Stolen Paradox

Session 26

Pissing on the Past

The group decides to travel back in time to just before the demon invasion of Myth Drannor. Their hope is to try and stop the ritual that opens the planar gate over the city. Upon arriving several weeks back, they find the city as it was before the invasion. The elves, they find, are in the middle of preparing for a festival.

Traveling to the obilisk that they believe is the focal point for the planar gate, Kalenthor discovers that it is in fact a true mythal and is beyond their ability to destroy to prevent the gate from being formed. They instead decide to investigate the city to try and find clues on who might be planning to open the portal.

From their investigation, they are able to determine that the festival is to celebrate the rebirth of Fflar Melruth. There was also a recent new person seen in the city that sticks out. A representative from Dambrath seeking to establish trade. A reptilian named Sansis of the Amtar Dominion. Usually found at the White Lilly Estate.

Ruby goes to case the Estate to determine what sort of information can be found. Using her duck business as her cover, Ruby goes to the Estate. She is met by the personal assistance (student) Sslar. They are invited into the estate and meet Lord Sansis of the Nine Hills, High Scale of Xinila, and Diplomat to the High Queen Xisala the Sixth, ruler of the Amtar Dominion.

From the perception, Ruby is able to determine that Sansis is most likely a spellcaster. There was a shield guardian that you catch in the reflection of a mirror. There are four other reptilians in the building. The group then leaves and discusses what to do.

The group will break into two groups. One will watch the obilisk and the other will watch the Estate. Watching the mythal, the group notices an elven man (different one each time) show up and wrap a piece of silver chain around the base. The next day, they place incense. The third night a gem is placed at each corner. Tracking the elves leads the group to a residence in different parts of the city. The elves shake off what appears to be some sort of mental compulsion.

At the estate, notice Fflar arrives alone in the middle of the fourth night and speaks with Sansis for awhile before casting a spell. Ruby sneaks up to listen in and hears the conversation, but it is in elven and she is not able to understand.



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