Stolen Paradox

Session 27

Sansis Showdown

Sansis Showdown

The group gathers to decide what to do moving forward. Kalenthor suggests that they inform Miritar of Lord Sansis’ plans to open a demon gate within the city. They go to Tower of Twelve Stars where Cage is elected to go inform the city leadership. The guards at the tower inform the group that no one is currently allowed inside. They tell the guards that Fflar Melruth is being magically enchanted to act against his will. They leave Kalenthor’s name with the guards and then leave.

The group waits in hiding at the obilisk for the next night and for the charmed elves to set the next part of the ritual. The charmed elf this night brings a bag and begins sprinkling a powder-like substances onto the ground. He then drops the bag off at a bench and walks off. The group then goes over to the obilisk and begins cleaning the pillar as well as clean up the components as best as they can. Studying the silver chain, they find a smith’s mark on several links labeled as ES (Evelar Silverdawn).

The next day Lord Sansis is questioned by Miritar, prompting him to use time magic to go back and see what is going on with the obilisk that prompted the elves to look into his activities. There he finds the adventures messing with the rituals. He then uses more time magic to change his actions to bring the rest of his group with him to attack.

Round 1
Lord Sansis casts Temporal Push on Cage (fail, put into temporal pocket). Kalenthor casts Confusion S1, S21, S3 (S1, S2 fail). Floki reckless rage axe S1 (20) axe S1 (16/36). Shield Gurdian readies an action. Laren sacred flame Sansis (saved). S1 takes no action under confusion (saves). S2 takes no action under confusion (fails). S3 floki scimitar bite scimitar (26). S4 Jord scimitar x2 (miss) bite (miss). Jord S4 axe (9) axe (9/18) moves towards floki. Ruby hide arrow sneak Sansis (12) SG (12). Cage temporal push (fails).

Round 2
Lord Sansis casts Battlefield Temporal Explosion. Ruby (saves) Jord (40) Laren (20). Kalenthor fireball Sansis (7/19) SG (39/41) S1 (15/51) S2 (15). Floki recklesss rage axe S1 (20/71) axe (19/90). Shield Guardian readies action heals (10/31). Laren mass healing word (20 healed). S1 floki scimitar (17). S2 Jord scimitar (11) bite (17) confusion (fails). S3 Floki scimitar (11) bite (17). S4 jord scimitar (11) bite (17). Jord pulls shield drinks potion (14). Ruby hide arrow Sansis (8/27) SG (9/40). Cage returns from temporal pocket pick S1 (9/60, dead).

Round 3
Lord Sansis ice storm countered by Kalenthor. Kalenthor uses Serpent Staff. Snake constrict Sansis grappled (6/33) SG (7/47). Floki reckless rage axe S3 (16) axe (16/32). Shield Guardian heals (10/37) fist snake (misses). Laren temporal duplication mass heal (20). S2 runs right jord opportunity attack sword (14/29) confusion (failed). S3 scimitar x2 (28) bite (20). S4 jord
scmiitar (11) bite (17). Jord evasive footwork move to Sansis S4 opportunity failed Sword Sansis (5/38) SG (6/53) action surge sword Sansis (5/43) SG (5/58) sword Sansis (5/48) SG (5/63) bonus action second wind. Ruby hide arrow Sansis (12/60, dies) SG (12/75).

The remaining Sarrukh surrender and one runs away under confusion. Shield Guardian passive mode. Treasure 100pp, 1,000gp, diamonds x5 (1,000gp), temporal spellbook, shield guardian amulet. magical items

The group takes the prisoners and Sansis’ body to the White Lilly Estate. The group questions the group as to what they were doing and the prisoner explains that they were trying to take the mythal in an effort to save their race and rebuild in the future after nearly dying out in the past. Kalenthor opens a portal to the Shaar and the prisoners flee.



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