Stolen Paradox

Session 34

Walking with Fishes

The group presses on to Baldur’s Gate. Upon arriving at the Westland Gate four days later, they are forced to navigate a city that is current in the midst of a riot as well as being invaded by the forces of Amn. The army (numbering approx. 10,000 foot soldiers plus siege engines) is currently focusing their efforts at the northern gate. The city is defending with archers.

The group decides to leave Lily and the Shield Guardian behind and away from the army. First the group must determine how to enter the city. The Riverside Slums cover the west and southwest side of the city, but that portion of the city is currently in revolt against the Elven Hunters.

The group decides to use the Chionthar River to enter the city. Kalenthor casts Water Breathing on the group and they enter the water upstream just past the Amn army. While traveling along the bottom of the river, the group is attacked by a giant shark.

Cage 21
Kalenthor 19
Giant Shark 17
Ruby 14
Floki 14
Jord 10

Round 1
Cage readies an action to attack. Kalenthor readies an attack to release his snake from his Staff of the Snake. Giant Shark moves 50ft and attacks Cage (). Snake grapple GS (13 and restrained dc 16). Shark breaks grapple. Ruby arrow GS (7/20). Floki moves difficult terrain and attack recjless rage axe GS (30/50). Jord double moves.

Round 2
Cage attack GS 1st level smite (23/73) 1st level smite (19/92). Kalenthor acid splash GS (saved). Snake GS (12/104, constrict) Giant Shark breaks grapple. Ruby arrow GS (18/122) hides. Floki axe (dies).

The group climbs out of the Commerce back and into the Dock East district. Kalenthor casts invisibility on the group while Ruby uses her stealth. They move across the city towards the Garden District. While deep in the city, the group comes across a group of elf hunters. The lead “priest” is actually a devourer in disguise. Ruby while hidden shoots the devourer (19).



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