Stolen Paradox

Session 14

Slaying Rogar

Group sneaks in and sets up a surprise attack on Rogar.

Ruby sneaks with rapier (21/21). Kalenthor casts light. Talthar casts guiding bolt (15/36). Maxim sword (8/44). warpriest sword (6/50). Jord takes Rogar’s axe (12/62). Rogar grabs spear on Jord (13 and 13). Cage pick on Rogar (20/82).

Kalenthor bow (11/93). Ruby rapier Rogar (18/111). Talthar casts hold person succeeds. Maxim sword (14/125). Warpriest sword misses. Jord axe (16/141). Rogar fails hold person save. Cage smite (23/164). Rogar dies.

Women run to the back of the room, but Ruby convinces them to leave with them. The group loots the room and then sneaks out with the women. The group then heads out of Krast’amar.

The group makes the three day journey back to Tilverton. The slaves are free to go. Maxim reports back to the leader of the town that Rogar is dead, but there is still an army out there. They agree to begin fortifying the town to hold off an attack. The rest of the group says their good byes and prepares for the greater journey that lies ahead.

Talthar is taken to his “father” so Ruby can pay down some of her debt. Afterwards, Talthar joins the rest of the group and reveals the rest of the information about his grand quest and also who he really is: Laren Veranthis. He tells the group that Lloth must be stopped before she destroys the world. To do so, the group must travel back in time to strip away her divine portfolio a little bit at a time until she is weak enough for Kurstan to defeat her.

The first stop in time to defeat Lloth is two years ago where they must stop the initial alliance between the Drow and the Shadovar near Evereska. Also, there is another Time Tear located in the elven city.

The Drow house is Ussketh under Matron Mother Janear is heading the goal to align with the Shadovar. Janear’s daughter Priestess Zimia and her the weaponmaster Wosker are to meet with Lord Eskillian at the Stonelight cavern within the Graypeak Mountains. Meeting is in 1477, 1 Flamerule.



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