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  • Kalenthor

    |Height 5'4"|Weight 110|Age 133| |Eyes Blue|Hair Blue-Black, Long|Skin Pale| *APPEARANCE*
    In 1385, Everhome sent out a distress call for every elf available to defend the homeland from …

  • Maxim

    |Height 6'2"|Weight 240|Age 23| |Eyes Brown|Hair Brown|Skin White| *APPEARANCE*
    The younger son of a minor noble family, Maxim received a commission in the Purple Dragons with the …

  • Floki The Untamed

    [[File:434325 | class=media-item-align-left | 130x139px | Wolfs-Head_Totem.jpg]]
    The people of the Wolfs-head clan were born to violence. Comprised of orcs and their human slaves, they fought for survival and the brutal spires of the …