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Orc Raiders
Word reached Ellis Ullman of Maxim’s recent departure from the Purple Dragons and immediately sent word via courier that he could use your assistance in New Tilverton regarding an orc problem in the Stonelands. He needs someone to lead an expedition into the Stonelands to find information on an orc named Rogar the Undying who is believed to be a chieftain. Information is key, but if you are able to dispatch the orc, he promises to put in a good word for you with his contact with the High Marshall as well as a reward.

Missing Son
Walthis Everstone sends word via the Red Scythe Guild that he is in need of your services. His son Talthar has gone missing while overseeing a caravan inbound from Daggerdale. He knows the caravan’s last location and needs someone who can keep the situation quiet to look for his son.

Disrupted Nature
After spending a month adjusting to your new surroundings, Cage is approached by Raven, a local druid in New Tilverton. She asks him to look into some strange events that have been taking place in the Stonelands that she believes are magical in nature. She asks for his assistance in determining the nature of the disturbances and whether or not they pose a risk to the town.

Dragon Rumors
While passing through Arabel, Jord comes across a wanted message stating that the town of New Tilverton is looking for able men and women to assist with a investigating a rumor of a dragon attempting to settle in the Stonelands. Another rumor even suggests that the dragon is descended from Nalavara, the great dragon who slew King Azoun IV. Those interested should see Kavel


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