Stolen Paradox

Session 36

Dragon Raid

The group goes back to Lily, who they left outside of the city. They ask her if she wants to go to her relatives in the city still. She says yes and so Kalenthor escorts her into the city and drops her off with her aunt along with her family’s fortune.

Kalenthor then returns to the group and they travel to Turmish in the year 1247, Year of the Purple Basilisk.

The group arrives just outside of the city while it is in the middle of a dragon raid. As they watch in awe, one of the dragon’s is suddenly sliced into four pieces by an unknown blade. The group then moves closer to the wall until Kalenthor casts a Wall of Force in a bubble around one of the blue dragons.

The rest of the group moves to engage the dragon.

Round 1
Jord axe ranged (9). Floki javlin (10/19). blue dragon lightning bolt jord, cage, kalenthor, ruby (55). Ruby hidden arrow (miss). Kalenthor fireball portents to fail save (26/45). shield guardian hold. Laren mass heal (24). Cage second wind javlin (8) javelin (miss).

Round 2
Jord second wind axe ranged (10/55). Floki javlin (8/63). Dragon strafe bite jord (27+11). Ruby hide arrow (26/89). Kalenthor grabs Floki and dimension door spell to the dragon’s back. Laren heals cage (13). Cage holds

Round 3
Jord pouts commander strike with ruby arrow (36/125). Floki reckless rage axe (24/149) (20/169). dragoninverts and drops Kalenthor lightning breath cage, jord (55). ruby hide arrow (33/dead). floki falls (40).

While keeping the second dragon trapped in the Wall of Force, the group heads into the city and looks for someone in charge. The captain of the guard coordinators with Kalenthor to point the city ballista at the trapped dragon. With only a minute to spare, everything is set up and then dimension doors above the dragon with Jord and then door’s back to the ground. Kalenthor drops the Wall. The ballista fire (and Ruby fires one herself), hitting the dragon solid in the body. (9+11+19+15=54+31=85+7=92). Jord falls off and plummets to the ground (61).

The young captain, Nel Ellerton, thanks the group for their assistance. Kalenthor tells the captain that they are looking for Freas. He tells the group he is helping the city and he will get word that they wish a meeting. In the meantime, they are welcome to stay at an inn free of charge and if there is anything they can do to help out, it would be greatly appreciated.



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