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Below is an excerpt about magic items not found within the Player’s Handbook.

Using a Magic Item

A magic item’s description explains how the item works. Handling a magic item is enough to give a character a sense that something is extraordinary about the item. Casting the identify spell on the item then reveals its properties. Alternatively, a character can concentrate on the item during a short rest, while being in physical contact with the item. At the end of the rest, the character learns the item’s properties. Potions are an exception; a little taste is enough to tell the taster what the potion does.

Certain magic items require a user to attune to them before their magical properties can be used. Attuning to a magic item requires that you spend a short rest concentrating on it (this can’t be the same short rest used to learn an item’s properties). Depending on the nature of the item, this concentration can take the form of prayers, weapon practice, or meditation. In any case, the concentration period must be uninterrupted. Once you are attuned to an item, you can use its magical properties.

An item can be attuned to only one creature at a time. A creature can be attuned to no more than three magic items at any given time, and you can attune yourself to only one item during a short rest.

Your attunement to an item ends when the item has been more than 100 feet away from you for 24 hours and when you die. You can also voluntarily end your attunement to an item with another short rest.

Magical Items

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