Stolen Paradox

Session 23

The Walnut Caper

Ruby and Cage prepare to take the sewer access into the Palace. Kalenthor, Laren, Floki, and Jord will be attending the ball to keep an eye on the Pasha and the security guards. Kalenthor buys an expensive gift of a silk light blue shaw with gold embroidery.

Meanwhile Ruby and Cage enter into the sewers to investigate and find the best path to the vault. Ruby is able to navigate the sewers and find the most likely location of the vault. She then finds a entrance into the palace. While sneaking around the palace, she is able to find entry into the vault guarded by two guards.

The night of the ball the group is able to enter into the Palace without problem. The Palace is finely decorated and everyone in attendance is dressed for a great night. Meanwhile, Ruby and Cage enter through the sewers with Cage under Invisibility. They reach the bathhouse entrance and go into the palace. They then sneak up to the guards at the vault hallway where Cage attacks.

Surprise Attack
Cage advantage pick guard1 (22, unconciousness) second pick guard2 (25, unconciousness).

Meanwhile, Jord and Laren notices a snakeman of purple scales and gold jewerly. The crowd seems to either completely accept its presence or doesn’t even notice it is there. Jord tells Kalenthor who is surprised to see such a creature. Kalenthor introduces himself to the snakeman and makes small talk.

Ruby moves over to the vault door and begins picking the lock, but her pick breaks on the lock. She pulls out her finer set of picks and tries again. The pick almost breaks again, but she recovers and finishes picking the lock. A click sounds off and the gears on the door grind as the door begins to open.

Kalenthor, while walking back to the group, sees the two guards at the outer hallway look back as if they heard the door. The mage then looks to Floki who is eyeballing a plate of meat and flicks his ear.

Floki whirls around on a guy behind him and immediate punches him in the face. The guards around the room immediately move in to stop Floki which turns into a full brawl.

Ruby and Cage move into the now open vault. Ruby looks for traps and finds two at the entrance. She disables the first trap and then moves onto the second one, where she disarms it as well. Looking over the main vault, Cage is able to find the two Time Tears on a shelf. Ruby makes her way over and finds a trap on the case holding the tears. Ruby attempts to disarm the trap. She fails and explodes in fire.

Cage goes back in time a round and tells Ruby to be more careful. This time she is able to disarm the trap. She collects the Time Tears, replaces them with walnuts and hands the real things off to Cage. They then leave via the sewer.

Floki is forcibly removed from the Palace and put in jail. Kalenthor then later goes by and posts bail to get him out. The group then gathers together to the Glistening Harem to wash up and prepare to leave. While relaxing, Laren tells the group that their next destination will be Myth Drannor in 1433.


Hopefully I put some little fop on his ass during the brawl

Session 23

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