Stolen Paradox

Session 11

The Lost Son

In search of information and the need to inform the city of what could possibility follow them through the portal, the group decides to head to the capital of the Moonshae Isles. The alabaster city of Caer Callidyyr was built into a mountainside with three tiers with the top containing the king’s castle, the middle tier holding the nobility and wealthy, and the lower tier for merchants and the common folk. To reach the city, the adventurers first approached the main gate before the drawbridge. The gates were left open with only four guards watching people pass to and from the city.

As they approached, Kalenthor noted that the guards were not even questioning people as they passed by. Being a foreigner and with no knowledge of the city, the elven wizard broke off from the group towards one of the guards and asked where he might go to gain an audience with the king. The guard pointed him in the direction of Jonas Donnell, Steward to King Derid Kendrick.

Leaving his thanks with the guard, the group made their way into the city and made their way down to Anvil Avenue and the building of the Steward. The inside of the building was nicely furnished with finely crafted seats and wooden flooring and walls. At the opposite end of the entry was a young man at a desk dressed in deep green hose, a red tunic and a mop of blonde hair. He looked up as the group entered and flashed a smile and a hello.

Kalenthor took lead again and mentioned that they had need to speak with the Steward regarding a matter of importance and a threat against the city. Upon seeing that the subject was far above his knowledge, the young man asked the group wait while he fetched the Steward. A few moments later, an middle aged man entered from the back of the building. He was finely dressed in reds and greens and his light brown hair was showing streaks of grey. He introduced himself as Jonas Donnell and asked for details on the threat to the city.

The group began to explain roughly that they had traveled to the Moonshae Isles via a magical portal and that it was possible that the Shadovar or drow could follow them to the city. Taking the threat seriously, Jonas thanked the group for their honesty and offered a place for them to stay at the Iron Boar Inn while he spoke with the King regarding the matter. The group accepted and thanked the Steward for listening to them. The innkeeper, Erian Avalaar would see to their needs.

While at the Inn, the group finally sat down with Talthar to begin the long awaited discussion on what was going on and why he was taken. With a little convincing, Talthar finally opened up as to what was actually going on. He explained that he was a Lost Son, a high priest to Kurstan, the elven god of time. His god was at war with Lloth, goddess of spiders and the drow. As the god of time, Kurstan foresaw that the war would lead to the destruction of the realms, rendering it asunder. Talthar, along with his counterpart Riza, were working to try and change time to weaken Lloth and prevent the destruction of Faerun.

The group then asked about the Time Tear that they had found in Zhentil Keep and Talthar explained that the Time Tears are what allowed he and Riza to travel through time to do their work. Each Time Tear allowed a chronomancer to travel a certain amount of time forward or backward. The more time Time Tears one had, the farther back they could go and that there were a total of twenty tears. It was then determined that the body the group found in the ruins was most likely in fact Riza fallen victim to the phaerimm. Sadden by the loss of his friend,

Talthar then asked the group to help him change time to save the world. To do so, the group would first need to obtain his own Time Tear which was taken from him by Rogar back in Krast’amar. Now knowing the stakes at which the world was in danger, the group agreed to help Talthar recover the Time Tear so he could continue his work.

Later that day, the group was approached by Sword Master Hugh, the commander of the King’s soldiers. The Sword Master stated that he was informed of what happened by Steward Donnell and wanted to speak to the group to gain further detail. Once more, the group explained what happened to them, leaving the details of time travel out. The Sword Master thanked the group for the information and told them that he would have scouts and druids watch over the Moonwell for anything emerging.

In the middle of diner that evening, the door to the Iron Boar Inn was thrown open by a soldier dressed in chain mail armor and looking frantic. The man looked over the main room until he spotted the group. He quickly approached them and stated that Sword Master Hugh had asked for the group to join him at the main gate as something was coming out of the Moonwell. The group quickly agreed and followed the soldier to the main gate where they found the Commander already saddled upon his horse. The adventurers were given horses and then they all rode out to the Moonwell.

Upon arriving, the group found a scene of chaos. A monstrous creature stood within the Moonwell, though it was shrouded in darkness and shadow to make out any details. Several scouts and druids were engaged in combat with the monster along with a pack of large silver furred wolves. Knowing that they were the cause of this, the group dismounted and moved to enter combat with the Beast.



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