Stolen Paradox

Session 4

The Dragon's Nest

Deep within the bowels of Krast’amar, the group discusses what to do about the fifty some-odd captives held within their cages. Firmly believing that the captives should remain in their cages for now, due to no means of getting them safely out of Krast’amar, Kalenthor decides to step into the hallway rather than continue the conversation. Ruby, on the other hand, decides to try and talk to the people in hopes of finding information on Talthar.

While speaking with one of the captives on the bottom floor, an innocent looking suit of plate mail armor suddens comes to life on its own and quickly moves on the unsuspecting gnome. A yelp for help draws the rest of the groups attention to the new situation. Maxim and Jord made their way quickly down the stairs as Ruby barely dodged a vicious punch by the animated suit of armor. Cage, as the last one down, triggered a secondary defensive mechanism of four flying swords came up from behind a desk.

The battle was fierce as the flying swords swarmed over the group, slipping between the group’s defenses, while the suit of armor kept swinging as Maxim and Jord continued to try and find a weakness without much success. It wasn’t until Kalenthor joined the fight with his acid magic that the tide turned. The flying swords sizzled from the acid, making the brittle enough for the rest of the group to break them with their own weapons until all four of the swords were destroyed. Once the animated suit of armor was alone, the group quickly surrounded it and pounded the chest plate until Cage’s pick shattered it.

With the security defeated, the group decided to go ahead and let the captives loose as they were pretty sure that the orcs would take the intrusion out on the people. However, since they did not have a way out of Krast’amar, the captives were led into the portal room that the group arrived from. Maxim suggested to the freed people to barricade the door just in the orcs came looking for them.

With the people free, the group made their way back down the hall to continue to explore the remainder of the floor. Ruby took the lead, using stealth to explore the last room at the end of the hall. What she found was a large room filled with all manner of torture devices from racks, chains, and a variety of wicked looking instruments. A few of the tables held down a few people in various states of dismemberment. A one particular table stood a large ogre munching on a leg of a human.

Ruby quickly made her way back to the group and told them what she found. Horrified, the group decided to put an end to the ogre. With grim determination, the group charged the room with weapons drawn. The ogre was caught by surprise and could barely grab his spike club before the group was already swinging their weapons and scoring deep gashes across its stomach. Though several wounds were struck, it only seemed to enrage the ogre further and with two swings, Jord was knocked backward to the ground unconscious. With a man down, the group redoubled their efforts and made quick strikes across the ogre’s body, slowing it down long enough for Kalenthor to make the final strike with his magic to drop the monster.

With the ogre dead and no more doors to explore, the group made their way to the other end of the hallway to the stairs leading up. After climbing eight flights of stairs, the group found themselves at the top of a tower overlooking the northern edge of the Stonelands. A massive single rock was stretched out below. At more than half a mile long and a quarter mile wide, the Krast’amar complex was larger than any of them could imagine. At roughly the center of the large stone they spotted a fissure several hundreds of feet at its widest. Kalenthor pointed out that the opening could be wear the dragon could enter the complex.

Just before they could leave the tower to discuss their next move and possible secret doors they may have missed, a gargoyle peered over the ledge of the roof, catching the group by surprise. Despite the surprise attack, the group was able to easily regroup and put the gargoyle down in quick order.

Not wanting to wait for further attacks, the group started making their way back down the stairs. As they went, Kalenthor made the observation that if there was no normal means of entering the floor and that the only way in was via the portal room. Maxim then arched a brow and looked to the group and said that he told the freed captives to barricade the entryway from the inside. Now worried that guards could be coming after the death of the gargoyle, they raced the rest of the way down the stairs to the portal door. From the other side of the door, they could already hear the screams of people dying and no way to open the door.



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