Stolen Paradox

Session 33

The Elven Hunters

After leaving the Abyss, the group travels back in time to 1369 at the cave. They then begin the 10 day walk south to Baldur’s Gate.

On the second day, the group is ambushed by a cloud giant as they investigate a destroyed group of wagons. They find a little girl under one of the wagon.

Round 1
Floki rage axe cg (17) axe (17/34). Giant floki morningstar (21) (miss). Cage cg (13/47) (9/56) (10/66). Jord cg (14/80) commander strike floki (18/98). Ruby hide arrow cg (miss). Kalenthor acid splash (saved). Shield Guardian cg (11/107) (11/118). Laren sacred flame (saved).

Round 2
Floki rage cg (14/132) (12/144). Giant misty step kalenthor (21 half to sg) (21 half to sg). Cage cg (11/155) (8/163) 2nd level smite (24/187). Jord (20/207) (10/217). Ruby hide arrow (miss). Kalenthor misty step grabs the girl and uses broom of flying to fly up and out of the way. Shield Guardian cg (miss) (miss). Laren sacred flame (miss)

Round 3
Floki rage cg (14/231) (14/245). Giant gaseous form flees.

Investigating the area, the group finds the giant’s hideout on the other side of the hill. Looking over the findings, they find merchant goods, 200 gold pieces, and a letter from Trovar the Beastlord. The letter says to attack merchants and elves on the road.

The little girl says her name is Lily.

One the sixth night, the group is attacked just as they stop for the night. There are three men in armor with elemental symbols. One is a priest in plate with the symbol of three lightning bolts of Talos. Lastly there is a large seized creature leading the group.

Kalenthor hides behind his Shield Guardian and casts invisibility. He then hops on his broom of flying and goes into the air. Ruby hides behind Jord.

Round 1
Ruby priest sneak (30). Floki rage v1 (21) (17/38). Devourer floki bite (7+18) (7+18). Cage 2nd level smite devourer (15+8/23) (9/32) (5/37). Kalenthor evard’s black tentacles V1 (saved) V2 (failed, 7) V3 (failed, 7). V1 floki (14+5). V2 (failed) V3 (saved and moves out). Talos Priest moves away from tentacles and casts Guardian of Faith. Jord moves to priest (20 from guardian of faith). Jord priest (8) commander strike ruby priest (29/38). Shield Guardian (20 radiant from guardian of faith) priest (miss) (11/49).

Round 2
Ruby hide arrow devourer (11/48). Floki rage devourer (10/58) (9/67). Devourer cage (50). Cage devourer (6/73) (4/77) second wind. Kalenthor magic missile devourer (10/87). Veterans V1 floki (15) V2 (10/17, failed) V3 jord (15). Laren mass heal (8). Priest casts shield guardians. Jord (saved, 10 radiant) (saved, 12 necrotic) commander strike ruby priest crit (48/98, dead) move to devourer (6/93) commander strike floki devourer (8/101) commander strike floki devourer (10/111). Shield guardian (10 radiant) devourer (9/120).

Round 3
Ruby hide arrow devourer (12/132). Floki rage devourer (17/149) (10/159). Devourer floki (50). Cage v1 2nd level smite (29/67) 1st level smite (22/89, dead) v3 (miss). Kalenthor magic missile devourer (12/171). V3 runs away. V2 is crushed by the Evard’s Black Tentacles.



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