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Crafting a Magic Item – Players are allowed to use starting cash or downtime to craft magic items as described on pp. 128-129 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Individual magic items to be crafted are subject to DM discretion.

Feats – A character may select a feat in lieu of ability score bumps at appropriate levels.

Hit Dice – Characters will recover all spent hit dice at the end of a long rest, rather than half the total number of hit dice.

Inspiration – You can wait until you see the outcome of your attack roll, saving throw, or ability (skill) check before opting to use your inspiration.

Short Rest – The duration of a short rest is more flexible than is stated in the Player’s Handbook. Assuming the party has a few minutes to rest after a combat encounter, they may spend hit dice and recover any resources that refresh upon completing a short rest. They may not gain the benefits of a second short rest until they have engaged in another combat encounter or another hour or two has passed, subject to DM discretion.

House Rules

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