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New Tilverton

Sir Ellis Ullman – Human Male Fighter
Ellis Ullman is looked to as the leader of the town, though he always refuses any offical titles. He is a retired Purple Dragon Knight from Suzail who has traveled to the Tilverton Scar with hopes of resettling the town in memory of his great grandfather lived and died in Old Tilverton.

Raven of Chulmanther – Half Elf Female Druid
A local Druid and self proclaimed caretaker of the Stonelands. She arrived in New Tilverton in 1468 DR at the behest of Lady Clara Bellington, a local priestess of Chauntea.

Walthis Everstone – Human Male Thief
A local merchant with trade connections stretching from Suzail to the Dalelands and Sembia. Known for his strict policies of trade and lack of humor, he is thought to be a dark spot in the growing community. Yet, despite his shady business practices, Sir Ellis Ullman and the settlers allow Everstone to stay as he was instrumental in bringing trade into the town.

Kavel – Human Male Ranger
A somewhat eccentric ranger who believes that the devil dragon has returned to the Stonelands.


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