Stolen Paradox

Session 12

The Beast

Upon arriving at the moonwell, the group brought their horses to a halt as their gazes came upon the shadow beast that had followed them to the Moonshae Isles. It stood nearly nine feet tall with skin and patchwork fur so black it seemed to meld together into a single massive shadow-like form. In the immediate area of The Beast were four rangers with bows trying desperately to put the creature down and having little success. Assisting them was a pack of four large silver grey wolves working as a group using hit and fade tactics against The Beast.

Jord was first into the fight with his sword. Though his strike failed to split the leathery flesh of the Beast, it was enough to draw its attention to allow the scouts to let loose a volley of arrows that strike true. Maxim followed up next with an evocation of Sacred Flame. The radiant flames scorched the flesh dramatically of The Beast, drawing its ire. The Beast then reacted with a full exhale of a shadow misasma that encompassed the four scouts. The human’s skin and bodies instantly began converting into that of Shadovar servants. Cage then entered the combat, using his holy abilities as a paladin of Mystra to drive a divine strike into The Beast’s flank, causing it to howl. Ruby then fired a devastating arrow into its thigh, while Kalenthor let loose a volley of magic missiles.

With the group now pressing their advantage, Jord called out to Ruby to fire another shot as he distracted the Beast. Meanwhile, the converted scouts, now fully under the control of the Shadovar, turned their bows onto Kalenthor and Ruby, firing off arrows in rapid succession. Maxim and Cage continued their assault while the Beast bit Jord on the should and raked his claws against Maxim. The bite wound on Jord then began to immediately show signs of being infected much like what happened to the scouts. Kalenthor, meanwhile, cast a web spell on the scouts to hinder their attacks.

Time was now an issue for the adventurers. Jord, despite his injury, slashed the Beast across the gut while Maxim shot a radiant bolt of energy into its chest. Within its death throws, The Beast bite Jord once more just as Cage drove his divine pick into the creature’s head while Ruby struck an arrow into its red eye, dropping it dead.

Once The Beast was down, the group incapacitated the scouts with the help of the wolves until Sword Commander Hugh arrived with the rest of his mean. Once that was done, the group began investigating the disease that had inflicted the scouts as well as Jord. Through a bit of work, Cage was able to channel the power of Mystra to Jord’s shoulder and cure the Shadovar disease that was attempting to take him over. Seeing that work, Hugh commanded the druids under his command to look after the scouts and do the same.

Once the scouts were handled, the group turned their attention to the creature and noticed that it had begun slowly regenerating its wounds. Acting quickly, the group first tried to use fire to stop the regeneration. Jord then moved and with a swing of his sword decapitated the creature. The head rolled away from the body and seemed to do the trick for a moment, but then tendrils of shadow wormed its way out of the body and the head seeking one another to try and put itself back together.

Seeing that didn’t work either, Maxim recalled how the radiant holy spells seemed to work extremely well. Maxim then tried to use his Sacred Flame spell, but it just wasn’t enough. Kalenthor then suggested that the group use a portal to send the creature to the other side of the world were it was still daytime. He used the finger bone portal key to open a portal to the City of the Dead and the group pushed the creature through. Kalenthor then stepped in after it to verify the body would indeed be destroyed. Kalenthor then stepped back with a satisfied smile and informed the group that The Beast was in fact disintegrating in the sunlight.

With the threat finally ended, the group headed back to the city of Caer Callidyyr to rest. The next day, the group went shopping for supplies. They then met with Steward Donnell who informed them that King Derid Kendrick wanted to personally thank the group for their help. The adventurers were then escorted to the alabaster castle of the Kendricks where they met a middle aged frail main dressed in casual clothing. He smiled and thanked the group for their assistance. He then told them that he had some gifts sent to the Inn to show his gratitude. They then discussed briefly why the creature had come after them and what the group’s mission was now. The King tried to ask for the group’s assistance with his own problems in the Moonshae Isles and help him reunite his kingdom, but the group politely declined, citing their own quest that needed to be completed.

Saddened but understanding, the King again thanked the group before they left back to the Inn. In their room they found several items laid out on the beds. Ruby took up a quiver of white shaft silver tipped arrows. Cage took up a silver ring lined with opals. Maxim took for himself a pearl the size of a lemon. For Jord there was a wolf head pommel long sword and for Kalenthor there was a staff in the shape of a python as well as golden bracers with embedded sapphires.



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