Stolen Paradox

Session 30

Demon Hunting

The group makes their way to the entrance to the crystal spire that stands five stories tall. There is no answer to the door and so the group enters cautiously. The bottom floor is furnished with crystal furniture and items, though there is no one to be seen in the single circular room.

At the center of the room is a spiral crystal staircase, which the group heads up. At the 2nd floor, the group can hear talking. As they creep up they see four bearded devils talking to one another about thirty feet from the stairs. The group rushes the devils.

Round 1
Floki reckless rage axe bd1 (11) axe crit bd1 (31/42). BD1 beard floki (miss) glaive floki (8). BD2 beard floki crit (10) BD2 glaive (13). Ruby hide arrow BD1 (miss). Jord sword bd1 (7/49) sword bd1 (9/58). Laren sacred flame bd1 (18/76, dead). BD3 beard jord (miss) glaive jord (miss). Cage hammer bd2 (9) pick bd2 (7/16). Kalenthor magic missile bd2 (11/27). SG fistx2 BD3 (10) (10/20).

Round 2
Floki reckless rage axex2 bd2 (17/33) axe bd2 (17/50). BD2 beard floki (6) BD2 glaive floki (8). BD3 beard jord (miss) glaive jord (miss). BD4 beard jord (miss) glaive jord (8). Ruby hide arrow bd2 (20/70). Jord sword bd3 (11/31). commander strike ruby arrow bd2 (miss). Laren sacred flame bd2 (resist). Cage hammer bd2 (10/80, dead) pick bd3 (11/42). Kalenthor acid splash bd3 bd4 (resist). SG fistx2 bd3 (miss, 8/50).

Round 3
Floki reckless rage axex2 bd3 (20/70) (18/88, dead). BD4 beard floki (6) glaive floki (8). Ruby hide arrow BD4 (27). Jord sword bd4 (10/37) sword bd4 (11/48). Laren sacred flame bd4 (resist). Cage hammer bd4 (15/65) pick crit bd4 (16/81, dead).

The group collects four pouches of 20pp each. They then search the room but find nothing of interest. They then head up to the 3rd flood and find several summoning circles and several dead demons.

At the 4th floor, the group finds a demon chained to a chair and a chained devil torturing him. Ruby is frightened by his appearance.

Round 1
Jord sword cd (10) sword cd (14/24). Floki reckless rage axe cd (13/37) axe cd (9/46). CD chain floki (11) chain floki crit (18). chain1 jord (11) chain2 jord (miss) chain3 cage (miss) chain4 cage (11). Ruby hide arrow (miss). Kalenthor acid splash chain1 (10) chain2 (10). SG chain1 (10) chain1 (6/16). Cage grapple (7) escape. Laren mass heal (10).

Round 2
Jord grapple (7). Jord sword CD (miss) sword cd (miss). Floki grapple (7). reckless rage chain0 (19, broken). reckless rage chain0 (17/27). CD floki (11) chain (11). Ruby hide arrow crit cd (52/98, dead).

The group takes a short rest. Ruby searches teh room and finds a diamond as big as her fist (1,000gp)

The group then heads up to the 5th Floor where they find the Bone Devil Kre’ishtal.

Round 1
Kre’ishtal polearm jord (17) sting ruby (13+17 poison and poisoned). Kalenthor snake staff bd constrict (6, restrained DC 16). SG fist BD (miss) fist (5/11). Floki reckless rage axe bd (18/29) axe (15/44). Ruby arrow (miss) hide. Cage lay on hands remove poison Ruby. Jord escape (success). Laren heal Ruby (23).

Round 2
Kre’ishtal polearm cage (17, grappled). sting cage (56/63). Kalenthor magic missile bd (11/55). snake constrict bd (miss) SG fist BD (5/60) fist bd (5/65). Floki ax bd (19/84) axe (18/102). Ruby arrow+1 bd (29/131) hide. Cage lay on hands cage (30). Jord commander strike ruby arrow+1 bd (27/158) sword bd (9/167).

Upon completing the task, the Nalfeshnee informs the group that they must travel twenty webs towards the air of blue lightning. There the will find the nautilus. He also warns them that it crashed next to the Temple of Aramondos, the original ruler of the 66th layer of the Abyss and its creator.

The group and the demon part on mutual terms.



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