Stolen Paradox

Session 24

The Wrong Timeline

The group decides to teleport to Myth Drannor first in hopes of getting the Time Tear without having to travel back in time. They arrive in a pond in a park on the southeast edge of the city. The first thing the group notices that there are no people around. Laren leads the group to the Aradahl residence where they find four skeletal bodies of elves. Kalenthor investigates and determines that the bodies were killed by claws and fire. Ruby further investigates, finds a few valuables, and then they check the closet to find that the Time Tear is missing, but there is a mummified reptilian hand instead.

Kalenthor thinks the hand is similiar to the hand of Xamara in Calimport. When shown to Laren, Kalenthor asks if there are any chronomancer reptiles. Laren says that the only reptilian species capable of it were the Sarraukh, but they were a Creator Race and have long since fallen from power before the rise of the elves.

The group thinks that maybe someone is messing with time and decide to go into Myth Drannor proper. They head deeper in to look for clues as to what happen and by who. Jord goes through the destroyed churches and finds 4 greater healing potions and 2 superior healing potion and 1 potion of heroism.

The group finds the bodies of eleves along with orcs, goblins, gnolls, and various demons. The group determines that the event is very similiar to the Army of Darkness that sacked the city in 714. Not wanting to stick around any longer, the group decides to travel back in time to 1434.

1434 DR
Year of the Silent Crickets
Myth Drannor

When the group arrives in Myth Drannor, they find a city currently under seige. It is raining while lightning strikes the city and explosions sound off at the city proper. The group heads to house and find an elven male slay a gnoll before running. The group goes to the house and convinces the elves to leave immediately. Kalenthor then opens portal to Evereska at the pond and ushers 28 elves to the elven city.

Cage uses Divine Sense to feel what is around and can feel a demon heading in their direction. Ruby, meanwhile, checks the closet and finds the Time Tear. Then a flame covered Hezrou demon comes charging upon the house.

Round 1
Jord sword trip hezrou (miss) sword trip hezrou (11 saved trip). Hezrou bite Jord (miss) claw jord (miss) claw jord (11+5fire). Floki reckless rage axe hezrou (18/29) axe hezrou (12/41). Ruby hide arrow hezrou (miss). Kalenthor magic missile hezrou (12/53). Laren heals Jord (8). Cage pick hezrou divine smite level 2 (30/83) pick hezrou divine smite level 1 (25/108).

Round 2)
Jord dex saved vs fire (10). Jord goading attack sword hezrou (9/117 wis saved). Jord sword hezrou (15/132). Jord Action Surge goading attack sword hezrou (21/153) Jord sword hezrou (9/164). Hezrou bite Jord (miss) claw jord (11+10 fire) claw jord (11+5 fire). Floki reckless rage axe hezrou (18/182) reckless rage axe hezrou (11/193). Ruby hide arrow hezrou (21/dead).

The group decides to try and find the elven leadership to try and help as they need to find out how to fix the problem. Ruby leads the group through the battlefield towards the Tower of Twelve Stars. At the entrance of the tower is a demon battle group fighting a group of elves.



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