Stolen Paradox

Session 17

Garamond the Wicked

The group heads right to the right is a pool of water with pedastal. The water is two gelantinous cubes. Ruby hit by pseudopod while Floki ducks. The cubes then rise out of the water.

Jord sword gc1 (10) second sword gc1 (10/20). Floki rage recklass axe gc1 (13/33) second axe gc1 (14/47). Kalenthor bow (miss). Cage gc2 pick (10) second pick (8/18). Laren delay. Ruby bow sneak gc1 (19/66). GC1 fails to engulf Jord, missing attack. GC2 fails to engulf Cage, missing attack.

Jord sword gc1 (11/77) comamnder strike floki axe gc1 (21/98). Floki rage reckless axe gc1 (18/116) second axe (9/125). Kalenthor bow gc2 (4/22). Cage pick gc2 (9/31) second pick (13/44). Laren delay. Ruby bow (misses). GC2 engulfs Cage fails Floki. pseudopod floki (10).

Jord sword gc2 (12/56) second sword gc2 (14/70). Florki rage recklass axe gc2 (19/89) second axe (19/108). Kalenthor bow (8/116). Cage divine smite pick (20/136).

Group collects 3 sapphires (200gp/each)

The group makes their way deeper into the caves. The tunnel winds downward past sparkling crystals in the rock face. The tunnel opens up to another cave that has been converted into a wizard’s study with a table covered in parchments and tomes. There is a summoning circle at the center made out of silver. There is a man in plate armor of red and gold who is finishing putting on his armor. Next to him is a middle aged man in red robes and a shaved head with tattoos.

Cage divine smite pick mage (miss) second pick (20). Garamond fireball (37). Laren heals Ruby (16). Red Knight sword cage hit and miss (10). Jord sword garamond miss sword miss garamond (shield). Floki rage recklass axe garamond (15/35) second axe misses. Ruby bow garamond (misses). Kalenthor slow knight fails (-2 ac, one melee) garamond saves.

Cage pick garamond misses, pick divine smite garamond (17/42). Garamond cone of cold (38). Knight (19). Laren does a mass cure wounds (21). Red Knight sword cage (10) saves against slow. Jord sword garamond (misses, shield), second attack misses. Floki rage reckless garamond (19/61). Ruby hides bow knight (24/43). Kalenthor acid splash (5/48).

Cage pick knight misses, pick misses. Laren mass healing word (9). Red knight sword cage misses misses. Jord sword knight (20/68).

The group collects 20pp, 2 pearls (100gp/each), 5 diamonds (100gp/each), spell book, tablet.

The group rests and then makes their way back to Evereska and the Tower of Dreams. They meet with Erevan and hand over the Kaliesh’eral tablet. He turns over a map that shows how to reach the Stonelight Cavern.



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