Stolen Paradox

Session 43

Into the Underdark

The group is ambushed by 15 Sarrukh as they stood next to the portal.

Round 1
Jord throwing axe ssak (miss) throwing axe dsak (11/11). Moves to tsak sword (10/10). tsak bite sword sword jord (9+10, miss, miss). ssak bite, sword, sword Laren (19, 13, 13/45). fsak bite sword sword floki (miss, 13, 13). dsak bite, sword, sword cage (19, 13, 13/45). s2sak ruby bite sword sword (19, 13, 13). Ruby hide arrow s2sak (30/30) hide. Floki rage axe fsake (22/22, 21/43). ms arrowsx2 kalenthor (miss, miss with shield) Jord (miss, 26) Floki (miss, 22) Cage (22+22/87) Laren (miss, 22/67). Laren mass heal (21). Cage dsak hammer (8/8). Kalenthor casts wall of force to separate the enemies from the group and then runs for the portal.

Round 2
Jord covers the escape. Largetsak sword jord (13). Ruby arrow tsak (26/36) and then moves through the portal with a dash. Floki moves to the portal. msak moves and fires arrows at Jord (miss). Laren moves to the portal. Cage moves to the portal. Kalenthor moves through the portal. Jord moves through the portal.

The group makes their way back to their time. Kalenthor disrupts the portal and closes it. They take a breather before focusing on their next jump in time. Laren tells the group that from here on out, they will begin eroding Lloth’s portfolio. The first step in that is to go to the year 482 DR, the Year of the Blighted Vine. They must go to the Underdark to a place called the Glimmersea. There Zinzerena is hiding from Lloth within her assassin guild and aboleth allies. They must prevent Lloth’s Chosen, a drider by the name of The Black Star from killing Zinzerena.

The group goes back in time to 482 and then uses the finger bone portal to travel to Aglarond where they then begin the long trek into the Underdark and the Glimmersea.

After two weeks of travel, the group finally arrives at the Glimmersea. It is a vast cavern that stretches beyond the group’s light. The water is calm and unmoving. Upon arriving, they are approached by kuo-toa. Jord begins dancing as Kalenthor discreetly casts Comprehend Languages as the kuo-toa are distracted. The kuo-toa explains the group has come to the lands of Slisswrath. Kalenthor suggests that they work together to find and stop The Black Star. The kuo-toa agree. They say that the Black Star was last seen at the Red Coral.

The group travels to the Red Coral where they find a large lake with waterfalls that come down from the ceiling. Laren casts Locate Creature to find a drider. They begin moving down the shoreline. When they are part way around the lake, the group is attacked by a horde of tentacles.



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