Stolen Paradox

Session 38

Unther the Vile

The group takes a short rest before proceeding further into the Crypt of Unther the Vile. They turn left and then head through a door that leads into a large room with many sarcophagus and alcoves with skeletal remains. Cage takes the lead as he senses undead in the room and goes to seak it out.

When he reaches the center of the room, a shadow creature dressed like a knight jumps out of the shadows and attacks, hitting Cage (13) and (13).

Round 1
Jord attacks shadow sword (5) and (5/10). Floki axe shadow (miss) and (8/18). Kalenthor magic missile shadow (10/28). Laren sacred flame (9/37). Shadow breath weapon (56). Ruby hide arrow+1 shadow (15/52). Cage pick shadow 1st level smite (13r+7/72) hammer 1st level smite shadow (14r+6/92) pick shadow (miss).

Round 2
Jord sword shadow (7/99) sword (5/104) second wind (18). Floki axe shadow (miss) axe shadow (5/109). Kalenthor magic missile shadow (11/120) and steps out of doorway. Laren mass cure (20). Shadow cage (miss) (miss). Ruby hide arrow shadow (15/135). Cage pick shadow (4/139) hammer shadow (4/143) pick shadow (4/147).

Round 3
Jord sword shadow (miss) sword shadow (5/152, dies).

The shadow evaporates and the group is left on their own. The group takes a short rest while Ruby searches over the room. They find 50pp. They then press forward into the next room. Within the next room they find a large throne-like room that is a burial chamber. Within the room is Unther the Vile in the form of a lich.

The group has a conversation with Unther, who wishes to leave the crypt, but can’t due to an arcane barrier that imprisons him. He is willing to trade an item of power that the dragon seeks in exchange for lowering the barrier. Kalenthor considers the offer while Cage says he can’t do it due to his oath. Laren reminds the group that letting the lich out could effect the timeline. When asked what the dragons are after, Unther explains that he has an Orb of Dragonkind. Kalenthor counters to say he wants to put Unther in a sphere that protects him from the town while they bring the dragons to the town. Unther would then use the Orb to tame the dragon and then allow the defenders to kill the dragons. Once the dragons are defeated, Unther would then be allowed to leave unharmed. Unther agrees, believing that even if the group betrays him, he can defeat the group and flee.

The group leaves the crypt and heads back top side. They meet with Freas. They tell him about the possible deal and Corwin voices his displeasure with the idea. They then take a long rest. While they rest, they decide to just go ahead and attack Unther and take the Orb as it is the broader safe action to take.

The group returns to the crypt the next day and meets with Unther. Kalthenor gets his signature on the necromancy book before they head back to the entrance where he points out that the pillars are the barrier. Kalenthor goes about trying to “figure out” the barrier while Cage goes to begin the attack with his pick 2nd level smite (37).

Round 1
Floki rage axe unther (shield spell, miss) (miss). End of Floki turn, Disrupt Life (26, heal 11). Unther casts finger of death cage kalenthor counterspell unther counterspell (58). Jord sword unther (10/21) sword unther (10/31). End of Jord turn, Paralyzing Touch Jord (10 cold, paralyzed). Laren mass cure (20). Ruby hide arrow Unther (25/56). Kalenthor telekensis Unther (up 5 feet restrained). Cage pick unther 2nd level smite (36/92) hammer 2nd level smite unther (29/121) pick 1st levle smite unther (19/140) action surge pick 1st level smite unther (26/166) hammer 1st level smite unther (24/190).

Round 2
Floki rage axe unther (20/210) axe unther (16/226). Unther disintegrate kalenthor counter unther counter cage (100). Jord paralyzed (failed save). Laren mass heal (11). End of Laren turn, disrupt life (26, heal 143/83). Ruby hide arrow unther (32/110). Kalenthor maintains telekenesis. Cage pick unther (miss) hammer 1st level smite unther (29/139) pick unther (8/147).

Round 3
Floki rage axe unther (44/195) (58/253, destroyed).

Unther the Vile breaks apart and falls to the ground. The group scoops up the Orb, loots the tomb, and then leaves, but not before searching the tomb for treasures.

Treasure found:
18,000 Gold
2,500 Platinum
Potion of Healing
Potion of greater healing
7x Magic +3 arrows
Luck Blade – gleams bright and pure, with ivory and silver, and lets you sense North at will. It was once owned by a hero of renown; it causes a flash of harmless pain to its user.
You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. While the sword is on your person, you also gain a +2 bonus to saving throws. Luck. If the sword is on your person, you can call on its luck (no action required) to reroll one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw you dislike. You must use the second roll. This property can’t be used again until the next dawn.
Potion of hill giant strength
Dust of disappearance
Potion of Water Breathing



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