Stolen Paradox


1479 DR: Year of the Ageless One
The last remnants of the Spellplague have finally begun to recede as Mystra, Goddess of Magic, is restored to power with help from her Chosen, Elminster the Sage. With the rebirth of magic to all of its glory, two gods now gear towards a final showdown. Lolth, the Goddess of the Draw and Kurstand, God of Time, have finally moved beyond their godly game of chess and now openly move against one another. Now our adventurers must travel through time to either assist or hinder the God of Time in his battle against Lolth. Will the future of the world be ruled by the drow or by this new usurper god?





Current Year: 1500 DR
Location: Apocalypse

The group continues its travels through time to collect the Time Tears necessary to reach important events, those that need to be changed in order to reduce Lolth’s portfolio so that she can be defeated once and for all.

The group’s heads into the future where the final battle between Lolth and Kurstan rages on. With Lolth weakened, the group must now defeat the terrible goddess to end her bid for ultimate power. In a titanic battle, the heroes were able to defeat Lolth and save the Realms for a terrible fate.

Next Session – Game ended.

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Stolen Paradox

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