Stolen Paradox

Session 10

Time Loop Heroics

Ruby and Kalenthor, already having scaled the rope, were too slow to react as the two drow warriors raised hand crossbows loaded with poisoned bolts. Both adventures took a bolt to the gut, which then knocked them unconscious. The Matron Mother, angry that her plans were being interrupted, called upon the Spider Queen to send one of its agents to stop the intruders. A fearsome Yochlol materialized into being directly in front of Jord and brutally pounded the warrior into submission before dragging him the rest of the way off the window ledge. The drow wizard then reacted next and quickly made his way over to the ledge so see Cage and Maxim dangled on the rope. The wizard then gave a cruel grin and cast a lightning bolt spell straight down on top of them.

The jolt of electricity coursed through both of their bodies, leaving them barely alive. Cage could see Maxim’s grip on the rope slipping as his body convulsed from the electrical damage done to his body. He the soldier were to lose his grip, the fall would certainly finish him off. He then looked back up at the wizard as the drow began to weave another spell together. In order for the drow to have reached the window, it meant that something terrible had happened to Jord as well as Ruby and Kalenthor. Their plan to save Talthar had gone horribly wrong because of bad luck and he was about to be next.

The halfling then remembered that he was in possession of the Time Tear and could use it to avoid the fate he and the rest of the group had experienced. With one free hand, the halfling paladin pulled out the blue rock and concentrated back an hour to just before they were leaving their hideout to assault the mansion. He would need to convince his friends not to go and find some other way of saving Talthar.

Upon enacting the Time Tear, the world simply stopped and restarted within the blink of an eye. There was no fancy array of colors of blending of perception. Cage simply found himself back in his body at the hideout with the rest of the group heading out the door. The disorientation made the little man’s stomach churn, but he pushed the feeling aside and told the group to stop. When they looked at him curiously, he decided to just press forward and explain what happen.

When Cage was done retelling the failed assault, the group was confused, but they all knew that this would happen when time travel was involved. They accepted the paladin’s word as fact and then delved into further discussion about what to do about Talthar without a direct assault. After a long shouting match, it was finally decided that Ruby would go into the mansion alone, but under an invisibility spell. She would then use a bucket of water on the ground, activate the bone portal key and drag Talthar in before the drow could react. Without any other options other than leaving, Ruby finally agreed and headed out to the mansion once more.

Sneaking her way past the guards, Ruby made her way into the ballroom to find the four drow talking to one another while Talthar was quietly standing beside them. The rogue snuck up to standing directly behind the man before setting the bucket of water she was carrying, careful not spill any water or make any sound. She then put a foot in the bucket and then put the portal key in one hand. After a breath to relax herself, she activated the portal and then grabbed Talthar by the back of his shirt.

Now that she was visible, the drow reacted quickly to the situation. The two warriors pulled their swords and made two swings a piece at the gnome, but only scored light cuts along her outstretched arm. The wizard then cast a spell to try and blast her into oblivion, but Ruby dodged the witch bolt. The priestess then called out to the Spider Queen and the Yochlol answered her summon. The hideous melted appearance of the demon appeared and attacked, scoring only one hit across Ruby’s back, but still the gnome held her ground.

The portal finally finished forming and pulled Ruby down as she held onto Talthar, pulling the man into the portal with her. As the two came out the other side, they found themselves in the portal room within the Krast’amar tower and the rest of the group waiting. Kalenthor was quick to react, taking the finger bone portal key from Ruby and reactivated the portal with the runes of Sword Crown before the drow could pursue them. The portal closed and then reopened to reveal a new unknown location. Without waiting for the army to come to the tower, the group quickly made their way into the portal.

Emerging from the other portal, the group found themselves standing at the top of a hill surrounded by trees and lush green grass. Surrounding them was blue oceans and a string of islands as well as a large city and castle built into the side of the high reaching hills. Cage recalled that the location seemed similar to Caer Callidyrr in the Moonshae Isles, but he wasn’t certain.

The group then turned their attention to Talthar, who thanked them for rescuing him from the drow. When asked why he was specficially being sacrificed, he said he didn’t know, but Ruby was able to see through the lie. Something about the man was off and he was certainly keeping a secret that he didn’t want to share.



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