Stolen Paradox

Session 29

Kelrathgalzra's Lair

Having been noticed by the black dragon, Ruby screams and begins running within the Blackwater Cave. She uses the ruins of the ancient dwarven town to keep out of the dragon’s breath weapon. She moves first, making a mad dash towards the exit and then slides into a hiding spot near a partial standing building. The dragon roars at its escaping prey and then starts running in the direction of the exit. At the mouth of the cave, Jord manages to hear the faint roar of the dragon and alerts the group that begins running into the cave.

Ruby pulls out a couple of mechanical ducks and winds them up. She sets them down next to some rubble to make some noise before sneaking off towards the exit. The dragon hears the ducks and jumps up on to a building and breaths acid on the ducks. Ruby continues sneaking towards the exit and makes it to the mouth, but there is no more cover. The dragon turns around and spots her. It takes flight and speeds towards her.

Just as the dragon reaches Ruby as she reaches the top of the stairs, the rest of her group arrives at the top of the stairs.

Round 1
Floki reckless rage axe dragon (15) axe (16/31). Jord sword dragon (miss) sword goading attack dragon (10/41, fail save). Ruby hides arrow+1 dragon (22/63). Dragon claw/claw/bite jord (miss, 15, 15+5 acid). Laren heals Jord (13). Kalenthor web dragon. Shield guardian hold. Cage hammer dragon (14/77) pick dragon (miss) hammer dragon crit divine smite 2nd level (42/112).

Round 2
Floki reckless rage axe dragon (18/130) axe dragon (14/144). Jord sword goading attack dragon (16/160, saved) sword dragon (7/167) action surge sword dragon (miss) sword dragon (14/181). Ruby hide arrow+1 (18/199). Dragon web (save, difficult terrain) acid breath cage (30) jord (60) floki (30). Laren mass heals (8). Kalenthor Otiluke’s resilient sphere (failed save). Shield Guardian hold action. Cage lay on hands jord (35).

Round 3
Floki pushes the sphere down the stairs. Jord second wind and then moves down the stairs. Ruby hides. Dragon cure wounds (16/183). Laren mass cure (15). Kalenthor activates broom and flies over the sphere. Shield guardian holds action. Cage moves down the stairs.

Jord, Shield Guardian, Floki, and Cage move down to the bottom of the stairs and ready to attack. Kalenthor drops his snake on top of the sphere to attack when ready. Dragon cure wounds (30/153).

Round 4
Laren sacred flame (10/163). Kalenthor magic missile dragon (13/176). Snake dragon (miss). Shield guard dragon (miss) (miss). Cage hammer dragon (13/189) pick dragon (7/196) hammer dragon (15/211, dies).

300 Copper
8,000 Silver
2,000 Gold
90 Platinum
10 obsidian worth 10 gp each
wool tapestry worth 250gp
ivory ring set with small gemstones worth 250gp
exotic wood mug with semi-precious stone inlay worth 250gp
Potion of Healing II
Potion of Climbing
Scroll of False Life
Scroll of Disguise Self
Abyssal Portal

Cage is able to read the runes on the portal as they are written in dwarven. He finds that they are the command words for the portal. When the group is ready, Cage activates the portal and the group goes in.

The Demonweb Pits

The group exits the portal and arrives into a cave made of volcanic rock. They make their way out of the cave and see the Demonweb Pits in all of its glory. The group asks Laren what to do next. He communes with his God and determines that they need to find the Darksong Knight Cavatina Xarann upon the giant shell, a nautilus. The group begins traveling looking for the giant nautilus.

The group runs into Nalfeshnee, whom the group asks for directions to the nautilus. The Nalfeshnee asks the group for payment and after a little of talk, the group agrees to slay Kre’ishtal in return for information. The Nalfeshnee points the group to a crystal spire about five webs over from their current location. The group heads in that direction.



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