Stolen Paradox

Session 31

Traversing the Webs

First, the group decides to take a long rest inside the crystal spire to regain their strength. Many hours later, the group exits the spire and finds that the webs ahead of them towards the Tower are covered in creatures that Cage points out. Upon closer inspection, it is determined that they are driders working on maintaining the webs.

The group travels the webs towards their destination, taking only a little caution in staying out of the drider’s way. After four hours, a trio of driders spot the group and heads in their direction.

Driders attack the group once they get within bow range, two to the right and one to the left from 100 feet away with longbows.

Round 1
Driders shoot arrows at Cage, Kalenthor, and the Shield Guardian. Floki charges towards the one on the left. Ruby fires at one on the right and misses. Kalenthor fireball on D2 (40) and D3 (40). Jord moves towards D2. Shield Guardian holds. Laren sacred flame D1 (17). Cage moves towards D3.

Round 2
D1 moves to attack Floki with bite and sword. D2 attacks Jord arrows. D3 attacks Cage arrows. Floki attacks D1 (miss) (36/53). Ruby D2 arrow hides (18/58). Kalenthor fireball D2 (35/93) D3 (17/57). Jord ruby arrow D2 (33/126, dies). Shield Guardian moves to Ruby. Laren sacred flame D1 (saves). Cage moves to D3.

Round 3
D1 sword on Floki. D3 cage bite sword sword. Floki D1 (20/73) (15/88). Ruby hide arrow D1 (miss). Kalenthor acid splash D3 (7/63). Jord D3 (9/72) action surge D3 (7/79). Shield Guardian holds. Laren sacred flame D3 (saves). Cage D3 (10/89) (miss) (19/108).

Round 4
D1 sword floki. D3 Cage sword swqord. Floki D1 (16/104) (19/123, dies). Ruby hide arrow D3 (25/133, dies).

The group takes a short rest and then continues on their journey. Four hours later, they encounter a single drider that runs away upon seeing the group. Another four hours later the group comes across a wreckage of a ship that is roughly 120 feet long with green sails. Within the ship are many dead elves.

The group finds jewerly worth 500gp on board the ship. Kalenthor gets in the helm and after a little experimentation, manages to power on the spelljammer ship.

Four hours later, the arrives at the Temple of Aramondos.



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