Stolen Paradox

Session 18

Chimera Antics

The group leaves Evereska and heads north to the Stonelight Cavern. During their journey at the end of the second day, they are hunted by a Chimera.

Jord delays. Floki javelin chimera (13/13) second miss. Cage javelin chimera (6/19) second miss. Ruby arrow chimera (miss). Kalenthor web. Chimera dex 19 for web. Chimera lands fire floki (15), Jord (31), Cage (15), horn Floki (miss), Claws Cage (miss). Jord axe chimera (10/29) axe chimera (12/41). Laren heals Jord (18/13).

Floki reckless rage axe chimera (18/59) axe (12/71). Cage pick divine smite chimera (16/87) pick chimera (8/95). Ruby fails hide arrow chimera (miss). Kalenthor bow chimera (8/103). Chimera fire Floki (15), Jord (15/28), Cage (15), horn Floki (miss), Claw Cage (11). Jord axe (8/111) axe (8/119). Laren mass heal (15).

Floki reckless rage axe chimera (16/135) axe chimera (15/150). Cage pick divine smite chimera (23/173, dies).

The group rests for the night and then continues in the morning. On the fourth day, the group finally reaches the cave entrance which is guarded by a cyclops and a drow warrior.

Ruby hides arrow cyclops (miss). Jord sword (14) second sword(10/24). Cage pick drow divine smite (20, dies). Laren sacred flame (12/34). Kalenthor snake staff summon. Floki recklass rage axe cyclops (10/44) second axe (13/57).

Ruby hides arrow cyclops (miss). Jord sword cyclop (miss) commander strike ruby arrow (18/76). Cage pick cyclops divine smite lv2 (36/112) 2nd pick (10/122). Laren (9/131). Snake cyclops (21/152). Kalenthor bow cyclops (6/158). Floki rage axe cyclops (17/175) 2nd axe cyclops (11/186). Cyclops failed to break grapple.

Ruby hides arrow cyclops (19/206, dies).

Ruby scouts the cave and finds the three drow and the shadovar. The group attempts to stealth, but the drow hear them. Cage jumps back in time an hour and the group tries again, successfully this time.



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