Stolen Paradox

Session 32

Temple of Aramondos

The group arrives at the web holding the Temple of Aramondos and a large nautilus next to the building. The group has a brief discussion about what to do and how to swap out the real Crescent sword with the fake one. While the group argues, Jord and Floki walk up to the door and knock. Ruby sneaks up behind them, taking the Crescent Sword with her.

The door is answered by two Yochlol in spider form. The demons immediately attack when they see that the peolpe are not drow.

Round 1
Jord dodges. Y2 misses Jord. Y1 hits Floki twice. Floki reckless rage Y1 (10/10) (14/24). Ruby sneaks past the battle and heads down the left ground floor. Laren heals Floki (12). Cage ballista Y1 (15/39). Kalenthor holds.

Round 2
Jord Y1 (miss) commander strike Floki Y1 (17/56). Y1 floki (once) Y2 Jord (tree times). Floki reckless rage Y1 (17/73) (18/91). Ruby sneaks along and finds the dining hall where 15 drow are eating, but she doesn’t find Cavatina Xarann. Laren heals Jord (14). Cage reloads the ballista. Kalenthor holds.

Round 3
Jord Y1 (14/105) commander strike Floki Y1 (24/129). Y1 floki (once). Y2 Jord (twice, Jord down). Floki Y1 (11/140) (15/155, dead). Ruby sneaks around and finds some more rooms, but none of them have Cavatina. She makes her way back to the front room and heads towards Jord. Laren heals Floki (16). Cage fires himself off the ballista at Y2 and hits (11). Kalenthor holds.

Round 4
Jord dying (succeed). Y2 floki (twice, Floki down, relentless endurance). Floki Y2 (18/29) (19/48). Ruby sneaks upstairs and finds the shrine to Eilistraee and the Crescent Blade. Laren heals Jord (10). Cage Y2 (6/54) smith 2nd level (33/87) smite 1st level (24/101). Kalenthor holds

Round 5
Jord potion and stands. Y2 Cage (twice). Floki Y2 (10/111) (13/124). Ruby sneaks up to the alter and looks for traps and doesn’t find any. Laren heals Floki (16). Cage Y2 (15/141) (9/150) (9/159). Kalenthor holds

Round 6
Jord Y2 (9/168) (14/182). Y2 (cage, floki miss, jord). Floki Y2 crit (dead). Ruby attempts to switch the blades. She does so and sneaks away out of the altar room.

When Ruby makes her way down to the ground floor. She sees the drow making their way towards the entrace and races out the door while yelling at her companions to run. The group manages to outrun the drow to the spelljammer ship and escape the web holding the temple.

Concerning the Crescent Blade, they decide to drop the blade off with the Knaves of the Missing Page in Evereska in 1477. The group then travels back to the Abyssal portal and heads back to the Prime.

The group’s next destination is Baulder’s Gate in 1369. There is a Time Tear buried at the base of a tree in the Garden District near the Golden Bucket.



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