Stolen Paradox

Session 28

Shopping in Waterdeep

Shopping in Waterdeep

With the Sarrukh defeated, the Gate that allows the Army of Darkness into Myth Drannor has been stopped. The group divides up the treasure and then sits down with Laren to learn what their next move is.

The next destination is 1379 during the Wrath of Lloth. The goal is to journey into the Demonweb Pits and replace the artifact Crescent Blade that slays Elistraee and replace it with a replica. By doing this, the goddess can survive the encounter and go into hiding. This will then prevent Lloth from obtaining the divine Destruction portfolio. He then suggests that while they are in Myth Drannor, they should find a picture of the Blade and create a replica in 1434 and then take it with them into the past.

The group heads to Waterdeep. At Lalo’s Emporium, there is a black skinned book called the Tome of Black Tears is a picture of the Crescent Blade. Kalenthor heads to the shop and finds the book. Within the tome is a description and picture of the Crescent Blade. With the information, the group goes off to find a blacksmith to create a replica of the blade.

Jord recommends Barbas Steelworks to Kalenthor to make the blade. Barbas says he can make the blade in two weeks and Kalenthor and Jord agrees.

After spending their hard earned money on new gear and the replica Crescent Blade is created, the group prepares to head into the Abyss. First they have to figure out how to get into the Abyss. Doing some more research, Kalenthor finds a portal to the Abyss in the Blackwater Caves south of Waterdeep. Witchking Castle in Vaasa. Under the Grandfather Tree in the High Forest.

The group travels five days south to the Blackwater Cave. Cage then uses the Time Tear to travel the group back 55 years.

1379: Year of the Lost Keep

The mouth of the cave changes little, though now there is a corpse of a giant whale at the entrance that has been partially eaten. The group enters the cave and finds the lair of Brimstone, a young black dragon. It notices Ruby as she attempts to sneak away.



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