Stolen Paradox

Session 41

Oh My Gurd

The group heads up to the dragon’s cave to the north where they find the dragon horde. 20,000 Gold, 1,800 Platinum, dragon statuette x5 worth 250gp, carved bone circlet x2 worth 250gp, Belt of giant strength (stone giant), This dragon scale armor (black) is bulky and decorated with precise geometric figures, and allows you to be heard clearly at a distance of 300 feet for one turn, when you wish it. Ioun stone (reserve)

Aftwards, Laren tells the group that their next stop should be a quick one. They need to go to Leilon in the year 994, the Year of the Weary Scribe. There they need to find Meldryn Jalensifur who has been holding onto the Time Tear. The group goes back in time and then uses their portal device to travel to Neverwinter. From Neverwinter, they travel south down the main road to Leilon for two days.

When the group arrives, they find the town flies red banners with a star and flame symbol. They meet Lurd, the guard at the entrance who tells them they must follow the king’s rules while within the town which includes no murder or theft and no use of weapons. The group agrees and then travels to the War Pig Inn (which they find is a converted barn) where they ask for Meldryn from the innkeep. When directed to his room by the innkeep (which is in the stables), they find Meldryn murdered in a stall. When they attempt to go back in time, they are rebuffed by a temporal lockdown of space/time. The group now begins to investigate the murder the old fashion way by interrogating people who may have information.

Innkeep: Meldryn was arguing with Gurd, his majesty’s royal chief enforcer of things. He can be found wandering around town or at the garrison on the south side of town.

Gurd: Meldryn was having an argument with Gurd over Lucille, which is a cow. Gurd insults Floki, who promptly knocks the man unconcious.

Lurd: When asked about strangers, Lurd tells the group about exotic wilderbeasts that rampaged across the farmlands destroying miss stockit’s pepper garden. Their was a flock of ravens that stole the corn during the pepper festivle two nights ago. Then the blue angel that had a tail came and saved the festivle. They carried sacks of peppers and corn and all was well. The angel spoke with Meldryn. He then refers the group to Cricket who may have more information.

Cricket: A young boy who saw the “blue angel” which was actually a blue lizard person named Silamar. They were talking about a shrine to Mystra. The shrine is in the cellar of Arnarthandyer’s house which is by the lake. No one is allowed to go there except by invite by Gurd or the King.



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