Stolen Paradox

Session 16

The Shimmering Caves

The group rests for the night and then heads out to the mountains after Garamond. The group travels three days to the location, which is a cave guarded by gnolls (Gnoll Fang, Gnoll Pack Lord, four gnolls).

Floki finds the cave while hunting for drow. The gnolls notice Floki and attack.

Floki rages axe gnoll 1 (15/15) second axe gnoll 1 (11/26, dead). Gnoll PL incite rage gnoll attack misses. Gnoll PL glaive misses, hits (8 halved). Kalenthor casts slow (all but gnoll 3 fail). Laren sacred flame (gnoll saved). Jord sword gnoll 3 (12/12) commander strike ruby arrow (20/32, dead). Gnoll Fang misses Jord failed save. Cage smite pick gnoll fang (22/22) second pick (10/32). Ruby hides arrow Gnoll PL (39/39). Gnolls miss Floki and Jord gnoll 2 saves, gnoll 4 fails.

Floki axe gnoll 2 (13/13) second axe misses. Gnoll PL glaive cage misses save vs slow. Kalenthor casts acid splash gnoll 2 (9/22, dead) gnoll 4 (9/9). Laren sacred flame Gnoll fang (9/31). Jord sword gnoll fang (14/45) second sword (8/53). Gnoll Fang claw Jord misses fails save. Cage smite pick (26/79, dead) second gnoll PL misses. Ruby hides arrow gnoll pl (17/56, dead). Gnoll disengages and runs away fails save.

Floki axe gnoll 4 (17/26) second axe (18/44, dead).

The group meet Floki as he comes down from his rage. He is hunting drow and the group agrees to help him help them with the save as they hunt Garamond.

The group makes there way into the cave which is a single tunnel down 40 feet that opens up to a carven roughly 50feet in diameter. There are sleeping bags, a firepit and bits of gear about the ground. There is a passage to the left and right. Next to the firepit is a human dressed in studded leather, shield and a spear. He is covered in scars and has straps of cloth across his head and arms with symbols marking him as a gladiator of Calimshan.

The group intimidates the Gladiator into leaving and not fighting. The gladiator does leave, though Ruby picks his pocket on the way out.

To the left is a tunnel that goes down thirty feet to a barracade. Ruby invesitgates. She navigates through the barracade and goes into the 25 foot cavern and finds the Umber Hulk. It notices her and attacks. After confusing her mind with its eyes, the umber hulk charges and kills Ruby.

Cage uses the Time Tear to go back an hour and tells the group not to go left. Jord tries to explain time travel to Floki, but the barbarian has a hard time understanding.

The group heads right to the right is a pool of water with pedastal. The water is two gelantinous cubes. Ruby hit by pseudopod while Floki ducks. The cubes then rise out of the water.



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