Stolen Paradox

Session 20


Session 20

Laren gets the group together and informs the group that the next Time Tear is located at Wyrmbones, hidden underneath an ancient statue carving of Tiamat at the base of the mountain. The group scrys a few locations with the portal key, finding Highmoon via Dragon Blood and an unknown city via Blood Dragon. On their third try using Dragon Crown, they find Wyrmbones. The group travels back in time to continue their quest.

1473 DR
Wyrmbones Mountain

The group arrives in the middle of a murky pond in the middle of the Dead Vale. They then head out to find the dragon statue of Tiamat. The group goes to the statue and investigate to find bones at the back right foot where the Time Tear is supposed to be hidden. Ruby determines that the body was eaten by a creature and she also finds a dragon-like scale. Floki says the scale is a wyvern scale. The group figures out that a wyvern ate the man who was trying to steal the Time Tear. The group decides to climb the mountain to try and find the wyvern nest.

After climbing the mountain, the group finds a cave half way up. They find a bunch of bones within and at the back find a nest of four baby wyverns. Ruby goes to try and steal the Time Tear from the nest while Kalenthor sends his huge constrictor snake from his Snake Staff. The snake eats the babies while Ruby steals the Time Tear.

The group then climbs down to the bottom of the mesa. The mother wyvern then attacks.

Jord Hand Axe thrown (7) second thrown (11/18). Wyvern swoops down, bites and claws Jord (misses) and then goes back into the air. Kalenthor readies to cast a spell. Cage readies an action to channel divinity. Laren Sacred Flame Wyvern (saves). Floki javelin wyvern (8/26). Ruby hides arrow wyvern (20/46).

Jord readies an action to combat superiority. Wyvern swoops down on ruby. Kalenthor casts web on wyvern. Wyvern fails to break free and falls to the ground. Cage nature’s wrath on wyvern (saves). Kalenthor misty step out of the web arrow acid splash wyvern (7/53). Jord commander strike ruby arrow (22/75). Cage web spell (fails) strength check (fails). Laren web spell (fails) sacred flame wyvern (17/92). Floki web spell (saves) rage axe wyvern (12/104) rage axe wyvern (12/116). Ruby web spell (saves) hide arrow wyvern (misses).

Jord web spell (fails) sword wyvern (12/128) commander’s strike ruby arrow wyvern (27/155). Wyvern bite jord (11) stinger crit (16) and (12 poison). Kalenthor bow wyvern (11/166). Cage web spell (saves). Laren heals Jord (11). Floki axe wyvern (36/199).



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