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Below is an accounting of the treasure recovered or forcibly taken by the party during their adventures.

Netherese Portal Key
Magical Item (Rare) [Base 6 charges, 1d6 recharge]
The Netherese Empire created portal keys that allow a user to open a communication and opens portals from anywhere to the Empire via the Shadow Realm. The runes on the bone indicate the target location.
Runes: Dragon, Nest, Tower, Scepter, Sword, Shadow, Crown, Fire, Blood, Heart, Water, Earth, Air,
1 Charge: Open a viewing portal with a scry portal in the Netherese Empire. The portal lasts for one minute and allows visual and audio communication.
2 Charges: A portal opens that allows the passage of an object no larger than 10 cubic feet for one minute.
3 Charges: A portal opens allowing the passage of medium sized creatures for one minute.

Time Tear
Used to move the user through time. There are a total of twenty tears that were created by Kurstan for his Chosen to manipulate time.
Magical Item (Unique) [Base 3 Charges plus 1 per tear, 1d3 recharge]
1 Charge: Send consciousness back one round.
2 Charges: Send consciousness back two rounds.
3 Charges: Send consciousness back one hour.

When another time tear is attuned to the same person, the Tears meld together and add a fourth ability:

Variable Charges: Open a portal to go forward or backward in time. Portal remains open for one minute before closing. The distance in time travels is based on the number of tears melded together. Each increment (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024, 2,048, 4,096, 8,192, 16,384) requires 3 charges plus one for each year increment used. The user may use up to that limit when traveling and is not required to use the full amount. If they are traveling back 10 years, that would require the fourth increment, making the cost 7 charges.


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