Stolen Paradox

Session 21

Temporal Assassin

The group camps out at the base of the Wyrmbones Mountain for two days. One the night of the first day, a temporal assassin attack the group.

Surprise Round. Temporal Assassin sword sneak temporal distortion Jord (19+24) second sword temporal distortion (6+12). Kalenthor fireball TA (13). Jord second wind (11) sword TA (14/27) second sword (10/37). Jord action surge sword TA (miss) second sword (11/48).

Round 1. TA short sword temporal distortion JOrd (6+12) second sword (miss). Ruby hide arrow TA sneak (14/62). Kalenthor thunderwave TA (pushed 10ft, 20/82). Cage pick smite 2nd lvl TA (24/106) second pick TA (miss). Floki recklass rage axe TA (10/116) second axe (9/125). Jord sword TA (miss), commander strike ruby sneak arrow TA (24/149). Laren heals Jord (20).

Round 2. TA sword temporal distortion Floki (6+12) sword crit temporal distortion Floki (35+12). Ruby hide sneak attack TA (16/175).

Laren explains that the creature was a temporal assassin and how they came after the group for changing time.

After the Time Tear and Portal Key are recharged, the group must head out to Calimshan. There are two Time Tears located in the Pasha’s Estate.

1466, Calimport
Pasha Rooska

The group arrives at an oasis just outside the city. They walk to the city, reaching the outer wall market place, and Ruby decides to pickpocket while they head through. Ruby slight of hand (11). She tries to pick pocket a genasi. The bag, however, is holding a baby pet monkey which cries out. Ruby tries to convince the genasi that he dropped it, but there is a language barrier. The genasi tries to call the guards, but Ruby slips away before the guards can arrive.

Before leaving, Cage asks the genasi where the group could find Pasha Rooska. The genasi says to go to the Copper Ante and talk to Dwahvel Tiggerwillies.



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