Stolen Paradox

Session 42

Not Where We Are Supposed To Be

The group leaves the boy Crickett and heads out to the lake house. At the lake, the group finds a simple little cottage that is not even larger than the War Pig Inn. As the group approaches from the far side of the lake, they see explosions over the water. They see a man standing in front of the cottage letting loose fireballs with casual indifference. The man introduces himself as Naerlus Arnarthandyer and the “stick”, he explains, is actually the Scepter of Mystra. The group asks about Meldryn and how he died. Naerlus says that he is surprised and explains that the Scepter was given to him by Meldryn in payment for Naerlus saving his life. Kalenthor then pointedly asks for the time tear, which Naerlus declines, saying that the Scepter is a divine gift from Mystra.

Ruby then asks Naerlus if he knew who killed Meldryn and Naerlus says he doesn’t know. Cage asks if he can cast Zone of Truth, but Naerlus says no and asks the group to leave. Kalenthor attempts to use Telekenesis on the Scepter, Naerlus counters, but Kalenthor counters his counterspell. The Scepter flies out of Naerlus’ hand.

Round 1
Naerlus casts Flesh to Stone, however Kalenthor saves. Floki rage axe Naerlus (19/19) axe Naerlus (24/43). Cage hammer Naerlus (10/53) pick Naerlus (11/64) hammer Naerlus (miss). Laren holds. Kalenthor grabs the Scepter, casts globe of invulnerability. Ruby hides arrow sneak (37/101, dead).

Naerlus drops dead and the group leaves him be and goes inside the cottage. They find a trap door leading down to the cellar and find the Shrine to Mystra. Along with the religious items, the group finds a portal that is open in the middle of the cellar. The portal entrance is covered in a multicolored miasma that prevents the group from seeing the other side. Kalenthor and the rest of the group decide to step through the portal.

On the other side of the portal, the group finds themselves in a strange land and a portal next to them. Laren suggests that he go into the time stream to determine where they area in time. He disappears and reappears a moment later and tells the group that they are in the year -35,000 DR in the time of the Creator Races. It is proposed that the portal had to have been made by the Sarrukh and that this whole thing must be a trap to kill them. Kalenthor and Laren then begin discussing how to disable the time portal when the group is attacked by a group of Sarrukh.



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