Stolen Paradox

Session 2

Goblins in the Rocks

Maxim wrinkled his nose as the group took a collective breath now that the goblins were laying still on the group. The shallow cut from the goblin arrow stung, but only a little bit and not enough to warrant magic. Pain from combat was good. It reminded him that he was alive.

As the rest of the group began plifering the goblin bodies, a voice called out from behind them, “There you are!”

The rest of the group collectively looked over to see an elf dressed in a long coat with a high collar that partially covered the lower part of his face. Upon seeing the elf, Cage gave a wide smile, “Kalenthor! Glad you could catch up.”

Ruby looked over to the halfling with a confused expression, “You know this guy?”

Cage gave a nod, “He’s my friend and a pretty good wizard. I mentioned that he was the one who was studying and would catch up later.”

The elf casually walked over to the group, but then stopped at one of the dead goblin bodies. As he looked over the corpse, a surprise look came upon his face, “Ah! Baby Slaad!”

Ruby arched a brow, “So what are you doing Kalenthor?”

Without looking away from the body, Kalenthor gave a frown, “Failing to prove my hypothesis.”

“What hypothesis? What’s a slaad? It’s um, just a goblin.” Ruby asked.

Kalenthor stood up and shook his head, “So it would seem. It wasn’t really important anyway.” he said and then looked to Cage, "So, what little adventure are we going on today?

“Saving a kidnapped kid and trying to find an orc named Rogar the Undying.” said Maxim.

“Sounds dangerous. I’m in.” Kalenthor said.

As a man of few words, Jord decided to take off following the goblin trail deeper into the Stonelands and Maxim soon follows.

Kalenthor turns to Cage, “Where did you find these guys?”

Cage gave a light shrug, “At the tavern.”

Kalenthor gave a wide smile, “You do like the classics don’t you.”

The rest of the group quickly moved off to follow Jord and Maxim. For several hours they followed the trail until they reached a large rock formation in the middle of the flat lands. A quick discussion determined that it was probably that the goblins were within along with clues or the people they were looking for.

Ruby volunteers to go down to scout. With a careful stride, she makes her way down the steep declining passage. At the base of the tunnel she found an alarm trap consisting of a string with tin cans tied at each end. She gave a chuckle at the simplicity of the trap and then went about disarming it with ease. With the first cave in front of her, Ruby took a look around. She finds the several crates with the Everstone symbol burned onto the side. From the items within consisting of apples and bolts of cloth, Ruby quickly determined that they were from the caravan. She then grabs an apple and heads back up.

“Well?” Maxim asked as Ruby appeared from the cave.

“Crates from the caravan are in the first room.” Ruby said confidently, showing the apple before taking a bite.

“Apples?” Kalenthor asked hopefully.

Ruby tossed the apple over to Kalenthor, which he caught with ease. He then takes a couple bites himself before tossing it to the ground. The rest of the group watched him curiously as he used some simple magic to move around the dirt to bury the apple into the ground.

“What are you doing?” Jord asked.

“Sometimes large changes just need a little push.” Kalenthor said cryptically.

With that, the group decides to head down into the cavern to see what else they could find. Once they reached the room with the crates, they all agreed that Ruby was correct; the crates were from the caravan and that further exploration of the cave system was needed to try and find the missing people.

As they talked, a group of goblins snuck up behind the group from the deeper passage and launched a sneak attack on Jord and Ruby, both strikes hitting true. The two goblins then disengaged and two more came up, but their attacks missed. Jord tries to strike back, but misses.

Ruby disengages and moves back. Three goblins move to surround Jord, but only hit once. The fourth skirts around Jord and attacks Cage, but misses.

From the back of the group, the goblin boss “Ratbane” then comes up, survey’s the battle and says, “I smell man flesh.”

Maxim moves to engage, drawing his sword. He then tells Jord to toughen up and then heals his wounds. Jord swings with his glaive and beheads a goblin. Cage attacks with his pike, but misses. Kalenthor casts acid splash, but the goblins evade.

Ruby shoots her bow at a goblin fighting Jord, but misses. The goblin on Cage swings and hits. THe two on Jord miss however. The goblin boss, seeing magic, charges and attacks Maxim. He attacks twice, but misses. Maxim counter attacks, but misses. Jord attacks the boss, but misses. Cage attacks his target with his pick, but misses. Kalenthor casts acid splash again at the same two goblins and hits both this time as he correctly guesses which way they are going to dodge.

Ruby shoots her bow at the goblin on Cage and misses. Both goblins on Jord miss as does the one on Cage. The boss on Maxim scores a hit, but fails to follow up. Maxim swings and misses, prompting the boss to say “I will drink the marrow from your bones!”

Jord attacks and misses. Cage scores a hit with his pike. Kalenthor casts acid splash again and one goblin pushes the other into the acid in order to get away, which kills him.

Ruby shoots and hits, killing the last goblin fighting Jord with a hit to the head as it laughed at his acid fallen friend. The goblin on Cage scores a big hit. The boss misses Maxim twice. Maxim misses, while Jord strikes true with his glaive on the boss. Cage continues to miss the goblin he is fighting. Kalenthor does acid splash on the one fighting Cage, but misses.

Ruby shoots the boss, but misses. The goblin on Cage misses his swing, The boss on Maxim misses the critical hit. Maxim misses the counter stroke, but sets up Jord to hit with his glaive. Cage finally hits the goblin in front of him and puts the pike in the goblin’s head. Kalenthor casts acid splash and drops Ratbane.

With the fight finished, the group quickly searches over the fallen bodies and finds some loose coins, a gold signet ring with “ES” eteched on the face. Lastly, they find a human finger bone tied together with twine. Upon closer inspection, Kalenthor notices that there are Netherese runes inscribed on the bones.

Ruby goes about scouting the tunnel. She finds two passages to her left, one of which she can hear what sounds like an animal loudly chewing on something. She pulls out a piece of chalk and puts a frowny face on the rock face to mark it as not safe. She then returns back to the group.

The group then makes their way further down to the first passage to the left that has a frowny face in chalk. They proceed down and find a lair of the pet dire wolf. Ruby fires an arrow and makes a solid hit. Maxim moves in and attacks, hitting with this sword. Cage races down and attacks, hitting the dire wolf with this pike. Jord moves up next, but misses. Kalenthor casts acid splash, catching only the back end of the dire wolf. The dire wolf then bites Jord, but is not able to drag the large man to the ground. Ruby then fires a second arrow and kills it wolf.

Searching the wolf den, they find a pouch with four quartz stones as well as a wanted poster written in orc. Kalenthor hands the poster over to Jord who reads it.

The wanted poster states to capture Talthar Everstone and the crates from the caravan and take it to a place called Krast’amar.

The group pulls out of the cavaran to take a long rest.



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