Stolen Paradox

Session 35

And the Truth This Time

The group climbs out of the Commerce back and into the Dock East district. Kalenthor casts invisibility on the group while Ruby uses her stealth. They move

across the city towards the Garden District. While deep in the city, the group comes across a group of elf hunters. The lead “priest” is actually a devourer

in disguise. Ruby while hidden shoots the devourer (19).

Round 1
Jord moves invisibility to in front of the group. Floki moves up invisibility and attacks the priest (20) (19/39). Cage double moves towards the elven

hunters. Devourer attacks Floki (7+18). Veterans all attack floki (4 hits). Ruby arrow devourer (52/71). Kalenthor moves activates snake to attack devourer

(13/84, contrict). Laren moves up and heals Floki (11). Priest casts spirit guardians.

Round 2
Jord moves in (spirit guardians fails 19 necrotic) attacks priest (12/51) commander strike floki priest (24/75) action surge priest (15/90) (7/97). Floki

(spirit guardians fails 9 necrotic) reckless rage priest (19, dies). Cage v2 (15/15) (15/30) 1st level smite (23/53). Devourer snake (25) (25). Veteran (one

hit on floki). Ruby arrow devourer (miss). Kalenthor acid splash devourer (9/93) recalls snake to staff and picks up. Laren mass heal (9).

Round 3
Jord devourer two hits (20/113). Floki reckless rage devourer (20/133) (17/150, dead). Cage v2 pick crit 1st level smite (36/66) pick (9/75, dead). Cage v1

hammer (8). V1 cage sword (15) (miss). V3 jord sword (15). Ruby hide arrow v1 (24/32). Kalenthor activates Staff of Snake attack V3 (miss). Laren heals

Floki (12).

Round 4
Jord sword V3 two sword (24). Floki reckless rage v1 (miss) (15/47). Cage v1 pick (8/55) pick 2nd level smite (56/111, dead) v3 hammer (miss). V3 cage sword

(20). Ruby hide arrow V3 (miss). Kalenthor acid splash (miss) snake eat V3 (13/37). Laren heals Floki (12).

Round 5
Jord sword V3 two sword (14/51) (18/69). Floki reckless rage V3 (34/103, dead)

The group grabs a bag (10 Amn silver trade bars worth 100gp each) from the elven hunters and then runs off for the Garden District. Once they reach the

Garden District and the tree near the Golden Bucket Inn, they find a Time Guardian standing over a dead Sarrukh. The Time Guardian takes the Time Tear and

attempts to open a portal to the Temporal Plane, but is blocked by a dampening spell placed by the Sarrukh. Laren tries to explain why the Time Tear is

hidden as the Time Guardian says it belongs to the God of Time. Ruby accusses Laren of stealing the Time Tears to begin with. The Time Guardian then attempts to severe Laren’s lifeline, but Kalenthor counters the spell. Cage then attempts to go back in time one round, but the Tear fizziles due to the dampening. The group then decides to attack the Time Guardian.

Round 1
TG dagger Laren (18) (31/49). Kalenthor activates snake. Snake attacks TG (miss). Floki reckless rage axe crit legendary action to downgrade (15) (17/32). Ruby hide arrow (29/61). Laren heals Laren (19/30). Jord sword (miss) sword (11/72). TG legendary action teleport. Cage pick 2nd level smite (26/98) pick (48/146) hammer (12/158).

Round 2
TG dagger Cage (15) (15, stunned until end of next turn). Kalenthor fireball (14/172). Snake on TG (13/185). Floki reckless rage TG sword (legendary action miss) (17/202). Ruby disengage move arrow TG (miss). Laren mass heal (16). Jord TG sword (21/223, dead).

The group is able to recover the Time Tear as well as take the temporal dagger. Laren then tells the group the “real” reason for his mission. Kurstan ordered Laren to find a way to beat Lloth. Laren came up with the idea of using the Time Tears. However, in doing so, he depowered Kurstan in the future when he faces Lloth and he loses. So Laren now needs to recover the Time Tears to empower Kurstan, but use the time locations to depower Lloth. The group agrees to continue with the mission.

Laren continues and states that the next location is in 1247, the Year of the Purple Basilisk. There Laren left the Time Tear with Corwin Freas, a Paladin of Torm.



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