance, which Kalenthor investigates. Within the cavern he finds not one, but three phaerimm busily eating humanoid remains.

Kalenthor returns and tells the group about what he found. The group decides to change their plan and send Floki up to the encampment with the ale for him to socialize with his distant cousin orcs to see what he can find out that might better help the group determine the best course of action.

Session 47
In The Nick of Time

The group continues their battle against the Sarrukh.

Round 2
Laren mass cure (16). Cage sak1 hammer (miss) pick (miss) hammer (miss). Kalenthor fireball on tsnake, ksnake, sak3, sak4 (44). Floki ksnake axe (21) ksnake axe (20). Jord ksnake2 sword (13) sword (9). Sarrukh disintegrate on Cage, Floki, Jord (all save) blight on Kalenthor (countered). Snakes bite Cage (10+21) bite Floki (miss) bite Kalenthor (miss). Ruby hide arrow ksnake2 (dies).

Round 3
Laren mass cure (18). Cage sak1 hammer 2nd level smite (26) pick (8) hammer 1st level smite (dies). Kalenthor fireball on sak3, sak4, tsnake, ksnake2 (40). Floki provke (10+22) axe on ksnake2 (13) axe (56). Jord sword msnake (11) (9) (miss). Sarrukh blight on floki, jord (save) cage (fail, 51) and fireball on all (45). snakes bite cage (10+11) bite floki (miss) bite Laren (10+45) bite Kalenthor (miss). Ruby hide arrow sak3 (33).

Round 4
Laren death check (fail). Cage ksnake2 hammer (15) pick (12) hammer 1st level smite (14). Kalenthor greater healing potion on Laren (14). Floki sak4 axe (20) (19). Jord msnake sword (miss) (miss) (12). Sarrukh hold person cage, ruby, kalenthor, (all save) laren (failed). Cone of cold cage, ruby, kalenthor, laren, jord (countered). Snakes bite cage (10+11) bite jord (10+22) bite kalenthor (10+22). Ruby hide arrow tsnake (34).

Round 5
Laren paralyzed (failed). Cage tsnake hammer (miss) pick 3rd level smite (48) hammer (10). Kalenthor dimension door with Laren out of combat. Floki sak4 axe (13) axe (14). Jord msnake sword (10) (miss) (miss). Sarrukh sunbeam Floki (30 radiant). Snakes bite jord (10) (10). Ruby hide arrow fsnake (35).

Round 6
Laren paralyzed (failed). Cage msnake hammer (12) (miss) (miss). Kalenthor fireball sak2 (15, made concentration save). Floki sak2 axe (21, failed concentration) (15). Jord msnake sword (12) (11) (miss). Sarrukh blight floki (17). Snake bite cage (10+11) bite jord (10). Ruby move arrow hide fsnake (miss).

Round 7
Laren hold. Cage msnake hammer (8) (13) (10). Kalenthor dimenson door with Laren into combat. Laren mass cure (15). Floki sak2 axe (18) (17). Jord msnake sword (miss) (8) (9). Sarrukh explodes (60 radiant, Kalenthor dies). Snake bite cage (miss). Ruby arrow fsnake (44)

Cage uses lay on hands on Laren, who gets up and then casts Revivify on Kalenthor to raise him from the dead. The group gathers together and determines that their next destination is -339: The Year of the Sundered Webs. There they need to begin their search for Jeriah Chronos, the first human Chronomancer in hopes of stopping the Sarrukh threat.


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