Stolen Paradox

Session 22

Calimport Nights

The group enters the city and for the first order of business, they obtain local clothing to try and fit in. Then they head out to the Copper Ante and find that it is a halfling establishment. Floki, Kalenthor, and Jord head out to a nearby Inn called the Spitting Camel to wait while the Cage and Ruby head into the hall.

Ruby and Cage go to the Copper Ante with the hopes of talking to Dwahvel Tiggerwillies. They find a gambling hall filling with halflings, gnomes, and dwarves happily gambling away. The two play cards for a bit and learn that Tiggerwillies is at the main bar.

The two head over to the bar and speak with Dwahvel and ask about how to obtain an audience with Pasha Rooska. When asked how they came to her, Cage explains that a purple man pointed him to her. Dwahvel calls the genasi Ash Rookspear and says that Rookspear is the Pasha’s enforcer. The halfling then asks why the two want to speak with the Pasha, but they refuse to say why. Dwahvel then says that if the group wants to speak with someone about their business, she would need to know what the business is.

Cage and Ruby discuss for moment what to do and when Dwahvel returns, Ruby spins a story about looking to sell a harem to the Pasha. Dwahvel points the group to Cynda who runs the Glistening Harem on Avenue Paradiso.

The group gets back together at the Spitting Camel and explain the plan to Floki, Jord, and Kalenthor. The others agree (while also stoned off a hooka) while everyone but Ruby heads out to speak with Cynda. Ruby, meanwhile, is heading out to the Pasha’s Palace to scout the building.

The Glistening Harem is a large very nicestone bath house. Within are lots of important and rich people that are having their every whims taken care of.

Cage gathers information about what is going on in the city and learns about a Grand Masquerade Ball being held at the Pasha’s Palace to celebrate the marriage of his daughter Naghmeh to a local noble named Travol Frinkle. In two ten days there will be a Gladitorial Event to celebrate the Fourth Age of Calimshan and the Night Wars when drow invaded the city in -691 and slew the Caleph, signalling the end of the Vihad dynasty.

Ruby meanwhile, scopes out the Pasha’s Palace. She is looking for ways in, patterns of delivers and how people get in. She ultimately finds a sewer entrance at the edge of the compound. There is also a regular delivery of wine to the estate every three days that is usually three wagons large. She also studies the servant shifts and when the rotate in and out of the palace. Ruby then goes to the Glistening Harem and joins the rest of the group in the bath house.

The group decides to forge a copy of the invitation to the Masquerade Ball. Ruby manages to convince an aristocrat woman to tell her all about the invitation so create a credible forgery. Kalenthor sits down over the next couple of days to create the forged invitation. The group then gets ready of the next four days for the Ball. Ruby and Jord spend two of those nights “fixing” the grate to the sewer entrance so Ruby can use it the night of the Ball.


NSFW content omitted. ; )

Session 22

Thank Freyja, I don’t think the rest of the world should know what was so funny.

Session 22

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