Stolen Paradox

Session 13

Infiltrating Krast'amar

The group rests and then decides to head to the Krast’amar portal room using the finger bone portal key. As they appear, the find a contingent of guards at the portal room consisting of 6 orcs and 4 drow.

Jord bull rushes the table and flips it over. The six orcs are forced to scramble for their weapons. Two drow shoot crossbows at Jord but miss. Two drow short swords both misses. Cage enters and pick on orc 1 (10). Kalenthor acid splash Orc 2 & 3 (2). Talthar sacred flame on drow misses. Ruby hides then arrow on orc 1 (12, dead). Maxim sword orc 2 (10/12) then extra attack (4/16, dead).

Jord gives Ruby attack with arrow on drow 1 (13, dead). Drow 2 crossbows miss Kalenthor and Maxim. Drow short sword miss Jord. Orc 3&4 miss Cage. Orc 5&6 miss jord with help from Cage. Cage orc 3 miss. Kalenthor acid splash orc 5&6 (4). Talthar sacred flame drow xbox1 (11). Ruby hide arrow misses. Maxim orc 3 (7/9).

Jord misses orc 5. Drow xbow on kalenthor and talthar miss. drow sword jord misses. Orc crit cage (15). orc 5&6 miss Jord. Cage pick orc 3 (6/15, dead). Kalenthor orc 6 acid (6). Talthar heals Cage (20). Ruby hide arrow drow xbow1 (16/27, dead). Maxim orc 4 miss.

Jord sword drow sword (6) action surge (12, dead). Drow xbow misses jord. Orc 5 hits jord (8). Orc cage misses. Cage orc 4 (6). Kalenthor 5&6 acid splash (6, 6 dies). Talthar sacred flame drow (16, dead). Ruby hide arrow orc 4 (12/18, dead). Maxim orc 5 (9, dead).

Find 64 gold pieces. Ruby scouts the area to find no other guards in the area. Kalenthor casts a ritual of Locate Object. The group stealthly makes their way through the city quietly until they reach the garrison. Within the garrison are a company of sleeping orcs. Ruby tries to scout across the room quietly looking for Rogar. She eventually finds him in the back corner of the room in a walled off area sleeping along with six woman in barely any clothing chained to the foot of the bed.

Ruby attempts to unchain the women stealthy and fails. Rogar wakes up and Ruby pretends to be a sleeping slave and he goes back to sleep. She then tries again and frees the slaves. Ruby then attempts to kill Rogar in his sleep and hits with her rapier (27). She then attempts to stab him again (12/39). Rogar grabs his axe and then swings misses, second swing (14).

Ruby hides rapier crit (21/60). Maxim casts bless on Jord, Cage, Maxim. Kalenthor argues for Cage to use Time Tear. Jord sighs and goes into the garrison towards the backroom. Cage uses the Time Tear to go back 1 hour (3 charges).

Cage tells the grop that the first attempt failed. They then discuss ways to succeed.



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