Stolen Paradox

Session 39

Unturion the Butcher

The group makes their way out of the cyrpt and rejoins Corwin and his paladins to make final preperations to draw the dragons out using the Orb of Dragonkind. Kalenthor attempts to attune to the Orb of Dragonkind, but is instead charmed by the wonderous item. It fails, however, to suggest to him to destroy the bloodline of Freas.

With the Orb handled, Kalenthor casts a ritual of Contact Another Plane where he reaches out to an ancient Sage. He, however, botches the ritual and drives himself insane by peering too deeply into the Planes. He settles down on the ground and begins speaking jibberish. Cage decides to nutmeg the casting of the ritual.

Kalenthor attunes to the Orb of Dragonkind without being charmed. Cage then explains to the group that the ritual to Contact Another Plane drove Kalenthor insane. They decide to wait until the next day before casting the ritual.

The next day, Kalenthor casts Contact Another Plane (again) with insight from his natural divinity skills. Are there any evil dragons within 300 miles of Turmish besides Anaglathos and his brood? No. Do more than one of Anaglathos brood survived? No. Does the dragon that recently attacked the city serve/support Anaglathos? Yes. Is Anaglathos coming to the city? Yes. How many days will it take him and whatever forces he has to arrive? Eight.

The group goes to see Corwin and informs him that Anaglathos will arrive in eight days. The city goes into defensive actions and prepares the city for the worst. Meanwhile, the plan is to ride out of town and draw the dragon to them and keep the city safe.

Kalenthor casts Contact Another Plane again. Is the Orb of Dragonkind also the phylactery of Unther the Vile? No. Is the phylactery still in the crypts of the city? Yes. How many days will it take him to reform a body? Eight. How many feet from his throne room is the phylactery located? Eighty. Which direction from the throne is the phylactery? Southwest.

The group decides to venture into the crypt one more time to destroy the phylactery permenatly so he doesn’t show up on the same as Anaglathos. They decide to delve back in and get it done right away.

The group heads to the cathedral and back into the crypt. From there, they head to the last unexplored area opposite of the mural room. This new room also contains a mural of a man dressed in extravagant armor and bares a passing resemblence to Unther. Laying upon a slab of stone is a figure in armor with a gem embedden in the breastplate.

Kalenthor recalls that Unther had a brother named Unturion the Bold who was a righteous paladin in the name of Helm. He was a virtious paladin who worked tirelessly to help people. When his brother turned evil due to necromancy, Unturion went to try and stop his brother. Instead, Unturion couldn’t stop or kill his brother and instead was corrupted and became a Death Knight. He then served as his brother’s servant and became known as Unturion the Butcher.

Knowing this information, the group theorizies that Unturion could be saved by destroying Unther’s phylactery that he holds. If that can happen, then he can find peace and Unther can be stopped completely. They go and talk to Corwin and he agrees that they should try and turn Unturion back to the ways of good.

The group rests for the day and then heads down with Corwin and his group of Helm paladins. When they approach, Unturion awakes and stands. Kalenthor casts Wall of Force and then says they are there to parlay. Unturion tells the group to speak. Cage then says that they want him to find redemption by righting the wrong of his brother by destroying the phylactery. After a lot of back and forth of trying to convince Unturion to find redemption in destroying his brother for good, he finally sees reason and destroys the phylactery.



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