Stolen Paradox

Session 15

The Kaliesha'eral

The group uses the Time Tear to travel back in time to 10 Kythorn, 1477. They then use the finger portal to travel to Evereska. They then take the Hidden Path to the Sunset Gate. Upon the path they meet Selahene, knight of the seven sacred mysteries. The group heads to the Unicorn and Crescent, headed by an elf named Philaminthis.

Four elves pass (Knaves of the Missing Page) and leave a note at the group’s table that says “Cloudcrown Hill, Sunset”. They are rogue arcanists who wish to steal information from Garamond, a wizard who stole old elven high magic (Kaliesh’eral) after pretending to be a Harper and friend of the elves. Erevan is the leader and wants to hire the group because he has heard of the Nilo legend from Silverymoon and the old Elven Wars. The gropu agrees and in return, Erevan will obtain directions on how to reach the Stonelight Cavern.

The group rests for the night and then heads out to the mountains after Garamond. The group travels three days to the location, which is a cave guarded by gnolls (Gnoll Fang, Gnoll Pack Lord, four gnolls)



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