Stolen Paradox

Session 3

Stepping through Shadow

After a quiet evening spent recovering, the group regroups at the cave entrance and delves back inside in hopes of finding Talthar Everstone, defeating Rogar the Undying, and the caravan supplies. In the first cave they find the dead goblin bodies from yesterday. Pressing onward, they head straight to the third cave in the same area. Here they find several humans being chained together by four goblins and a dire wolf watching intently with hungry eyes.

The group makes no attempt at stealth and instead charge into the room. Jord moves in first to engage the dire wolf, while the others attack the goblins. Cage makes a solid hit on one goblin, while Kalenthor burns one of the goblins with acid.

The acid proves to be the tipping point for the goblin’s resolve. The dire wolf, distracted by its handler’s injury, takes a solid hit from Jord’s glaive. Ruby, having hidden herself within the shadows of the cave, makes a critical shot at a goblin that was just about shank Maxim in the back, putting her arrow through its head. Now free to move freely, Maxim engages another goblin, scoring a solid hit. Cage joins Maxim and puts his pike through a goblin’s neck that was trying to dodge out of the way of another arrow from Ruby.

Maxim then moves to help Jord, slicing the dire wolf along the flank. In pain, it snaps at Maxim’s leg and bite down and yanks out his leg from under him. With the wolf’s back to him, Kalenthor smartly casts magic missile, catching a solid hit on the wolf’s rear. Cage then sweeps in and puts his pick into the dire wolf’s brain.

With the enemy dead, the group quickly unchains the captive humans and then finds some treasure as well as a potion of healing. One of the humans, calling himself Ed, talks with Kalenthor about the situation. Ed explains that Talthar never came with them to the cave. Instead, an orc shoved Talthar through a portal created from a tub of water using what looked like a finger bone.

Surprised at the revelation, Kalenthor pulls out the finger bone recovered from Ratbane and shows it to Ed, who confirms that it looks like the same one used to teleport Talthar somewhere. Ed is then questioned about Rogar, which Ed gives a vague description of an orc with an axe who could be the orc leader.

Confident that their quest is near completion, they press on to the last cave. Ruby scouts the cave and reports back that she saw a big orc with an axe next to a desk as well as four goblins quickly packing crates with supplies. The group decides once again to just charge the room.

Jord rushes the room first and engages the orc, hitting with his glaive. He then calls on an extra burst of speed and scores a second hit. Ugrosh the orc draws his axe and retorts, scoring a hit on Jord. Kalenthor enters the cave next, standing just inside the entrance as he casts another splash of acid, hitting two of the goblins to his right. Maxim rushes in next to join Jord on the orc, scoring a guided strike. He then calls out Tempus’ name and strikes a second time for a another cut. Cage then enters, moving to the left to engage the goblins, dropping one in a single hit. The second one is hit by an arrow from Ruby. Lastly, the two goblins on the right try to rush Ruby and Kalenthor, but mis.

Ugrosh recovers from the onslaught, strikes a solid hit on Maxim. It proved to be his last act of defiance. Jord and Maxim coordinate their attacks, striking Ugrosh from both sides, killing him. Kalenthor then casts Thunderwave to push the two goblins in front of him. One of them breaks his neck on the ground while the other is pushed onto Jord’s extended glaive, impaling it through the chest.

A quick search of the room reveals a message written by Rogar to an orc named Ugrosh to bring the supplies to Krast’amar via the portal. Sadly, the group discovers that the orc they killed wasn’t Rogar after all. In order to finish their mission, they will have to go to the former lair of the Cult of the Dragon.

With the fight done, the group has a long discussion about talking the captives home or going to Krast’amar to rescue Talthar. Maxim wants to escourt the people home and Jord leans that way. Ruby, Cage, and Kalenthor want to go after Rogar. The group ultimately opens the portal using the finger bone and step into the portal. Maxim finally agrees, tells the captives they will be back before going into the portal.

The group appears in the conversation room of Krast’amar. It is a worked stone cavern with a door. A stone rimmed pool of 5 foot diameter. The worked flood has runes all over. The group opens the to find a hallway and they begin to go down the hall to a four way intersection. They open a door straight head and open it to find a storage room with the remaining caravan items. They then turn around and go back to the four way intersection and go down the long passageway.

The open the next room to find a two story prison room filled with people in cages. The ceiling has a seam that indicates that it opens up. Maxim wants to free the people, but Kalenthor points out that they don’t even know how to get out of Krast’amar.



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